The Crazy Appley CC's Non-Appley Story!! NEW!! P32

Posted: 2011-03-02T09:37:51Z
LOLAnd all that stuff!!!LOL
StarCoolYep. We are BaCk!!!CoolStar
CoolAdiCool, CoolAnuCool and CoolRitzyCool.
(Kaushi, nice to see you trust me enough to do crazy stuff always that you liked the post before I wrote anything. I LIKE!!Thumbs Up)
Hmmmm.....sooo...Kaushi's right.Clap
We are going to do something crazyEvil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile. Like always. We three can't do anything else. CoolEvil SmileCool
What have we done this time?ShockedShockedShocked
Oh, nothing much. We (togetherEmbarrassed) just wrote a
StarCoolStarNon-Appley Story!!!StarCoolStar
Read on na, only then you will get to know na what happens in the story! Wink
A warning though.
Abhay in this story is MY Abhay (means he is the guy in the show, but in our world, he is mine, not Pia's).
Sid is Anu's Sid (same logic).
We have nothing against any character, so no bashing or complaining please!
If you don't like the story, throw andas and tamatars. We will make sandwiches. But do not abuse. We don't know that many recipes. LOLLOLLOL
PartyPartyPartyHave Fun!!PartyPartyParty
CoolAdiCool, CoolAnuCool, CoolRitz Cool
Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile
Post 1.Parts 1-3
Post 2.Parts 4-6
Post 3.Parts 7-9
Post 4.Parts 10-12
Post 5.Parts 13-15
Post 6.Parts 16-18
Post 7.Parts 19-21
Post 8.Parts 22-24
Post 10.Parts 25-27
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Posted: 2011-03-02T09:38:41Z


Post 1


Anu's Part 1
Bachpan mein, ek baar Sid saw ChaandEena ka neck dance. Bas tab se he was really scared of Haseena.

Adi's Part 2
Haseena goes to Sid's office.
Haseena: Siddhhaaarthhhhhhhhhh!!!
Sid: Mommy dearest!
Haseena: Don't. Mommy. Me.
Sid (sulkily): Dearest bhi tha.
Haseena: Whateverrrrrr! Tum picnic pe gaye. Anu ko kyun nahin leke gaye? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?
Sid (looking at the ground): Woh mommy......Anu meri taareef karte karte dream world mein chali gayi thi....and you know main kitna awesome hoon....itni jaldi waapas thodi aana tha.
Haseena: Ab tumhein punishment milegi!!!
Ritz's Part 3

Haseena looks on the ground to see what Sid is looking at and she ...

To be contd..............


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Posted: 2011-03-02T09:39:36Z
ROFL Adi ye kya h
Haseena Chaand k ILU k style se irritate ho kr shikaar p nikali h kya??
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Posted: 2011-03-02T09:40:20Z

*gets scared by Adi's dhamki* Ok for the first itna lamba reserve karne ke baad...finally editing! ROFLROFL

So yes we three crazy chatters came up with this story in our CC while doing some craziness because thats what we are best at doing!  ROFL
I hope you all Like it and Enjoy!!!! Big smileTongue
And oh yes! Dont forget to ROFL!!  ROFL
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Posted: 2011-03-02T09:53:20Z
Just realise that I never unreserved this. 

Oh God **smacks her head**  "Too much influence of Adi." 

Anyways, yes this craziness is crazily crazy. And I hope you all enjoy it so much while reading it as we enjoyed it while writing it. You can't imagine how many ROFLs we have used while creating them. Here is a sample:

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Posted: 2011-03-02T09:57:04Z
Underconstruction..!? If i post ..what will happen..ROFL..have you hired shaurya for construction purpose...dont worry i am a girl...he is a threat to boys...
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Posted: 2011-03-02T09:57:15Z
hay Adi
where r u yaar
ye tumari construction Mount cllg ki construction se to jaldi over ho jaayegi na ROFL 
yaar DO NOT POsT likh k mistake kr de tune
pta nhi  h kya Indians ko vo krne ka keeda hota h jo mna kia jaata h
intentionally to aisa nhi lika na title m LOL
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Posted: 2011-03-02T10:15:01Z
Oh God!! im tu rofling after just reading the intro!! ROFL
But LOVED it! We are oh-so-cool! Cool ROFL
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