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Posted: 2011-03-08T20:22:39Z
Greetings to my fellow Ram BhaktsHug,
I am opening this thread, Atha Shri Ram Katha, to be a parallel one to my diary thread for Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna.
I was inspired by Debipriya to open this thread, because around the same time I began Shri Krishna, she began Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and we often chatted with each other about the episodes we were seeing (she already saw SK and I Ramayan), and our thoughts or opinions on them. So I am opening this thread for all the members who've already seen Ramayan or are seeing it now, so that they can share their thoughts and opinions on the episodes and we can cultivate some rich lively discussion.Big smile
The only difference is, unlike my diary thread, I will post one or two episodes from Ramayan every week and all the members (including those who haven't seen the serial yet) can watch the episodes (that too if they wantLOL) and write their thoughts and feelings below, so that this thread can serve as a mini-update thread of sorts for Ramayan, instead of a diary like my SK one.
Any criticism of the episodes is wholly welcome, but please keep language respectful and do not resort to bashing. I know no one in this forum does that, but just saying it beforehand to avoid future fights or arguments. It's called secondary prevention in psychology. LOL 
Other than that there are not much rules, but please NO comparisons between this Ramayan and other mythos shows. That is not only against the rules of this thread, but also the forum. You may discuss how other serials showed the same story similarly or differently, but absolutely no comparisons between actors of other shows and the cast of this Ramayan, especially in terms of who is 'better looking' or acted better. So yeah, that's it for my rant.LOL
Hope you all have fun! Jai Shri Ram!Hug
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Posted: 2011-03-08T20:24:22Z
-Introduction by Ramanand Sagar-
Episode #1 (in four parts) 
Episode #2 (in three parts)
So please begin your discussions, guys! How did you like episodes one and two?Big smile
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Posted: 2011-03-10T07:36:28Z
Thanks a lot for this thread Janu! Big smile
Will post my comments on the epis. asap!
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Posted: 2011-03-10T20:05:18Z
Oh Lalitha di, how can I express my pleasure! I'm totally speechless with overwhelming joy seeing this thread! Day Dreaming You know, RS Ramayan is my second life & I love nothing more than this serial! How long I waited for a similar thread for discussing my best serial RS Ramayan, & finally you fulfilled my desire.  I am definitely in it. Many many many thanks to you! Let's celebrate the grand opening Party
& yes, I'm coming very soon with my  1st experience of watching Ramayan  & my views about the episode 1& 2
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Posted: 2011-03-18T10:14:00Z
wwwoooooowwww di .. plz guyz do post here also ...
these days those who are in India can follow RSR @4pm on Star utsav Mon-Fri.
i watched it yesterday .... missed today's epi coz of my class ...
the Ayodhya Kand must have started today ....
i will watch it from Monday regularly...
we can have discussions here also ... Smile
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Posted: 2011-04-25T22:33:40Z
This thread was opened in March, but hasn't really moved forward???
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Posted: 2011-04-25T22:53:06Z
@ Visrom, this thread will surely move forward, my friend! actually we who extremely love the RS Ramayan are now extremely busy with our studies/ works! & we want to concentrate wholly in this beloved thread of ours, so we are taking time Big smile
& don't be astonished! if you travel in this forum regularly you will find sooo many threads that are very dear to each member, but are almost empty or moving very slowly due to the same reason!

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Posted: 2011-04-26T04:45:42Z
Wow ... this is indeed a great thread !!! I'd love to discuss Ramayan part by part !!! I've already discussed it tons of times with some of my friends ... would love to discuss them here too !!! Excellent thread Big smile
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