My first OS- I will be your...only yours forever!

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    I saw yesterday's promo and thought of an OS  regarding what would happen if Piya came to know         that Abhay was just pretending to be in a                             relationship... Hope you like it...
  The characters are same and same is the situation               viz. Misha angry at Piya and all!


The failure at the Dance Competition had shattered Mount College's hopes and to crown the effect, T's aim at Piya had worsened the situation. Piya was very alone and desperate. Abhay was out hunting...Arnav was busy investigating the real motive of Siddharth for voting against Mount College...

5 days later...

Piya was still trying her level best to persuade Misha to come back but Misha stood irresolute... She decided to consult Abhay and took the driver to Raichand's Residence. It was really strange that neither Chand nor Abhay or Haseena guessed Piya's presence in their palatial residence. They were into some deep discussion!
Chand: You are going too far to protect mustn't be so close to her keeping in mind what's going on in your brother's mind.
Haseena: Chand! he is trying to wash his sins...He is no harm anymore!
Abhay: He is not the one to be trusted even if he was the last thing in this world.

Piya stood peering from the door wondering who the Raichands were talking about... Abhay's brother! She had never heard of him!

Chand: Haseena...yahaan hum uski baat nahi kar rahe hai! Abhay...stay away from Piya!
Abhay: already know...Main Piya ke saath relationship mein kabhi tha hi nahi... I am close to her to protect her... She doesn't even know...her life is in danger... Uske baad mera aur uska koi rishta na kabhi kabhi hoga!

Piya stood there shattered. She had feared that something like that would happen but somewhere, somehow...a little hope lingered. She pinched herself several times...trying to focus on the fact she was dreaming...but Alas! she wasn't. A gush of air rushed in through the door and with that it brought Piya's scent to the Raichands. Abhay got up suddenly realizing his lie was open now. She just moaned Abhay looked at him for a second and then left. He called her but she never replied. Abhay was too fast for her and as soon as she reached the car, Abhay stood near her. Piya! listen to me! Please...we need to talk! She seemed unmoved...Her eyes were wet and red. Abhay! mujhe abhi baat nahi karni... please...I need to go! She tried to get inside the car but he held her hand and pushed her towards his chest... She released herself and went away

At the College, she didn't speak to Abhay. Misha had been observing her and she felt strange. Piya got a note from Abhay...he asked her to meet him in the locker-room. Misha decided to follow. Piya went to the room after her class...
Piya- What!
Abhay- I need to talk to you!
Piya- but i don't... tum humesha se aise hi the Abhay...main he itni stupid thi jo tumhare pyaar mein pad gayi...(to herself) Ho gaya...toot gaya na dil phir se... tum samajhti kyun nahi...He is not good for you...
Abhay- aisa nahi hai...main tumhe sirf protect kar raha tha
Piya- protect mujhe bina hurt kiye bhi kar sakte the...bol dete...theres some danger...I need to be with you... I would have...(breaks into a sob) agreed...
Misha overhears the discussion and curses Abhay for doing that to Piya again... Piya runs away from the place and Misha confronts him... Hey! tumhe koi parwaah nahi hai Piya ki... Phir se? Abhay turns his face away. Hey dude? reply! Abhay leaves...

After the session is over, Piya leaves the College and goes abroad for her further studies. All is fine between Misha and her...


4 years later... Piya is a different girl now. She wears fashionable dresses...just like what Kareena Kapoor wore in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham...

She plans to return to India after her studies are over. She hasn't informed his family yet...She wants to give them a surprise...
As soon as she lands in India...she buys a new car. She is driving through the thick forests of Dehradun when a man jumps in front of her car suddenly... She presses the brakes hard and her head almost bangs at the steering wheel. She shouts- creep! Hey...dekh ke nahi chal sakte kya?  She come out and forcefully turns the man's face towards her. She is surprised to see him... She hugs him tightly... Kabir!...Kabir is astonished as well. He hugs her back. He still can't believe that Piya is back after her studies...
Kabir- OMG! you look look sexy Piya!
Piya- Shut up howz life going on?
Kabir- Mast...tum batao..? padhai khatam?
Piya- ya! finally... Chalo...mujhe ghar jaana hai...will meet you soon!
Kabir- hmm...bye!

Piya returned to the car...and drove straight to Dobriyal House... As soon as she entered her house...Welcome home shouts started renting the air. Misha hugged him and so did Panchi. They took him to their room and chatted loads... And then, Kabir came...Arnav welcomed him as never before. He took Madhu's and Arnav's blessing when finally people disclosed that Piya's marriage was arranged with Kabir. She looked lost... She poked Misha to get the details and came to know that Misha had told everything to Arnav regarding her and Abhay and so he decided to have an arranged marriage... Piya was shocked...her head was spinning...

Misha and Panchi took Piya back to her room. She looked gloomy... Misha advised her that Kabir was the most correct guy for her after what Abhay did. Well, that wasn't very bad whatever Abhay did... She could easily forgive him provided Abhay apologized...but he never did... The wedding date was fixed early to prevent Piya from changing her mind... They had a very private engagement and mehendi ceremony followed by a lavish sangeet ceremony...of course only for the two families...

