Being choosy keeps me unemployed : Harsh Chhaya

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Posted: 13 years ago

Harsh Chhaya who was last seen in Ladies Special is now back playing the visually challenged cop in Surya in Sony's daily thriller by the same name. The actor is in conversation with TellyChakkar, on what kept him busy post Ladies Special.

Why did you choose Surya the Super Cop?
The whole concept was very appealing and that is what attracted me to it. On TV today there is family drama all the time and this story was different. It is about a blind cop and I liked it.

What is the USP of the show?
I think the whole concept is the USP. We are trying something different with it and have a group of young boys and girls who have a lot of things going on between them, in terms of parallel tracks.

So it is a bit glamourised?
Yes, it is! But a good story is what works for the audiences.

What kind of preparation did you go through for the role?
I have done little research on my part. I went to Delhi and visited a blind association and studied people who are visually handicapped. I attended workshops as well.

Do you think the show will do well considering CID which has been around for a long time has a similar concept?
I can't comment on that. See, there are similar stories and concepts but to be different, you should find a different way of letting them out. Surya's a new way of telling a tale and about the similarities between CID and Surya, I think the channel should answer this question.

You mentioned somewhere that TV has sacrificed content for money. Comment.
The point is a lot of us have worked a lot in the industry for really long. There was a phase in TV where there was a lot of different work and now there is more or less a similar kind of work. You can switch to any channel and you will see a shaadi, Holi and Diwali. This doesn't work for me. I take time to figure out if it is something I really want to do. I feel there is definitely a change but not for the better.

So what is the change you would like to see?
I wouldn't want to bother about the change. I'm too small to even think about it and I am not even in the right position or nowhere near the circuit that can bring about this change. I would see what I have to do, what I want to do. However, being choosy keeps me unemployed.

Which has been your favourite character you've played?
You might play several roles but you are remembered by not more than one or two. These characters have an impact on the audiences like the ones I played inHasratein and Swabhimaan. That happens in any profession where you excel in one or two projects. Personally, I've loved Swabhimaan and
Hasratein but Ladies Special was the closest to my heart.

We have never seen you in reality shows, what is the reason?
It depends actually. Reality shows would mean too much work and I don't want to push myself.