No Ambo Chemistry anymore

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Posted: 11 years ago

Hi there guys!

Well about SKLB series. I think it should be over now instead of spreading & stretching more n more. This must go off-air now. This is because I personally think there isn't any Ambo Chemistry left between bebo & amrit. Ever since amrit returned to the show there isn't anything like before. I initially noticed & felt that there was a strange type of change in Amrit's acting. His acting wasn't that colorful like before and so was of Bebo's. You can compare February 2011 episodes with previous episodes or even google the following keywords "Amrit bebo romance" and watch You-Tube videos under the search; you will clearly feel the difference that the spark because of which I was in love with the serial is missing. No energy in acting. I was surprised what happened to their acting.  ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused ShockedShockedShocked

So after reading all the posts and threads on IF I came to know that a disaster is there behind the screen and both the co-stars are having a cold war. So they are shooting the scenes just as a formality that is why everything seems quite unnatural, boring and fake. One can clearly notice that even when they are shooting the romantic scenes (I wonder who on earth calls it romantic), they mostly stay away or at a particular distance. Nowadays Amrit is shown like a dumb piece of a husband & instead of focusing on Amrit-Bebo (aka our AMBO), the writers and creatives of the story are paying their heed to unnecessary things like Goldie-Gursheel garbage, the Khanna family and now a story of a character named Manjeet. So there is no Ambo anymore. OuchOuch

All what happened in past few weeks (or probably months; coz i wasn't much in-touch) which includes the "Cold Vibes" which I believe is still going on between the cutest couple & one of my all time favorite (other than Maaneet of "Geet hoe sabse parae").

Also what the news mentioned that Shivshakti's (aka bebo's) father had a row with Anuj (aka Amrit). The reason behind was he don't even want Anuj to interact with her daughter & was a hurdle between their shoots n scenes & especially the Ambo chemistry (which every viewer desperately waits for). In short he simply freak out at Anuj touching her daughter. AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

From the post:

I concluded that neither Shivshakti nor Anuj is wrong. In fact Shivshakti is bouncing like a tennis ball between Anuj & her real father. She is so much pressurized from family that she is unable to decide whom to listen & whom not to.

I have read people's comments saying words like, "shiv-shakti should be replaced with some mature girl who is confident with romantic scenes...&. She is no match to Amrit(anuj)...&.. She is way too young / minor than Amrit bla bla bla". Well there is no harm in her being a minor & the youngest among all the team of SKLB and age doesn't matter where there is friendship and understanding. What the hell is so wrong if Anuj is an off-screen comfort for her? All the girls must agree that in her age its quite normal n usual with girls that we girls sometimes feel quite depressed n down & at that time we want some comfort from SOMEONE, which most of the time parents can't be. I believe she is very lucky that her co-star is so concerned about her. If I were at her place then I would love to have someone as a friend like Anuj who really cares for me (unfortunately I was & still I am all alone lolx but no regrets m a big gal now). But m dead sure that my parents would always encourage me to have a friend whom they themselves knew & who could give me some comfort & cheer me up whenever I feel that way.

So my point is why is Shiv's father reacting or (OVER-REACTING I must say) like that? I think Mr H. K. Sachdeva is having loads of insecurities about her daughter. He thinks that getting close to Anuj(both on-screen and off-screen) will get her daughter off the track & their on-screen romance will give rise to their off-screen relationship and will provide Anuj an opportunity to have flirt with his daughter. That is why he always messed up with their romantic scenes. Come on yaaarrr!!! Dead

Shiv is not appearing on press conferences nor is she taking any interviews. & her father is taking the responsibility on her part to deal with such matters. What else one can conclude from all this when he misbehaved with Anuj's father though he apologized on his behalf for no reason. & you instead of doing a soft patch-up said to him, "I will see to it that your son is removed from the show". Why didn't you think the other way that if the two of you families develop friendly ties, your childern will remain comfortable? There is no such harm if both of them become good friends in real life. If it was my father he would solve the matters in a soft way with Anuj's father & would maintain friendly bonds so that it my not disturb my life or of my co-star in any way.

Then giving the silly statement, "that's because he has a hold over Star people". Oh come on yaara, look at his work experience & achievements. He is into showbiz industry for a big time, being as a famous Model & a fine actor.  So he spent a good span of time in the industry. Then what's the big deal if he has strong connections & hold over the authorities?

Dear Mr Sachdeva!! I don't blame you for everything. I think it is your right to be so protective & concerned about your beloved daughter. But you are getting over-protective so I request you to give some space to your daughter. She is going through a critical phase of her life and for girls this is quite a sensitive phase so please don't spoil everything & don't make things difficult for her. Please stop being overprotective. She is such a sweetheart and you are messing up with her life.

