OS - Party time

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Ok I am having one of those spell where I have to Gujuratifying the soap...its just for fun...I like RK the actors funny side.


"Ramla...oye Ramla..."

"Aree Niharika...shun kaam barada pade che!" (Why are you screaming Niharika?) Ram comes out of his room and glares at his step mother.(ps he doesn't call her mother cause she is only 2 only years older than him and she had come from a village, Ram had to literally babysit her and try and coach her into the society way.)

"Le bhaisahab toh mane chup thawanu keh che.  Khabar chene aaje peli Kaajli nah ghare jawanu che...Kaajli ni 25 waras ni thaye gaye paan ani maa toh jaane ane Kaajli 16 waras ni che tame samje che." (Look at you telling me to shut up.  You know we have to go to Kajal's house, its her 25th birthday but her mother still thinks Kajal is 16.)  Niharika gave her stepson a look that said "ne maara ghar ma tu ghada jevo...kuvaro baise rehlo che...ketle pori batawi paan bhaisahab ne ek pasand ni avi." (in my house you are sitting around like a donkey, staying bachelor...how many girls have i shown but never liked one of them.)

Ram ignored his mothers glare.  "Ok Niharika...hoon office thi jaldi ghar avi jayesh...tame neh Natasha ready rehjo."  ( I will come early from the office, you and Nathasha be ready.)


6:30 PM...Ram's Mercedes stops outside the bangle...

Niharika comes out, wearing a heavy silk sari with a heavy jewellery set, her face made up perfectly by the beautician.  Natasha follows, wearing a halter neck top and long skirt.  "Aree Natasha...beeja kayin kapra che ke nahin...disco maa party nathi..."(don't you have any other clothes, we are going to a party not a disco)  Ram says feeling embarrassed by the exposed skin and the tight fitting top and bare midriff.

Natasha rolls her eyes, "Chill bhai...kapra toh pehra che...ane taiyaan tame dosa loko watoh karse ane amay disco." (Chill brother, I am wearing clothes and anyway you oldies will sit around and talk while us youngsters will dance.)

Niharika stop at by the car and makes a face at Vikram, "Aree Ramla...aah Viklo kem ghari ma baitho che...shun kaam ane leyi avyao?" (Ram why is Vikram sitting in the car, why did you bring him?)

Ram gives an exasperated snort, "Niharika...please avaaz na kar...Vikram ne paan party invitation che." (Niharika don't cause a scene, Vikram also has invitation for the party.)

Niharika and Natasha get in the back.  Ram drives off.

Vikram adjusts the car mirror and Niharika snaps, "Aye Vikla...taree nazar saame rakh, pachadi taari behen baitheli che...yaad rakhje." ( Vikram, keep your eyes to the front, just remember your sister is sitting at the back.)

"aa tari maa toh saav mood off karideh..." (Your mother knows how to spoil the mood.) Vikram whispers to Ram, who gives a hearty laugh and then punches Vikram, "maari paan behen che... ok?" (she is my sister too.)


At the party...

"Niharikabehen avo...avo...areh wah Natasha...kevi sundar dekhai che!" Sheila greeted her friend. (Niharika welcome, come in.  Natasha you look beautiful.)

"Arre Ram...welcome...ketla divese maliya...hai ketlo maast dekhai che...bhagwan kare koi ni nazaar na lage." (Ram welcome...we meet after a long time...wow you look hot...I pray to God evil eye doesn't fall on you.)

"Aree Sheila...koini nazaar lage toh saru ne...ghar ma vahu to ave...poiro thekane toh pare." Niharika retorts. (Sheila...it would be good, someone looks at him twice.  At least he will get married and I will get a bahu.)

"Shun kaam chinta kare che Niharika.  Mari Kajal ni gaani badhi sundar friends avi che...ubhi reh...Kajal." (why are you worried, there are plenty of my daughter's beautiful friends here...wait...kajal.)

Ram colours bright red, Vikram ogles as Kajal comes wearing a bra top blouse with a tissue sari that is loosely wrapped so that her ample body shows.  "Hi Ram...Hi Vikram." Kajal hugs them enthusiastically and kisses their cheeks.  Sheila beams, "Kajal jaa liyejaa tari friends saathe mulakat karav." (Kajal take them and introduce them to your friends.)

"Sure mummy."

Niharika grins, "Sheila tari Kajal ni umar jarak moti hotene toh ani saathej parnavi dete Ramla ne." (Sheila if your Kajal was a little older, I would get Ram married to her.)

Sheila sighs too, "Haan Niharika...Kajal maate Tamara jevun sashru shun khotun...paan bhagwan ni marzi." ( Yes Niharika, a sasural like yours  would be good for Kajal...but its all in gods hand.)

