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Hey Peepz!

Here Is my Firsy OS gallery! Let me Tell yu all that i have never written OS before here is my first try woh bhi on Abhiya! I Hope i dont suck in it taht much! if you find me getting mistkaes par spelling mistakes nahi kyunke woh toh hamesha typing ki waja se UFF im asking yu all to help me improve ok! i wanna improve writing OS so better help then or give suggestions! 

And Im Happy that I Opened A Gallery Of OS woh bhi on Abhiya ill try to update each weekend as i get time! letme tell yu all that i alredi have 3 FF's and m too much lazy in that but ill try updating My OS gallery Each Weekend 

and for your entertainment ill also try writing on ruhi and misha and most of them will be on abhiya! I Hope Yu All Like i If Yu want to be added in the Pm list plzz tell me ill Add yu! and my very first rule plzz plzz plzz leave bigg comments! 


We Will Meet Again: Pg1--Abhiya
Valentine Specail: Pg 7--Abhiya
|Boys Hostel| Love Ke Chakkas Main Waat Laggi: Pg 14--Misha And Tracker*funny*
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Hey guyss My Very First OS i might Suck in it Cuzz It Might Not Be a Good Story! but all i want is yu all to tell me how it was and leave big comments


Abhiya Os 

When i was 10 years old i got seperated from my very best friend Abhay we used to live happily and play all the time and study together in  ludhiana it was great fun! but then i haded to shift in mumbai for sum family reasons! where we both got seperated now after 15 years i relized that it wasnt only friendship it was LOVE which kept us stay together wen i was leaving ludhiana i cried so much i never knewed that we r even coming to mumbai but when i asked my parents that where is abhay  they told me that we are in mumbai and abhay is in ludhiana i run to my room and locked my door and maybe on the other side abhay was doing the same thing! locking the room and crying i cried hard but my parents didnt even bother knocking the door cuzz they knew that i wont open cuzz he was my only best firned he saves me from every dangerous situation now i wasnt protective anymore i wished i could've run out of my house and go back to abhay! but i couldnt and day passed and i started to forget him but i still used to cry wen i see his childhood picture i dont know how he looks now neither i know how he looks i cry each night but i haded to change and move on in life but i cant ever forget him each day my heart cries and yells his name but i couldnt go back to ludhiana yet ......... now i was 25 years old m busy in my life and my mom passed wen i was 13 then my dad passed wen i was 18 i was totally shattered but after those bad moments i decided to be a succesfull singer in my life! and i decided to concetrate alot in my studies but today i have to go back to ludhiana i really have to go there cuzz my future is there i haded ot go there cuzz there was a singing competeion i haded to go and give my audition! so i cud be in the contest! but i haded to open my old memories if i did i might lose my confident but i told myself ill be confidence i dont even know how abhay looks like so ill be confident and start my beautiful future

i could go in a flight but i wanted to have fun traveling in train! i always loved traveling in train i haded no sister and brothers as well! so i was independent i haded to make my own decision no one was there to tell me wats wrong or right no one was there to controll me when i cry i was all alone in this world and no one really cares what im doing i was so lonely and m still lonely i dont even have abhay with me whenever i think about ym lonely no one is here to support me or neither abhay is with me i start crying in my heart tears scapes form my eye's so i never think about it i have dairy which i always write in when i was 7 i starts to write my dairy watever happen's important in my life i write down 

Today was the day when i move on in my life to start a new day a new life i was so much excited about it i packed my clothes it took me 3 hours to decide which clothes to take im a girl who loves wearing clothes! and i cant decide which one to wear! after deciding all the clothes i put the suitcase in a side with my dairy and told ramu kaka to make food and ill be bak in 20 minz going to take shower she went quickly grabbed her towel and opened her hair and ran to the bathroom was looking just like a princess she was done taking shower she came out from the bath and was weariong a white big skirt with a white top she was just like an angel.

From Today i will be a succesful singer said as she smilled. i wish abhay was here with me i took my suitcase and went outside the living room sitting on the dining table asking ramu kaka to serve me food as he served this was my last food i was tasting from his hand oops i ment i will come back to mumbai but maybe for this month it will be the last food i said as i gigled and made ramu kaka giggled and after i was done eating i told ramu kaka to take care of himself and of this house! if theres an emergency do call me. ramu kaka was just like my dad he cared about me so much as i was leaving he called me ''PIA'' i was out in the garden as i heard the voice i turned around and saw ramu kaka running and coming to me  i wallked to him i asked him what happen ?? he told me that he forgot to give me food for the train where i was about to cry when he said to take care of yu andi hugged him i was happy and atleast sumone was here to take care of me in this world! 

