Do you think it was fair???

Posted: 2011-03-06T22:01:12Z
Do u think it was fair to eliminate Mr. Vijai Athwani??? I think he had the most pressure on him with 3 kids and he did everything so well without loosing temper and he was always smiley i really feel it was unfair to him...he should have been at the finalist!!!Disapprove
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Posted: 2011-03-07T02:11:11Z

I dont think so.Actually most of the eliminations were the same. Maybe some nuetral parties should have done the eliminations every week. And the footage they are showing is also not complete.

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Posted: 2011-03-07T05:50:13Z
nope.ttly unfair. not even a mother could have kept her patience for that long..i think hez the best dad of all..being old and having spent the least time with his kids cuz they're all pretty big and his wife handles most of the things arnd the hse.hez done a fab job and i was xpectin him to b in the finals too...i rly dont understand what the women are basing their decisions y did the father of those 2 girls go? (i forgot his name..oops..)) ability to do house chores? ability to handle extremely annoying kids? safety? what? the women need to get their priorities straight first and then be given the right to vote someone out. jeez. Edited by Ashirania - 2011-03-07T05:50:39Z
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Posted: 2011-03-07T09:58:55Z
Totally unfair..Both the eliminations were unfair this week..
I think the ladies knew that Athwani will be a tough competitor if he reaches the finals, so they wanted to eliminate him in this round. Just assuming that he didn't prepare his kids for the fancy dress competition was wrong. Infact he had to prepare all the 3 kids for the competition and also take care of his guests. He was the one who cooked the most no. of dishes for the guest.
Mr Sahni, despite of his health problems, managed everything well. I don't think the AV they are showing the wives is a proper basis for the vote-out and even making the wives the final authority is another stupidity. 
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Posted: 2011-03-07T09:59:31Z
i always say that judgement of this program is not fair at all.. just in order to prove that they donot have any celebrity judge they are doing unfair judging... Shocked
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Posted: 2011-03-08T02:46:42Z
Oh my god, I'm in the UK and this elimination hasn't even been shown yet but i am totally shocked!! I was expecting these two husbands to be in the final!  What happened??  Not fair at all, I totally agree with with one of the other posts that they were strong contenders so the wives thought to get them out.  Totally wrong of them, they should have played fair but then thats women for you! My favourites were Athwani, Sahani and Datta.
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Posted: 2011-03-08T09:10:54Z
That Mrs Patil seems to be a wicked..she voted them out..poor Athwani and sahani..they did their best.
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Posted: 2011-03-09T04:08:48Z
Yes shocked with the judgement, expecting Mr. Athwani and Mr. Sahani in finals.  Fency Dress competition Mr. Athwani had to prepare his three kids with three different themes and he manged it wisely. What Mr. Patil had to do for fency dress nothing just one simpple dance for both the kids? and he is the finalist what a shame on the wives who blindly vote. Totally unfair elimination. Now no interest in watching the final without Mr. Athwani and Mr. Sahani
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