Wife as a mother:Rajeev Aamna Priyanka OS

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Posted: 11 years ago

Wife as a mother

Tanu considered herself a lucky wife.Though Himesh was not a romantic husband who matched her romantic dreams she was happy with his love.Their son Sushanth made their relationship stronger.
Seeing Tanu caring for Sushanth,Himesh was very happy.
He thanked Tanu:Thank you very much for looking after my son.
She laughed:I care for Sushanth...because he is my son.If he was your girlfriend's son i would not have looked after him like this.But if it's a baby girl i will accept her as my daughter as i always wanted a baby girl.
He just smiled.She did'nt know that her joke will become serious one day.

During a party,Himesh and Tanu danced a lot.But she was'nt happy like she used to be before while dancing with Himesh as there was no emotion in Himesh.
Though she looked ravishing in her black saree he did not give her any compliment.His eyes were not placed on her emotionally.

For the first time she got scared whether his love for her decreased and he is going away from her.
But she did'nt express her real thoughts with him.

But that day....Himesh decided to open his mind.They both did'nt sit together like a couple,but strangers,still they communicated.Himesh was uncomfortable.He seemed to be wet with sweat.

H:Today was Naina's delivery.
T:Who is Naina?
H:My girl friend.
She was shocked.Her doubt was true.She did'nt know how to react.
She remembered Himesh joking that he will search for a girl friend as she is busy with Sushanth always.
T:Like you said you found a girl friend for yourself..
H:No.I did'nt do it purposefully.Naina is my colleague.During that rainy day...when i saw her in a red saree for a moment i forgot that Naina is not mine.I was lost in her attractive looks.We became closer to each other.Today she gave birth to my baby.

Her loving husband whom she loves a lot has become someone else's physical property.Tanu imagined Himesh and Naina together.Naina had worn a sizzling red saree in her imagination.

It broke her heart.Tanu wanted to cry loudly.But she did'nt want to fail before her husband who cheated her.So she controlled her tears.She did'nt want to take revenge on him.She decided to leave him to live happily with Naina.
Himesh continued:But after the delivery she died.
His tears were wet.That left Tanu in shock.
H:It's a girl.
Himesh weeps:Tanu...i'm sorry...please forgive me for cheating you.
Her tears started rolling over her cheeks.
T:Himesh...i can ever ignore the people who apologize to me.You repent.So i forgive you.
He did'nt expect it.He became half relieved:Thank you so much.You are great.No other wife would have forgiven the husband if the husband is a cheater.
T:Where is the baby?

Himesh took Tanu to the hospital to see the baby.The baby was so sweet that Tanu could not hide her maternal feelings.She took the baby in her arms and looked at Himesh:God heard my prayers and gave me a daughter.
Himesh did not know how to express his emotion when he saw Tanu with his daughter,because it was such a sweet emotional sight.
Posted: 11 years ago
Thats actually an unusual one....but nice still. Its gud to read sumthing out of the usual stock sumtyms...thnx for the PM.
Edited by sumaiya wahid - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
a very different one........................nice OS......thanks for the pm..............
Posted: 11 years ago
Great so nice sweet OS Thanks for pm
Posted: 11 years ago
the up is good
so u added naina in this os its really good but yaar why did u killed her i am a big fan of rn so u could have made her alive
anyways the story line is nice
himesha is forgiven by his wife tanu and she also accepts his child
Posted: 11 years ago
hy Jasmine yar what a post 
lovely  i likee it yar
Posted: 11 years ago
If Naina has been died and the baby was just the result of a one night stand so what is expected for me to say.
I am big RN fan and u know i am not feeling good when i saw Naina died.
Nice OS.

Posted: 11 years ago
um..i don't know what to say..becoz i don't want to say something against you but at the last time, I didn't like the concept.
Naina..dead!! i didn't expect this...


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