the car was waiting for me i went in the car and travled for 20 minz and reached to the station where i see alot of boy's in circle and i was so lonely at that time i wished abhay was here to save me from these goons who were so much annoying at this time i closed my eye's and was wishing to send an angel here to save me or send abhay but suddenly a boy comes and fighted with those goons his 1 hand was like a big stone it was so heavy that when he took it up and punched the guy he went straight all the way and got bumped into a tree and he punched kicked fighted with more boys who were bothering me and i was shocked to see that strong boy in front  of me and he haded an attitude and he just left without talking i was going to say thanks but he didnt gaved me a chance but feels like that he is someone i know and i really owe him something i haded a feeling and i didnt knew what it was!

i got my ti\ckets and everything ready i was just trying to climb the train to get in but it was to crowdy that no one let me when i tried i fell down but the same boy came and holded me and i got saved or else i wudve get baldy injured now i really haded a question whois he why he keeps coming to save me like this i only know 1 boy it was abhay who used to help me and save me like this then he helped me get into the train i was going to say thnkx but thenhe left again i found my seat number where he was sitting as well! i haded myt dairy with me i put it by the window and finally i told him ''thank you'' he never replied back then i said ''hi my name is piya'' as i said the name piya he looked at me and stared as if he just found his expensive thing '' hi my name is abhay'' after listening to his name i felt butterflies in my heart but i also wanted to cry but then i relized it cant be him there wud be thousands of abhay in this world then i went back to my seat and lay down on the seat i wasa to tired

i felt asleep and the window was opened the wind blow and my dairy fell down and abhay saw my full name PIYA JAISWAL now he was a lil bit of sure that it was his piya! he pickled up the dairy and starts to read it he read Pg 20 which say----

January 29. 1986

''Today Was The Stupid Badest and Worst Day of my Life Where I Lost My Best firend abhay i wanted to kill myself  i wanted to leave this house but i couldnt i stayed alive to meet abhay and to be a successful singer in life! but everytime im in a problem abhay was there to save me i cried alot today alot alot alot i wanted to kill my self commit suicide my best friend abhay nd i were seperated''

he read it and looked at me and sit by me and the wind blowed and my hair were on my face and he gently put them back i opened my eyesas i felt the smooth touch on my face and saw him sitting in front of me i suddenly stand up and saw he haded my dairy in his hand i snatched it and said ''how dare you read my dairy and how cna yu touch me''! he replied me back as ''piya ! and kissed my forhead'' i couldnt control my self and got up and yelled at him ''WHO ARE YOU and how can yu just kiss me!'' he was so happy that he couldnt even talk he was smiling the first time and that was a big smile then he yelled I LOVE YU PIYA while he was saying he got in his knee's i gave him last warning ''WHO AREYU if yu dont tell ill tell the police man'' 

He Replied back as '' piya m yur chldhood best friend ABHAY RAICHAND now remember?''
but why r yu in a train?
i love tarveling in trains
me tooo!
And They Both Hugged!!

I hope you liked my first try on OS 
plz leave big commetn dont forget to click the like button
and wait for a new OS!
and also leave sum suggestions!
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i am first one here Smile
  the OS is awesome yaar 
yeah love the ending yaar  
   and i have travel from train yara 
  and it was nice yaar  and really nice train scene yaar  and really romantic yaar 
  u are really good  writer 
  and u written really well in the first one yaar that i can't believe that u are writing the OS for first time yaar 
 keep it up yaar Smile
  and thanks for sharing yaar Hug
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Posted: 2011-02-13T20:16:35Z
omg its awesum
keep it up sanu
aur apni shop ko aise sajjaye rakho aur story bhejte rehyo
luv it
keep rockinWink
Edited by rock8 - 2011-02-13T20:16:40Z
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Posted: 2011-02-13T20:21:24Z
Originally posted by rock8

omg its awesum
keep it up sanu
aur apni shop ko aise sajjaye rakho aur story bhejte rehyo
luv it
keep rockinWink
thnq yu so much shirin! for the lovely comment!
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Posted: 2011-02-13T20:22:45Z
Awwww its so beautiful. I love it. Really awesome. I can imagine Abhay helping Piya Day Dreaming

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Posted: 2011-02-13T20:25:11Z
Originally posted by Zeisha143_MBG

Awwww its so beautiful. I love it. Really awesome. I can imagine Abhay helping Piya Day Dreaming

thnq yu ziesha!Embarrassed
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Posted: 2011-02-13T20:28:16Z
Originally posted by Sanaya-luv-arti

Originally posted by rock8

omg its awesum
keep it up sanu
aur apni shop ko aise sajjaye rakho aur story bhejte rehyo
luv it
keep rockinWink
thnq yu so much shirin! for the lovely comment!

no prob
honestly its gudTongue
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