- Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Choudhary! -

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Posted: 11 years ago

...who are going to tie the knot this February 15th or sometime very close to it!Party
After a seven year long courtship, Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee, better known as Ram and Sita of NDTV Imagine's 2008-2009 teleseries, Ramayan, plan to become Mr. and Mrs. Choudhary mid-February of this year!
From their magical onscreen wedding in Ramayan...
...to their romantic engagement in Pati, Patni, aur Woh...
...this happy couple  has decided to make true the dream of all their fans and enter the new stage of life as wife and husband!
So please wish Mr. and Mrs. Choudhary your heartfelt congratulations and leave here any gifts you may have for them!Wink
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In 2004, there was a Sahara Bollywood star contest held, where actors from all over the country were auditioned, and the winner would obviously be well promoted. Debina came in from Kolkata and me from Mumbai. Only 15 were shortlisted and the two of us belonged to this shortlisted lot. We were held up at a 5-star hotel here in Mumbai. We never really had any kind of conversation actually. It was only confined to the eye sight! Yes, once in a while joking around or just a simple hi-hello was exchanged but nothing beyond. Then one day, we were all sitting for dinner in the hotel where Debina was seated next to me. I casually asked her where she's from and where she stayed before entering into this contest. She replied Adarshnagar and I faked that I was from there too and how we must get married! I told her I would talk to her parents for her hand and we would live happily ever after in Adarshnagar! And truthfully this was all said with non seriousness at all! I guess it turned out to be one of those things that we just happen to say and turn true

After the contest, Debina bought a flat and we had a common friend from the contest, thus meeting and keeping in touch was always on even post the contest. Time past and very soon we realized we were smitten by each other! We struggled together though I was not as financially strong as her. But Debina was always my pillar of support... she was my family! She held my hand when times were rough and always pushed me forward when I would slacken. Fortunately I always groomed myself and worked on my acting, action and dance skills. Because this industry has cut throat competition and I believe what leaves a remarkable impression behind is impactful acting, not just plain acting. So my self-preparation was progressing. Debina was familiar and experienced with the South industry and had done good work there. She introduced me to a director from there who offered me a villain's role in a 3-D serial while Debina was the actress. "Mayavi" (the 3-D serial) was well received especially in South India. There was the 'Seoul festival' for 3-D movies where our serial was screened. It was a hit and we even bagged an award for it after which it was even shown at Mumbai. Suddenly I felt from within that now I was prepared for films and I should start trying for them. That is when Subhash Ghaiji's Mukta Arts was making a film in Goa. It was a one month shoot. I was shortlisted and wrapped that up soon. But unfortunately like the many films in Bollywood, this one too is over delayed for release but will hopefully come onto the big screen some day! Soon I was then offered a role in "Ramayan".

A lot of people told me how I should or shouldn't do it since its mythology! But I've always maintained in all my interviews too, how I'm eager to do something different and not ordinary. In this industry that is what works and long lasts! So I thought trying for "Ramayan" would be something hatke! I went for the auditions, and got selected for Ram's role! I was extremely happy! I asked Debina too to try out the auditions and she bagged the role of Sita! When we announced this to all our friends and family, they were very surprised and couldn't stop congratulating us! Because being in a relationship for four years, and then playing such a holy couple on-screen, was quite a 'mythological' coincidence! I was very, very happy! More so with the reviews I got. Many of the fans said they began watching the show after seeing Ram. It was a moment of pride for me...I would be spotted and called out as 'Ram'! The show had earned me so much fame and love! But obviously an actor would want to be known for his own name.