Kajal introduces Ram and Vikram to half a dozen girls, all them dressed trendily.  Vikram eyes fall on Neha, dressed in a bright red tube and a black mini.  "Hi Neha..." his hand lingers on her bit longer, until Ram nudges him.  A girl called Ishika dressed in black short cocktail dress, revealing her ample cleavage gives a sexy look to Ram, "Hi Ram, chalo...apne drink lei aveyen." (come ram lets get a drink.)

Ram disentangles her arm, "Aree ishikabehen tame baisoo, hun badha maate drinks lavun choon." (Ishikaben sit down, I will go and get a drink for all of you.)

Ishika pouts, "Anee problem shun che...aree Vikram taro dost gay che ke chun.?" (what's his problem...oye Vikram is your friend gay or what?"

Vikram chokes, "Gay...Ram...Ishika tu gandi che?  Kya angle mathi taane Ram gay dekhayoh?" (Gay...Ram...from what angle does he look gay to you?)

Ishika screws up her face, "Toh bhagi kem gayoh...jaane vichoo kardioh hoye ne tem." (why did he run away...like he got bit by a scorpio.)

Vikram laughed, "Yaar...Ishika...Ram ne tamara jevi fast forward chokri pasand nathi..." (Ishika...Ram doesn't like girls hitting on him.)

Ram comes back with a tray full of drinks and hands them out and then takes his and walks away.  His eyes scans the room.  There were a lot of people.  He sees Natasha with a boy, standing a bit too close.  He starts to walk towards him when he bumps into someone.  The girl drops her purse and bends down at the same time as Ram, their heads bump again, they look at each other and smile, "sorry..." both say at the same time.  Ram picks up the purse and gives to her.  He takes in her simple light blue sari with silver embroidery and matching bangles and bindi, her long black hair fell in loose curls around her.  "Excuse me...ek question puchin sakun?" (Can I ask one question?) she asks softly.  Ram nods, "haan."

"Tame Kajal nah relative cho?" (Are you related to Kajal?"

"Nah...Kajal na mummy ne mari mummy friends che?"  (No kajal and my mother are friends) Ram replies still staring at her.

"Oh...bejo ek question che."  (I have another question.)

Ram nods.

"Maine aa party boring lage che...tame aa card api desho Kajal ne.  Atla badha manas maa shun khabar parse ane." (I find this party boring...can you give this card to Kajal.  In all this people she will not notice me gone.)

"Ek sharat par." Ram says (on one condition.)


"Tamaru naam?"

"Priya. Ane tamaru?"

"Ram...ek minute wait karjo." (wait one minute.)  Ram walks with the card towards Vikram, who is now comfily ensconced next to Neha. "Aee Vikram...aa card api deje Neha ne.  Ne phone karje...Niharika ne ghare javun taire." (Hey Vikram, give this card to Kajal and phone me when Niharika wants to go home.)

Vikram shouts as Ram walks away, "paan tu kayen jaye che?" (where are you going?)  Ram does not answer and Vikram sees him walk out with Priya...and he smiles.


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Posted: 2011-06-07T15:34:36Z
OMG Kantaben,this is such a pleasant surprise.U are gujaratiShocked
Will come back tommorrow after i read it much leaisurely.LOL
Edit :
Jalsa padi gaya KantabenThumbs Up
Ram ne gadhedo banavi didhoLOL. & Natasha called him dosoTongue
I couldn't control my laugh when he told that girl as sister,she got total wrong impression.Wink
Absolute fun to read hindi daily soap with gujarati tadka.
Waise ur Ram is very fast naa,
pehle naam pucha aur baad me sidha Priya ko leke hi gayab ho gaya.LOL
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Posted: 2011-06-07T16:11:25Z
Hey Divan!!
Great OS...Clap
I'm Punjabi, so the bracketed subtitles were very useful...LOL
Actually I understood parts, but I've still got to work on my Gujrati...Embarrassed
Loved the OS...Keep up the good work!!!
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Posted: 2011-07-10T16:52:13Z
Just came across your OS...great work! Even though I'm gujju, I don't speak pure gujju so the brackets were helpful! Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-10T17:36:14Z
Wow this is an awesome OS :) Loved reading it!

[hehe and since I'm not gujarati, the english translation was uber helpful LOL Thanks!]

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Posted: 2011-07-10T18:07:23Z
awesome OS

i dont understand gujju but translation in brackets made me enjoy OS...

and how dare ISHIKA call RAM gay?????????ROFLROFLROFL

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Posted: 2011-07-10T18:37:36Z
enjoyed your os with guju tadka,  thanks
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Posted: 2011-07-10T19:35:03Z

First of all, I miss ur FF's and OS :( 
And I LOVED IT... it is quiet funny how the names are Ramlo, and Viklo hahahaha sooo gujju :) 
I cn't wait to read more about where Ram and priya went. 

PS: you know what I was jst reading old ff's and os's for kasam se. And I was thinking all of these ppl should start writing again and YOU DID :)))) 

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