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Posted: 11 years ago
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Today the show begins with Rudra and Gauri who return back home everyone sitting by the fire asked how was the bike and rudra says very good.Sunheri says today seeing them together with love in their eyes for each other really make her happy.Sunheri says you seems to be the couple of CB2 and she promotes the show,Rudra says to Gauri we also must turn like Dev and Radhika a shy Gauri says to Rudra what are you talking.
RR asks Gauri what happens and the latter says you did well to gift this bike to rudra as he will not have to travel by bus,in the meantime the salesman of the shop comes to take back the bike and everyone feel bad.RR says oh you get to know that we are no longer leaving in the mansion that's why you are here the salesman says it is the policy of our showroom,while Rudra handle him the key saying consider that we have taken it on a test drive,but i must say it is a very good bike.[CRYPT]
The man is trying to start when Gauri stops him saying they will pay him back all the money and to leave the key,the man gives them two days time.Rudra is not happy with Gauri decision and he says we don't have enough money for food from where wi'll get money to pay for the bike.Gauri says don't worry we'll find a solution.Sb says it seems it will be raining let's go in.A shadow is shown with a suspense music in the BG.
RR is teaching Rudra how to make bread.Gauri gets out from the bathroom when she's going to fill her part Ram knocks at the door and she goes to open the door.Ram opens his file with Gauri picture and all the papers,along with the pic blow away he just goes to pick and missed Gauri.RR sees him through the windows and tells Gauri I leave it I'll go and see who's it.
RR goes out to meet Ram and she asked him why do you come here if her DIL sees him all the surprise will be spoiled.Ram says he needed to give all the details and as his home is near he thinks to give it her.Gauri in the same time comes to  take in the clothes.RR takes the detail and goes in. Ram is going to take an auto when he sees Gauri trying to remove a saree which blows and get stuck in a tree.He was going to help her ,the driver says he must go home to please hurry up.When Ram turns to look at Gauri she already goes away.The old lady face(her voice and face is as if a man[CRYPT]) is shown and she's thinking he loves a married girl.Ketki,RR Rudra and Gauri go to the cottage and Rr says to Gauri she should have done this long time ago but it is not too late,presenting them the honeymoon cottage.Gauri looks at Rudra who smiles with his mom but is a little shy.Gauri tries to say something to RR but before she continues Rudra hold her hand and she keeps quiet.They all smile to each other.
They all enter the cottage and RR says today you both will stay here.Rudra tries to talk with RR but she stops him saying enough talks with your wife.ketki tells Gauri don't continue to shy with each other take advantage of a belated valentine day.Ketki explains to Rudra don't take too much time to give Gauri her right because a wedding is based on both love and confidence.Rudra hold ketki hands agreeing with her.Ketki leaves and Rudra closed the door and keeps watching at Gauri who goes to close the window as the weather is bad outside.Rudra come close to Gauri who is shy and he removes her hair clip.Gauri wanted to talk but he said today I will be only one who will talk.They lit the fire and sit covered with the same blanket and Rudra says when you was not with me I had got nothing and now that you are with me I have everything,I will not let a someone comes in between us.(Guys a request the scenes must be watched I'm not that good to describe these scenes so it is only watchable)[CRYPT]
They are getting close when dadaji with a tape recorder stops them telling Gauri to open the door.Gauri goes to open the door and is a bit puzzled that she forgets to take dadaji blessings and he says to gauri takes my blessings.He enters and leave the recorder saying all songs are records in it.He sits on the bed and says look at these candle I feel like having a candle light dinner[CRYPT]he gives the remote control to Rudra saying please don't control yourself control only the musics.Gauri is shy.Ketki trying her level best to pull him out but he's continuing on pranking with them as if he does not want to leave.RR also is asking him to leave.Finally the three leaves the room.Rudra put on the music and they have a close dance flirting with each other when dadaji comes and throws lots of rose petals on them saying to Rudra my dear you need to close the door also.Dadaji begans to throw the flowers on the bed saying on honeymoon the bed must be decorated.Rr and ketki come and RR says you are back in their room again.Rudra finally says they don't need any help whatever must done they need to do it and the three leave the room.rudra closes the door again and comes near Gauri saying Gauri i begin to love you, I'm falling in love with you Gauri is in tears.Who said  there can't be a change at heart??" Kaun kehta hain Pyar Dobara Nahin Hota??"A crying,extremely happy Gauri hugs her hubby.Guys I can't go more in detail at please do watch.[/CRYPT]
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Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the update. I'm for sure going to watch today's show. It sounds just beautiful.
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you for the very very very fast update !
Posted: 11 years ago

Thank u so much for the update Anju!


Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update
Posted: 11 years ago
Wow nice very nice episode. thanks.
Posted: 11 years ago
Hey Anju ! They hardly got 2 know the cream or the cherry ....whatever of the episode . Any way , great update , thanks yaar , maja a gaya.
Posted: 11 years ago
ooooh la la yaar.. finally some goose bumps i am having for them LOLthank you for the  awesome  update..

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