Now since the show is on-air for such a long time, so there is no point replacing actor / actress or adding or subtracting anyone from the show. Due to all the issues related to SKBL, this show has already lost its TRP and has become less interesting. So my opinion is that better wind-up with this show with a fairy-tale theme which is, "And they lived happily ever after" or in Urdu, "Aur sabh kuch theek ho gaya aur sabh loag hansi khushi rehne lage". Show everything at its place i-e; Bebo settled with Amrit at her in-laws, Narang family happy in their own house, Ashok's baby, Goldie-Gursheel and other negative characters wiped out and got punished for their wrong deeds etc.

 I think this war will remain continued because everyone has made it an ego problem. We heard Anuj's end but nothing from Shiv's side except her father's statements. This means nobody wants to solve the matter. So instead of stretching the story and creating more tragedies the creatives should better wind-up the story following the above lines. Let all the stars of the show explore better opportunities for their acting career.

In the end I must ask everyone who read this to accept my apologies if I hurt anyone's feelings. But that is what I think and I actually am so much in love with Ambo that I cannot explain. There are people like me who live and smile while watching others loving each other deeply. No Ambo means no SKLB.

So guys sorry once again, no hard feelings, no offense, do read and must reply. I will wait for your replies.

Sara StarStarStarStarStar

Posted: 11 years ago
if u dont like it then dont see it . dont hurt the feelings of people who r here n loves ambo chemistry. dont compare any other shows with slb. ambo chemistry rockzzzz and slb rockzzzzzzz

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedeast or west ambo is the bestEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Posted: 11 years ago
sorry if i had used any harsh words on u
Posted: 11 years ago
dude!!! It seems like u didn't read my email properly. SmileRe(read) my email again & then reply.
take care.
Posted: 11 years ago
@saraxav: awesome post dearClap, and i completely agree with u about anuj and shiv on screen scenes, but i don't agree that the show should end, maybe cos i am totally in love with ambo, so can't see show ending. but i completely agree with u about the rest.

I am sure its shiv's dad who is being problem, he don't want shiv to do any close scene with anuj, i have pointed this out many times, doesn't he know that his daughter is an actress. if he really had to do all this then why did he let her come in this field, why did he gave her permission to do acting. and when shiv got the role they must have known that she will be playing a wife role, and in future she will ask to do some close scenes with her co-star. if he let shiv accepted this offer without any problem then why he is creating problem now. I respect his concern for his daughter, but he also needs to understand that its her job. i don't know what else to say or how will this gonna solve out

**no offense**
Posted: 11 years ago
i've read the whole thing and i agree with everything.. but the show shouldnt go off air.. i think that anuj and shiv just need a bit of time to get into the swing of things again... becuase i think alls ok with them, sort of, as only a couple of months back they shot some totally rocking scenes together and that without much hesitation...
Posted: 11 years ago
Sorry I Don't Think Shiv Dad Don't Have Problem With Shiv-Anuj Anymore. They Article Long Time Ago I Think Think We Should Forget About This. I Don't Want This Topic To Come Again About Shiv-Anuj. We Should Just Think About SLB Or About AmBo. Then About Shiv-Anuj And There Personal Life And Plus Shiv-Anuj Clear There Misunderstanding That Mr Sachdeva Doesn't Have Anymore Problem About Shiv-Anuj Or There Doing There Onscreen Romance If This Was The Real Issue Of Shiv-Anuj Of Amrit And Bebo Then I Think Shiv-Anuj Would Quit The Show Long Time Ago In The Future I Don't Want This Topic To Come Anywhere Again Please No Hard Feeling No Offense We Should End The Topic For Now On 
Posted: 11 years ago
First of all, Hi Sara  & welcome to the SLB forum.
I think you have already been closely following up with the show and our comments on IF. And you too like all of us over here seem to be a big time AmBo fan. And thank you so much for bringing up this topic in this detail, I really appreciate it. Although these articles regarding the cold war are quite old now, but I too like you feel that the problem still persists.
Although there was an article regarding Anuj-Shiv patch up but there still seems to be some issue in regard. I know as Mythilly said above that we shud be only concerned about AmBo n not Anuj-Shiv n their personal lives. But over here I guess the reality is actually affectinng the fiction in this show.
But I'd like to point out one thing over here Sara that not only AmBo are at fault, the creatives are equally, probably more responsible for the downfall of the show. The dont seem to have a sense for reality based tracks and they dont know how to picturize sensible scenes.
This is actually a bigger problem than Anuj-Shiv's chemistry. And just as a reminder AmBo have done all their romantic scenes after the cold war started. Coz it started soon after they fell in love onscreen after their shaadi probably around early October 2009. So when they were actually frends offscreen, they only had the frendship track onscreen. So although there has been some obvious distancing, but Anuj-Shiv have given some nice scenes as well. Thus I think along with Shiv's dad , the CVs also need to gear up otherwise SP wud just close the show.

And for ending the show, Im not ready for it i guess coz I still love AmBo n this forum.
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