BALH 6th July 2011 Written Update- RaYa engagement

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Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai 
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
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BALH 6th July 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with Shipra is eavesdropping on Ram and Priya's conversation behind the closed door. ClownSudhir scolds her for doing that  Shipra says that the other line is not working, otherwise she would have heard from there Priya opens the door and catches her mother. She tells everyone that she and Ram are getting engaged the next day at 10.30.Big smile Shipra is worried how she's going to arrange everything by morning, it would be difficult to get a Pandit. Priya tells her that she's talking about 10.30 in the night. Shipra say to Priya that she is mad is this time when half the world was asleep.Priya tells that Ram had fixed the time, should she refuse. Shipra says no 10.30 was a good time ROFL (Party Change)The Kapoors were rich people, time was precious to them and they were the girl's side and had to adjust to them. Shipra starts giving instructions to everyone for the preparations.

Scene shiftes to Ram house where Niharika is inviting people on the phone. Ram walks down the stairs. The actor playing mamaoo has changed.Sleepy  Niharika tells Ishika to call the Pandit but Ram says no. He has already fixed the date and time of the engagement. Ram wants the engagement to be a simple affair and not call too many people.Everyone agrees.Embarrassed

In Ram bedroom he is trying to sleep, he remembers how he had asked Priya to marry him. He switches on the TV, there's a wedding scene going on.LOL he picks up the paper and sees an advertisement for a marriage bureau.LOL He eats a pill and tries to sleep. Ram remembers Vikram's words about marriage that marriage is just like a laddoo which if one eats, one regrets and one doesn't eat , will regret too'..Ram would soon have this laddoo in his life and his anti-diabetics pills will not help him..

 Priya too is not sleeping.she's reading a book. She gets up and opens the balcony door when her mother calls her. Shipra wanted the ring from the previous engagement and wondered if Priya had it. Priya gives it to her. Shipra tells her to go and exchange the ring for a new one because this ring somehow signified Priya's failure, it would not give her happiness . After Shipra leaves, Priya thinks that good and bad is not attached to the ring, it is what is written in one's destiny. She is not afraid of the unknown, she will adjust.Embarrassed

Priya and her dad go to the Jewelry shop to buy a ring. They look at rings when Sudhir gets a call. Priya asks for a size bigger and tries the ring on her finger. She asks for an even bigger size. On the other hand Niharika is showing Ram some rings and he doesn't look at it and tells her to chose. Vikram tells him to look at the rings, its his engagement and he has to put the ring on Priya's finger. Ram looks and says that the ring would not suit Priya, she's slim. Priya tells the shopkeeper that the person she's buying the ring for is a little, not little, quite healthy.Tongue Ram tells Niharika that the ring should be simple, small because Priya is slim. He tries a ring on his pinky finger, Priya is shown trying the ring on her thumb. They both chose the rings. Smile

 Priya wants to go for her classes, Sudhir tells her not to go. Priya says that Ram is going to finish his work and come for the engagement, why should she miss her work Sudhir gets Shipra to talk to Priya and she scolds Priya and asks her to come home. She and Ayesha were going to dress Priya up. Vikram tells Ram not to be tensed, he would come later after he finishes some work.

Priya's family  trying to dress up Priya and Vikram and Neha to Ram Both Ram and Priya are cgetting annoyed  Neha decides on a sherwani for Ram. Ram is irritated and says they could make him wear anything, just to stop the fashion show.LOL (They show old priya scene when shipra and ayesha was making her ready to meet Ram for Natz and karthik marriageErmm)Sharmas come to the Kapoor residence and everyone greets everyone. Niharika asks where Priya is? Shipra says that she's come and some guests had stopped to talk to her outside. Priya comes in dressed in a simple fashion. Shipra thinks to herself that she's among the people whom she's only seen in page 3 and she thanks God.LOL Vikram comes to Ram & says that when he sees Priya, he should praise her. Ram asks why he doesn't want to give false praisesWink. Vikram goes ahead to give some pointers about marriag give some compliments, even false ones. If he kept his wife happy, his life would be happy, otherwise it would be suicidal.LOL
Ram comes and stands beside Priya, without looking at her. He remembers Vikram's words of complimenting Priya he tells her that she's looking pretty, the yellow colour suits her. LOL Priya has an amused smile on her face and says  thanks. She says that the yellow and green combination was good and Ram says yesTongue Priya tells him that she's not wearing that combination and Ram turns and sees her and realizes his mistake and says sorry. Priya says that everyone likes compliments, even her but giving false compliments was not necessary in their relationship.Priya says that she knows he doesn't think she's nice , so cut out the formalities. Ram again says sorry. He says that he wants to say a truth, she looked same  but still she looked ok. Embarrassed Priya says thanks and says that she would take that as a compliment. 

 Ceremony beginsEmbarrassed Ram and Priya sit on the sofa, they are given the rings. Ram puts the ring on Priya's finger he doesn't touch her hand.Ouch The ring is loose, he says sorry softly to Priya now puts the ring on Ram's finger, its tight and Ram is in pain when Priya pushes the ring into his finger.LOL (cute)

Episode Ends
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thank u so much for the wonderful updateClap

love the Episode very very much and I can't wait to see what happen tomorrow.
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Posted: 2011-07-06T15:20:38Z
thanks for the lovely update natasha.Smileenjoyed today's epi particularly ram-priya scenes
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Posted: 2011-07-06T15:23:51Z
 Thanks for the update Natasha!!!!
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Posted: 2011-07-06T15:47:16Z
Thanks Natasha for the update.Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-06T16:13:14Z
Thanks Natasha for the Update...So bad that Sakshi couldn't deliver dialogues today because of her tonsillitis...Hope she gets well soon.Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-06T19:13:30Z
Thanks a lot for the lovely update. They are so cute as a couple.
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Posted: 2011-07-06T19:35:39Z
thanks for a nice update
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