February 17th Written Update!

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Posted: 11 years ago

Gaurav Vidya at the restaurant when he tells her to order and steps out. His phone rings, and it says Private Number, and Vidya hesitates before picking up, but finally does and she hears a woman's voice asking why he hasn't called yet, and she cuts the phone. [YAYAYAY! We found out that it's a girl! Phew, finally a  step forward!!]StarStarStar

Imli-Jaggi romance.  [I don't really feel like explaining LOL] Suddenly, she hears a sound in the kitchen and starts worrying and gets up and leaves, leaving Jaggi alone on the bed ROFL

Devyani furiously cleaning away in the middle of the night, when Imli comes and tells her that she'll do everything, and Devyani gets all flustered and insists on doing everything herself, and sends Imli away. Bauji comes right then, and Devyani says that she's all right, and she's such a mess. [absolutely wonderful acting] and Bauji and her head out to play some game.

Priya telling Aditya she needs to tell him something, and he says go on tell me, you can talk openly with me. Priya says she wants to talk about the man that misbehaved with her in the past, and they both get up. Aditya asks who is he, and he's all angry, asks if that man came in front of her again, who is it. He pulls her towards him and insists on finding out the name. Priya completely in tears and slowly says SSP, and Aditya immediately confused, and then once she clarifies, he kind of stumbles and turns away.

Uttara furiously packing all her clothes and saying she's going to leave the house, Rishabh is trying to stop her, saying that everything will be ok.  Uttara says she won't be able to stay in that house for even one more second. Rishabh asks her how she can leave him and go, and she stops and turns around. She begins questioning him, what are you going to do stopping me? Will you ever be able to touch me, take me in your arms, love me like before? I know you won't be able to do any of this, so why will I stay? Rishabh calls out to her, saying what will he tell everyone else, who thinks their happy? And Uttara is completely crying by now, she's screaming asking him if he's stopping her for someone else, not for himself. She's screaming and crying and just picks up her bags and heads towards the door.

She suddenly stops and Rishabh is staring after her, she tells him that she has one more thing to say. The mistake for which you are giving me this huge punishment, I never even made that mistake. You were the one that sinned. Nothing happened between me and Rastogi, and even today I'm pure and only yours. The same Uttara. Rishabh is utterly shocked, and sleepless.

Priya telling Aditya she knows what he's thinking, and tries to explain herself. She tells him not to take any hasty steps, and he turns around and slaps her. Priya uttery surprised, and tries to say something when he begins yelling at her, asking her how dare she speak like that about his dad. He tells her that he'll never forgive her for saying this, and both are in tears, she's trying to explain her story, when he strangles her, saying that if she says one more word, he's going to forget that he ever even loved her. She's screaming out to Adityaa to let go of her, she's in pain.

Aditya hugging her from behind, and asks her what she's thinking, and she immediately turns around and hugs him. [YAY! Everything was a dream, although we all knew that already ROFL

Bauji and Devyani playing cards, and Bauji attempting to cheat, and Devyani catches his mistake, and stops playing the game. He asks for forgiveness [he's so cute] and she smiles finally. He says, you should have become accustomed to cheating right, and Devyani doesn't say anything, and brushes everything away quickly. Bauji advises her to not take anything seriously, take it in one ear and let everything go out the other one. He then questions her about Uttara, and how she is, and Devyani says her sister is now at the world's biggest crossroads, and she hopes she has the strength to survive through this.

Back at Uttara-Rishabhs, and Rishabh says that Uttara is lying because Rastogi would never sign the check I nothing happened between the two of them. Uttara just picks up her bags to leave, and Rishabh shuts the door and keeps asking what's going on. And Uttara yells out that Rastogi was forced to do that, that Uttara had to take someone's help to save her maryada, her self respect. And Rishabh asks whose, and Uttara says her sister.

Rishabh surprised, and starts yelling at her for calling Devyani, and Uttara just lifelessly looking at him in tears. She tells him that he might have sent her off that day, and then explains everything that she did, how she called Devyani and what Rastogi ended up doing. Rishabh hears all this and is even more angry than ever,.

Precap: Rishabh and Uttara fighting where he's trying to hit her, and shoves her around and she's trying to protect herself.

Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the lovely update!  So in the precap Rishab is hitting Uttara...I was kinda confused as to what was going on....that Censored needs a reality check asap! 
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update yaar 
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by Feefi

Thanks for the lovely update!  So in the precap Rishab is hitting Uttara...I was kinda confused as to what was going on....that Censored needs a reality check asap! 

uff i know....the abuse is just not acceptable and i hate how rishabh refuses to accept his own mistake in this...
i was completely surprised when, even after Uttara told him that nothing happened between her and Rastogi and that Devyani saved her, instead of being thankful, he starts flipping out about why Devyani knows and just gets angryAngryAngryAngry
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the Update Naina lovin to read ur updates:D
adiya scene was just givin me shockness and happines about tthat slap i even knew it was a dream but couldnt help and happines seein adi huggin pri from behind goshh<333
Posted: 11 years ago
What a retarded those mans are...ek hai zaroorat se zada deewana aur dusre sare sale na mard!!!sorry for my language!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
finally vidya found out! sheeesshh bout timeConfused
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update
how did adi react after he got to know about his father behind priya's fate

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