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Posted: 11 years ago

Meet Bhaskar, the smooth operator!

Rohit Khurana is all set to return with a bang as Bhaskar on STAR Plus' latest offering Dor.Excited about his new project that goes on air today, Rohit talks about his role and tells us what we can look forward to in the new show.

What was the criteria for signing on Dor?
To start with Dor is a show on STAR Plus which is a celebrated channel and has remarkable shows. The production house UTV has a great reputation. Thirdly, the script and story appealed to me. The role is fantastic and I loved it the moment I heard it. And lastly Dor is on prime time. There was no reason for me to turn this opportunity down. Instead, I am glad to be doing Dor. I am glad to be part of the STAR Plus family.

Tell us about your role in the show.
I play a Marathi guy Bhaskar. He is not a negative person, but has grey shades. Bhaskar is clever, smart and a smooth operator. He knows he has a charming quality and uses it to his advantage. He can cajole people to do stuff for him without the other person realizing so. He works as a junior officer, is very money minded, wants to fulfil all his dreams and live like a king.

As the show is based in a Marathi household, do you speak any Marathi in the show?
Not much. There are a few words here and there. But we have kept the twang when possible to give a texture and Marathi feel to the show.

How do you feel about a girl helping her family post marriage?
As Rohit, I feel that it is commendable and a girl should help her family in need. But Bhaskar doesn't feel so, he doesn't find it acceptable. He has objections to that. He feels his wife should earn and give his salary to his house only.

What does television mean to you?
Television is my bread, butter and cream. I am here because of my audiences, my serial and television. Television is be-all, end-all for me. I enjoy being on television. After Uttaran, I got a break and before we began working on Dor, I even did a film called Men Will Be Men with Red Chilles directed by Gorkee.

What does acting mean?
Acting is my first dream, ambition and love. When I realized what I wanted to be in life it was acting. I knew I had to join the entertainment industry and I was working towards it till I got my first show. I don't anything other than acting.

How has becoming a celebrity changed you?
I don't think I have changed as a person. But when I go out in public, I meet people who show their love and appreciation for my work, it feels good. When they recognize my parents as Vansh's dad and mom, it feels good. I am the same person I was earlier.

Tell us something that people do not know about you.
I love collecting fridge magnets and I have collected from all over the world. Whenever I go abroad, I get a souvenir and therefore have a huge collection of magnets covering my entire fridge. Now if I get more, I would need a new fridge.

Starting 14th February tune-in to Dor every Mon-Fri at 8:30 p.m. only on STAR Plus!


Posted: 11 years ago

Avani puts forth her conditions yet again in Dor..

Avani puts forth her conditions yet again in Dor..

Avani, the protagonist of Star Plus' new show Dor, explains her stand before Bhaskar and his parents..

The protagonist of Star Plus' Maayke se bandhi... Dor, Avani (Shweta Munshi) has put forward her conditions for marriage, as her mother is busy looking for a suitable groom for her daughter.  

Tonight's episode will see Bhaskar (Rohit Khurana) and his family visiting Avani's house with their proposal. 

Our source states, "Avani will again put down her conditions, that she will continue to work even after marriage, and that she will give her hard-earned money to her mother till  the time someone in her maayka starts to earn. Bhaskar's family comprising of his mother (Rohini Hattangady) and father (Anjan Srivastava) are shocked to hear this stand of the girl. As we know, Bhaskar and his mother especially, have an eye on the salary that the girl will bring to their house. However, Bhaskar will succeed in convincing his mother for the marriage after a long ordeal which will go on for about 10 days". 

We contacted Rohini Hattangadi and she says, "Yes, in today's episode we will be introduced and what happens next is something to be watched. There will be a question mark on whether the boy's family agree to the conditions or not". 

Let's see how Bhaskar manages to convince his mother.. 

