no attention to the other couple

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Posted: 2011-08-16T12:54:25Z
I feel that its many of people on this forums how thinks that Kriyansh and they other cuoples are not getting many scenes. That they are consetrating more on Swaron.

First all Swaron fans, don get offended we love swaron.


I feel the same. Kriyansh always get scenes where they are aruing or eye locks scenes. Same with Viha scens they are not getting any attion either.

Espacalliy Kriyansh are not getting any romantic scens like swaron. They are not getting any attention at all. 

Sharon does know that Swayam loves her. But Kriya or Neha know that Rey and Vicky loves them.

Plus i wonder where did Recky ( Rey and Vicky) scenes gone?

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Posted: 2011-08-16T13:06:00Z
yesterday we had a small Recky scene...THATS NOT ENOUGH..
What about Kriyaansh???
Eye locks, Mind to mind talks, fights, aggression from Kria is all they are giving us ...Let alone Kria will realize her feelings for Rey..She doesn't even realize REY loves her like anything...All she knows so far is ..Rey is playing pranks with her...WTH!! When will their story develop??...I wanna go and kill CVs now!!
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Posted: 2011-08-16T13:27:54Z
pls CV focus on Kriyans.i am just wasting my time now seeing all boring swaron scenes.Want to see Kriyansh
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Posted: 2011-08-16T14:21:29Z
yeah dats true dey r focusing on Swaron(no offence 2 Swaron fans me myself 1 toooLOL) but i guess dey r doing it becoz next week mite be full of Kriyansh Big smileas we all knw dere will be dhamakedar scenes of KriyanshEmbarrassed nd as for ViHa yeah cv's did 4get demErmm but i think dey r recallling ViHa slowly now but hope dey show a gud impact scene on demEmbarrassed
actually i luv all d three couples equallyBig smile mayb a bit more of KriyanshEmbarrassed Winkden oders but d prob is dat in dis small half an hr show d cv's cnt really put in all d couples Ermmso i think dey shud either learn 2 balance all d couple scenes lyk day by day  or increase d tym to 1 hrWink
nd hope dey show sum good scenes on oder couples 2...Bharat/Vishaka, Amar/Rinni, NileshSimmi instead of eyelocksLOL
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Posted: 2011-08-16T15:24:01Z
Lol don't get me wrong here, even I think KriYansh are getting fewer scenes, but every couple needs to get their chance right? In the beginning and even recently, there hasnt been much of SwaRon and if there is now, well just enjoy the scenes rather than complain about it. This is an election they are standing for - they need that rivalry inside them or then having this election would be a waste of time! The couples in this show are very different and different circumstances make them come together, for SwaRon, its the election and be it. Just give the show some can't expect only ONE couple to have cute scenes all thetime right? I know I know many of you are watching the show JUST for KriYansh, but all I'm saying is to give the other couples a CHANCE. I'm sure you won't enjoy them as much as KR but like, come on guys! SwaRon have fans too, so don't you think that should be given some space too?! Like seriously, that's unfair and a little selfish in my opinion. You know..I hope you get my POV and I'm sorry if I offended you :/
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Posted: 2011-08-16T18:02:09Z
i liek swaron am a fan .. fo all couples in d3
but i think swaron is the only coupel that gets a lot of scenes and only progress
likee look swayom has changed so muhc.. sharon is kinda feeling attracted towards him
and the other couples are still there where they were!!
i think we should email them and all and say we want teh other couples to progress aas well
like when the elections started i was like finally kriyaansh scenes but we gett more swaron scenes
but the kriyaans promo.. im lookign froward to it.. hope we get more scenes of them
and want vickyy and neha sceness
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Posted: 2011-08-16T19:20:29Z
seriously we should mail them or in any other way inform them that they shud show kriyansh more than any other couple
why r they showing so much of swaron
how come swayam n rey talk 2 much n rey n vicky don't
how the hell did kria becm a nervous wreck suddenly
i mean she was not nervous when she danced in the colg for d 1st tym,when she came in the colg etc.
Warna i'll to leave/boycott the show soon
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Posted: 2011-08-17T01:05:42Z
yea we r getting vry few KRIYAASH scenes,..i tune on to[v] thinking we ll get some kriyaash scenes bt we get it hardly,..where can we complain ?? did u guys ve any idea?? i wanna complain,its feels like ving bias betn d couples!!
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