The wedding day approached really soon...Piya consoled herself... Kabir achcha hai...tujhe khush rakhega! She was wearing her wedding lehenga and covered with ornate jewels from head to toe. Soon Misha came in and drew her veil... She made her walk down the staircase all decorated with flowers and lightings. Through the veil, her eyes wandered and fixed on a man. She was startled as soon as she saw Abhay... he was gazing her with an 'you are looking gorgeous' expression. He smiled at her. This shocked her more. Near the mandap, Kabir help Piya's hand and escorted her to the mandap. She shivered... she was about to faint when Abhay held her... you are mine...I will not let you be someone else's...I won't  He whispered in her ear. She felt a lump in her throat...

All the while the priest chanted sayings, Piya kept gazing at Abhay...he had pain in his eyes...he couldn't see Piya becoming someone else's and specially Kabir... He felt guilty for what he had done to Piya...he made her sad... He lost her...that was the worst result...!
Priest- Ab var...vadhu ki maang bharega...
They drew a curtain and Kabir took a pinch of sindoor and started advancing towards Piya. The moment he was about to put sindoor, a cold hand stopped him and pulled Piya towards himself...In a moment Piya was near Abhay's chest...breathing heavily. The next moment...Abhay took sindoor and put it on Piya...Arnav couldn't protest because Kabir prevented him from doing so...Next millisecond, Abhay put mangal-sutra and to this none could protest. He lifted Piya, who was still not able to register the fact that Abhay had done what Kabir should have done. When she could realize, she was taking vows of marriage in Abhay's arms...After the marriage, Abhay put Piya in his car and drove off. 

Back in the Dobriyal House-

Arnav- Kabir...yeh tumne...Piya...
Kabir- Uncle please...calm down...maine wahi kiya jo Piya chahti thi!
Arnav- woh aisa kuch nahi chahti thi...
Kabir- agar nahi chahti to Abhay ko khud se shaadi karne deti...nahi...Abhay uski zindagi hai Uncle...aap usse uski zindagi cheen rahe the...
Arnav- lekin tum jaante ho ki usne kya kiya tha Piya ke saath?
Kabir- unko thoda waqt akele dijiye...woh khud hi us cheez ko sort out kar lenge!
Arnav patted Kabir and then took apologies from all the guests...

Abhay's Car-

Piya was out of her senses...It took her a lot of time to register the fact that minutes before...Abhay had married her...
Piya: Abhay!
Abhay-  ssshhh!
Piya- tumne mujhse shaadi kyun ki...hun? phir se ditch karne...
Abhay closed her mouth... Maine kaha na...chup!

The car didn't stop until it had left Dehradun miles away... They stopped in front of a farm-house... Piya gazed at the house then Abhay and then the house again. He lifted her up and carried her to inside. Once she felt comfortable, he confessed- Mujhe maaf kar do! maine bahut koshish tumhe bhul jaaon...but I simply couldn't. It was really hard for me! I am sorry Piya!
Piya- Nahi...kya gurranty hai ki... Before she could finish, Abhay closed her lips with his... Piya froze...she couldn't have imagined Abhay being so romantic...Tears splashed down her eyes. He kissed them off! Then he closed her eyes. Surprise...  He exclaimed. Minuted later, when Piya opened her eyes, it was dark. She called Abhay...then suddenly one of the walls they brightened...Piya's photo...she smiled...then another slide showing his and Abhay's dance at the competition! Abhay had prepared an entire presentation of her snaps... She felt a lump in her throat... He hugged her from the back...went near her ears and whispered- I love you...and I am sorry! She was surprised...She cupped his face and whispered- I Love You too Abhay! Apology accepted!. He lifted her up and carried her back to the car. He drove back to Dobriyal House...
Arnav was shocked to see Abhay back. He took Arnav's and Madhu's blessing and handed Piya back to them- Mr. Dobriyal! Main apni galti ke liye maafi maangta hoon. Jab Piya ne mujhe maaf kar diya hai to main officially uska haath maangne aaya hoon...Kya aap mujhe apni beti denge. He had so much command in his words...he seemed so sure. Of course no one could refuse...but it was Arnav Dobriyal. He looked at Kabir's face who pleaded did Panchi and surprisingly Misha even. He then turned to Madhu who too assured him. At last he sighed, hmm...theek hai...lekin shaadi poore reeti-rivaazon ke chalti hongi! Abhay assured him and left. Piya thanked Kabir after which he too left...

Neither Dobriyals nor the Raichands protested and Piya and Abhay tied a knot a month later with all the traditional rituals... They were man and wife now!!

                           HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE OS!
                              IT'S MY FIRST ATTEMPT!
                      PLEASE DO GIVE ME YOUR VIEWS!
                                   PLEASE COMMENT
                           DO HIT THE LIKE BUTTON!

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Posted: 2011-04-26T05:31:35Z
It was simply mindblowing...and very beautifully written...i must say u can convert it into a fan fiction...
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Posted: 2011-04-26T05:43:10Z

Beautiful...simply awesome

loved it!!!

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Posted: 2011-04-26T06:58:38Z
Nice one... loved it
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Posted: 2011-04-26T07:04:54Z
its nice...Smile
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Posted: 2011-04-26T08:29:17Z
is that u shivangi?u changed ur username?
that was simply write more..
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Posted: 2011-04-26T10:03:43Z
Wao dear amazing.
i wish yeh os kbi khatam hi ni hte.
too gud.
i dunt hv wrdz too xpress.
outstanding ,out of dis wrld.
u must write mre os yar.
luv u
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Posted: 2011-04-26T10:45:02Z

lovely OSClapClap

very niceClap

what abhay did at the wedding was so sweetEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 keep making moreLOL
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