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar
Posted: 11 years ago

Anand Goradia to enter in Dor

Anand Goradia to enter in Dor

Anand Goradia to play a stingy government official in Star Plus'Maayke se bandhi...Dor

After portraying the powerful and dominating character of Gajendra in Colors' Na Aana Is Desh Laddo, Anand Goradia will be seen in a completely different avtar in Star PlusMaayke se bandhi...Dor. In the show Anand will be playing the role of a typical Maharashtrian Government official.

When contacted, Anand told Tellybuzz "Yes, I will be seen in a fresh and new character called as Prabhu, who is very stingy and a grey shaded, works in a Government office for a small salary. He plays the brother in law of the protagonist Rohit Khurana."

Speaking more on the character Anand says "Prabhu is stingy, so much that he purposely sends his wife to her home every morning after a fight to save the food grains at his house. He practices this so that she has her meal of the day form her house. But in the evening, he goes back to make up with her to bring her back home. He goes to those heights that he locks his phone and proceeds for the office so that nobody makes a call from his phone."

Even though Gajendra and Prabhu have grey shade in their character, Anand differentiates both and says "Both the characters have grey shaded, but both are completely different from each other. Gajendra is from a sophisticated family whereas Prabhu belongs to a middle class family. I am enjoying playing both because, for Gajendra I had to learn Haryanvi lingo and for Prabhu I am learning Marathi."

Anad Goradia will enter Star Plus'  Maayke se bandhi...Dor next week. 

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair



Posted: 11 years ago

Ankur Moondhra to enter Maayke Se Bandhi Dor!

Ankur Moondhra who was last seen doing a cameo role for Star One's Horror Nights is now back with Star Plus' Maayke Se Bandhi…Dor. 

Latest we hear is that Ankur Moondhra will be essaying the character of Rajesh who will fall for the younger daughter of Kaveri's (Aishwarya Narkar) family.

"Aditi has a lot of unfulfilled desires  because of the lack of finances in their household. However, she still has not got the maturity to control the urge of dreaming about all the luxuries in life. Rajesh will fall for Aditi in the very first meeting", adds our source.

The source further goes on, "When Aditi does not fall for Rajesh's looks, he poses as though he is very sound in finances, and is a rich guy with lot of cars.  Aditi will immediately fall for his richness, but the surprise here is that Rajesh knows everything about Aditi and her family".

His entry is expected to air this Wednesday. Confirming the buzz Ankur says, "Yes, I play the love interest of Aditi".

We contacted Krutika Gaikwad and says, "Yes, such an entry is happening but I can't divulge anything more on it."

We too hear that the character might go grey in future.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar
Posted: 11 years ago

No marital bliss for Avani

After marriage every girl dreams of a warm and welcoming house, in-laws who become a second set of parents and a loving, doting husband. But for Avani, in Maayke Se Bandhi Dor, this post wedding bliss is missing.

Instead of celebrating her marriage with her husband Bhaskar, Avani has had to tolerate jibes and taunts from her in-laws especially her mother-in-law. In the upcoming episodes, Avani's mother-in-law will make things more unpleasant for her. Mother and son plan a little coup to snatch Avani's salary from her.

A STAR Plus.in source discloses, "Bhaskar's mother has belittled Avani and her family at every opportunity. The new bride had no option but to bear it. Recently, when Avani's boss rescued Bhaskar from going to jail, her mother-in-law insinuated that Avani was just showing off her high connections. Bhaskar lets his mother snap at Avani and always sweet talks Avani and pacifies her. This makes Avani think of Bhaskar as a good honest man. Avani has no inkling of Bhaskar's real character! He always appears to be a caring, loving husband in front of her. In tonight's episode, Avani's mother-in-law will taunt her about not cooking and helping around in the kitchen as she is a working woman. And later, she will take away Avani's salary. Avani will be crushed as Bhaskar had promised her that he will let her give her salary to her mother, Kaveri. Bhaskar will then get the salary from his mom and give it to Avani. Avani is already in love with Bhaskar and after this gesture her love for him will grow in leaps and bounds. But the schemer Bhaskar will then create a situation, wherein Avani herself will give her salary to him, without a grudge. She won't be aware of the manipulation."

