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Posted: 11 years ago
The episode starts with Raj and Dadi leaving for the Zoo. Arjun gets dressed and waits for the girls. All the girls come one after another and he tells them to hide saying his wife came, and then one girl bumps into another and they all figure out what's going on. They chase him and he has no way but to step outside his house and the alarms rings and the police takes him with them. Arohi is at the party and Shefali's boys remind her of Arjun and the moments they spent at the masquerade party. Her card is declined and the manager says it's been blocked. The police comes then and tells Arohi that Arjun Singhania had reported a lost car and the car she brought matches the number plate Arjun gave. They take her to the police station.

Arohi is brought to the police station and sees Arjun is in there already. She says you are listening to him who is already in jail. The police tells her that he had complained before but was arrested later. Arohi says first you house arrested him, then he ran away from home and then you arrested him and now that he is in jail, you are listening to him and not me? Arjun says oh hello i didn't run away from home, and tells the officer to let her know under what conditions he was caught. The officer says, he was outside his house and Arohi says outside your house? you don't even know how to run? Arjun says shut up, you shouldn't speak on this matter or else. Arohi says or else what? and then tells the officer that she is his wife and she has every right to spend his money using his credit card, hasn't your wife taught you that? He tells her he isn't married. Arjun says congratulations. Arohi says shut up, so what your not married? it's common sense, and i am his wife, if my husband can't go out then i took his car whats the problem in that. Arjun says there is a problem, and that is, my car and credit card both were missing, and she took it without telling me, and according to me this is stealing and i won't take my complain back. Arohi says you want your wife to be in a lock up? Arjun says Arohi sweetheart even you are happy that your husband is behind bars, why do you want to take my happiness away from me? wifey! The ladies constable comes and says the ladies cell isn't empty, so where should we put her? Arohi says that won't be needed Arjun will be taking his complaint back, and Arjun says i am proud of you officer, that you caught the person who stole my card and car and i want u to do a case on her. Arohi too is put in the same jail. Arjun says why don't u call your dadu, DIG, he will get you out of here. Arohi says she doesn't want to embarrass him, call your family, they are probably used to police calls. Arjun says so finally you remembered my family? Well, i've called Dadi already and this officer must have told her about you as well. Dadi tells the officer that she won't bail them and nobody else should go in their cell. Dadi says now these two will have to spend a night together, even if it's a police station.

Arohi says because of you my party got ruined and Arjun says oh yes and because of you my evening didn't get spoiled? I am not as sad about that actually, i am more sad because i didn't get to spend time with Elena, when she talks I want to listen to her, when she is quiet, i want to look into her eyes and when she loves me, and Arohi tells him to shut up and she asks if he's serious about her? He doesn't answer and Arohi asks again. Arjun says gotcha, your jealous for me! Arohi says i'm not jealous, there is an Elena in my college too, she had some and she whispers in his ears and Arjun gets worried and asks well i knew her 2 yrs ago, can it happen now? and Arohi says gotcha. Arjun says today you are in the mood to say bad jokes and Arohi says as if you are saying nice jokes. Arohi says we are in jail because of you and that too together. Arjun says, something even worse than that could have happened, we could have gotten married or gone to the honey moon or got lost in the jungle, oh wait that has already happened and they both start smiling. Arjun says maybe it's too early to joke about that. Arjun says so your valentines evening got spoiled and Arohi says so did yours. Arjun says yeah....so how about we don't fight this evening? and Arohi agrees. Arjun and Arohi both take out a card and write something for each other and exchange it and wish a Happy Valentine's Day to each other [Kismat se tum is playing in the background].


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Posted: 11 years ago
Np will wait but dont take too long.. Intezaar ka fhal meetha hona chahiye Smile
Posted: 11 years ago

Ok....thanks a ton! :)

Posted: 11 years ago
Dadi succeeded in getting Arjuhi to spend V-Day together after all. They were so cute in jail
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks a lot PC :P seems such a sweet epi :D
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks Pooja for the update. Keep it coming.

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