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Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Chupke se ab hoga

Kehtey hai yeh pyaar jisey hum na janey Kab hoga

Bade aache Lagte Hai
Yeh mausam ye baatein or


Video Update
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BALH 8th June 2011 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram and Vikram in hospital. Ram is all sad say to vikram that Natasha was only one when i saw her first time i always treated my step brother and sister as my own but natasha is just like my daughter and today i can't see her like this. Just find that boy who have done this to my sister. Vikram say how can u say this is cuz of any boy? Ram say i know my sister very well she love herself alot but today she kill her self today cuz of someone so that mean there is some one whom she love more then herself and i think she was taking to that boy before this accident just check the last number and give me all detail about him.

Ayesha trying to make her mom awake but she is all dreaming about Karthik and Natasha LOL On the other hand Ram say how do they know each other. Shipra say I guess they become friend in sone social site. Ayesha say karthik is really clever he never let anyone know about this. Shipra say when press will know about this then there will b huge Drama. Other side Ram say no one should know about this. Shipra say the way karthik slap her I think they are very close. Ram say I don't think they know each other from long I am sure he is using my sister.Shipra there will b marriage and I am sure natasha family also like Karthik. Ram say I will kill him vikram


Scean shifted where press is asking question from ram mom that is this suside case. She say its not like this it is just a stress attack. Ram say to his mom that you will not say anything to Natasha. She say what ever happen to natasha today is just cuz of your love Ram say I know whatever you want to say just say to me please don't say anything to Natasha.She say what ever happen to natasha today is just cuz of your love Ram say I know whatever you want to say just say to me please don't say anything to Natasha.


Doctor come and say now she is fine. Ram ask her mom and ishika to go now he will talk to doctor in detail. Ram mom say thank god I thought that will b pregnant report I was praying all my way.

Priya comes home back in anger mood and what this rich people think about themselve. Shipra saw her and say today what happen you will bot belive priya say today whatever you say I will believe as anything can b happen in this world.Then she ask is she eat something shipra say no I take food in his room but he didn't eat. Priya say BP is fine. Shipra say do you think in this age karthik will have BP. What are you saying I am taking about papa do u know what happen with us in police station they treated us very bad they even not leting papa to frink water. Shipra then go to sudir and say why don't you tell me anything. She then make him eat something. Ayesha ask to priya that why her mood was off priya say I went to sorry that man but he is rude I request so much but still he didn't meet me. Ayesha say call him and take out your anger. She call her friend and take out Ram number

On the other hand Vikram find out priya landline number Ram call from her cell and priya picks it upEmbarrassed Ram ask for karthik priya say that he is not in home you can give me message. Ram say tell him that i will not leave hin what ever he did he had to pay for that. Priya say i am not able to hear you. Ram is still speaking Priya say wait you have said what ever you want how can you blame my brothere. Ram say this is starting you all just wait what i will do and he hangs the phone.

Natasha in hospital calling karthik name her mom and Ram is standing. Ram say dont think about him this time you have to rest. Ram mom say to Ram that i have to talk you something very important. They both go outside her mom say i want to meet karthik Ram ask why she say i think we have to make Natz marry with Karthik. Ram say what are you saying Natz is so small she don't know what wrong and whats right. She say she love that guy and she can harm her self Ram say we will lock her room till she know the right thing. She say at least meet him maybe he truly love Natz. Ram gets agree and say but i will not change my mind i will not natz destroy her life. 

Ishika say to her mom that what's wrong with you. She say you know natz reputation we have to control her and marriage is the only way to control her. Ishika say but with middle class boy. she say so what we will give him money bot  at least Natz life will b save

Ayesha give number to priya and asking her to call LOL Priya is scared but then ayesha make her agree and she call Ram. Ram is shocked to see the number and say it is the same number i have insult them so much but still they are calling. He picks the phone Priya is saying what ever ayesha is sayingROFL She say there is small problem and you are making issue. Ram say are you mad this is small problem someone can die Priya say you live in Mumbai and here everyday there is such problems. If we want we can do anything we call call media alsoLOL Ram say so you are blackmailing me you want this matter to b public issue.Ram is all anger (cuteEmbarrassed) then Priya say stop disturbing us for such small issues otherwise we will take action Priya hang the phone. Ram is all angry and priya smiling.Embarrassed

Episode Ends

Vikram say to Ram that don't forget you have promise your mother Ram say no this marriage will never happen.. Ram explaining Natasha but she say i just want karthik

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thanks for the lovely update
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Thanks for the update
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Thank you for the update.
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Thanks for update
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thanks for nice update
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I dont like this Natasha girl at all! She's way too much of a spoilt brat.
Anyway cant wait until Ram n Priya meet :D
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Thanks for the update!
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