Avani aka Shewta Munshi reveals, "It has only been a few days since my marriage and I am getting to know my in-laws better. There have been a few situations that have hurt me but I believe in myself and my husband Bhaskar. He is a good man with a clean heart. Bhaskar supports me and is very loving and caring. If he is with me I feel I can handle anything."

Will Avani find out about Bhaskar's manipulation? Will she realise her in-laws real intentions? How will she support her family? What will be her next step?

Watch the interesting drama unfold, every Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm only on STAR Plus.


Posted: 11 years ago

Dejected Bhaskar leaves Avani's house

Fans of Maykee Se Bandhi …Dor on STAR Plus, can expect lots of captivating drama in the show. Bhaskar will rescue Aditi from being molested but his good deed will be for nothing as Avani will not forgive him. A disheartened Bhaskar will then take a shocking decision.

A STARPlus.in source discloses: "Avani's younger sister Aditi eloped and Bhaskar spotted her leaving the house. In tonight's episode, he will follow her and see Rajesh trying to molest Aditi. Bhaskar will be shocked and take action. He will save her in time. However, he will forbid her from telling anyone about this incident. Once home, he will again have an exchange of words with Avani and despite Bhaskar's constant efforts to gain her forgiveness, Avani will inform him that their relationship has ended. A heartbroken Bhaskar will then decide to leave Avani's house."

A hurt Bhaskar confesses: "I am doing everything I can to convince Avani to forgive me but she is not willing to relent. I tried my level best, but I can't go much beyond a point. If she feels that she will be happy without me then so be it. At the end of the day, what matters to me is her happiness. It does not matter whether I am present to witness her happiness or not."

A suspicious Avani justifies: "The truth is that I am happy that Bhaskar is changing but at times I wonder if he is just pretending. He has done that in the past and I can't take him at face value again. I really doubt if he has genuinely mended his ways. Like last time, he bought a gold chain for Aai to impress me but it turned out to be fake. This time too he could be pretending just to win my trust. Once a person breaks your trust it is not easy to forgive and forget."

But help is in store for Avani and Bhaskar as the source states that Pratigya (Pooja Gor) will make a special appearance in the show and will play cupid between Avani and Bhaskar. "Pooja shot for her serial Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya for 18 hours at a stretch and then she shot for Maykee Se Bandhi Dor for another 6 hours, so that makes it 24 hours of shooting! The team is thankful to Pooja for agreeing to play such a vital role inspite of her hectic schedule."

Will Pratigya convince Avani to forgive Bhaskar? Find out only in Maykee Se Bandhi …Dor every Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm only on STAR Plus.



Posted: 11 years ago

Mystery man to make his entry in Dor

Mystery man to make his entry in Dor

A major twist awaits viewers in the Star Plus show in the form of a mystery man..

The recent episodes of Star Plus' Maykee Se Bandi… Dor is focusing on a mystery man who is time and again helping Avani's (Shweta Munshi) family in different ways like offering gifts, or paying off the college fees etc. This prompts Avani to find out the person behind all this!

Wondering who this mystery man is? Well, here is the answer…

A source informs Tellybuzz, "The mystery man who is following Avani and her family is none other than Avani's father who got separated from Kaveri years back. He is now back with an intention to sort out all the differences with family and his wife."

Auditions are on for the character and if sources are to be believed, talented actors,Shahbaz Khan and Kiran Kumar are short listed to essay the role. Things are almost finalized, and the man playing Avani's father will be declared soon..

We contacted Shahbaz Khan who confirmed, "That's true that I have been approached but things will get clearer in a week's time."

While Kiran Kumar too commented, "I don't have any issues taking up the show as UTV is a good production house with the channel being Star Plus. Otherwise I don't want to comment anything else."

Let's wait and watch to know if it is Shahbaaz Khan or Kiran Kumar who bags the role..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar




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