Then came along 'Pati, Patni aur Woh'! The timing couldn't have been better. It was a totally different concept. The remaining sections of the audience who probably didn't watch 'Ramayan' watched this reality show and here too Debina and I were so well-received, that we garnered the highest number of votes! After 'Ramayan' our world did change but after 'Pati Patni aur Woh', it leaped forward and positively even more! Fans would yell out 'Guru' on seeing me because of Debina calling me that on the show. It felt wonderful. More so since they never hesitated in approaching me. I think they sensed the no-attitude in me and felt familiar. So after this show, we were finally known by our real names and we continue talking to our fans as friends whenever we meet them. It's very informal and homely.
My 1st birthday with Gurmeet in Mumbai! I knew they had planned a surprise for me but thought I'll play along. But I couldn't take it and asked what the surprise was. I kept asking but they wouldn't tell me. Gurmeet even said that he would break up with me if I would crib and ruin his surprise for me! Finally I stuck to my stubbornness and Gurmeet took me to this secluded road around Andheri and suddenly while I was still in the car, there was a band of uniformed men playing the band-baja! I was so shy and embarrassed to get out of the car then! In the middle of the night they were playing loud music for me! Although Guru had found out well in advance whether they were allowed to play such high decibelled music and at that hour of the night!
To All Our Blog Readers,

Long time right?  Sorry for not being able to reach out to you all earlier but schedules have been quite hectic.  Today we both are in a nostalgic mood as its been a year since Ramayan ended.  We thought why not share our thoughts on these golden days with you. 

Debina: I had to cry for the last scene of the last episode, my tears far from being just on-screen became quite visible off-screen.  I was in pain as my character of Sita which I had played for 1.5 years was coming to an end; I had felt Sita's pain throughout the portrayal of the character and it was difficult to see this journey come to an end.  After a day or so, we all sat down together to see the episode and I had to ask Guru to tell me if people around could feel Sita's pain.  It was with the death of Sita that our whole team realized that the show had really come to an end.  As I narrate this day to you all, my eyes are again filled with tears.  Those were really the golden days and unknowingly we created history. 

Gurmeet: With the end of Sita, we all came to the realization that the show as about to end.  For the first time in my life, I cried loudly like a baby.  Debi somehow managed to calm me down.  I still remember my last scene in which I had to walk barefoot on a hot ground and then enter a river.  It was really hot that day but the pain inside me was so immense that I felt no external pain.  I loved living the character and eating, sleeping, drinking Ram.  I thought let me drown Ram today and though I was not required to cry for that scene, my heart was shedding a thousand tears. 

Even today I miss those days but Ram went into the river and Maan emerged out.  Work has to go on but the satisfaction and enjoyment I felt in portraying Ram's character is unmatched.  I actually never realized how effortless my days were during Ramayan with Debina on my side but it is after the end of the show I began to miss Debina's chirpiness, her voice and having her by my side.  To this day, I keep calling Deb in the middle of shooting to hear her voice as that keeps me going.  We both loved Ramayan and as a couple we both really created history with the show. 


Gurmeet & Debina

Hi All,

Debina here!  As you all know Guru (Gurmeet) has just recently recovered from his illness and hopefully he will never have to look back.  We have been through some really stressful and testing time and so Guru wanted to go away and enjoy time with friends and family.  The best option for us was to take a trip to Kolkata as that was the best we could think of since we would have family support incase of an emergency.  I am sharing some pictures of our trip to Kolkata with you all - it was a fun holiday!  

The ethnicity of the city is always enticing - from the nature to hand pulling rickshaw. I made Guru enjoy each moment as it came.  And yes how can I forget  his fetish for ROSOGOLLA - he thoroughly enjoyed the yummy dessert.  In fact he became an eye candy for all those who saw him finish innumerable rosogollas in a ziffy.  Have a look and enjoy till we get back.
Hey Guys,

U all must have heard a lot about DEXTER, Our big boy.  Debina and I have been talking to each other recently about how fast Dexter has grown up.  Its like he's a big at a blink of our eyes.  Every time we see him, we tell ourselves that its only yesterday that he came into our lives when he could barely walk and would be up at nights squeaking.  Debina took care of him like a mom and today he is his dad's naughty yet good big boy.  And most of all he is an integral part of our lives.
Hi Guys,

Happy New Year!!!  We hope everyone had a great 2010 and may you all have an even better 2011!  I had a blast bringing in this year with my friends!  Hope all of you also welcomed the new year with lots of fun!    

Well Debina and I are really looking forward to this year!  There is just lots to look forward to!  January sees Geet and Maan's wedding, which is going to be quite an exciting period for the show!  Debina gets back this month and her show will be going live in February.  Wipe Out is a great show and so we are really looking forward for it to air in Feb!  Amidst all this, I am really excited to have Debina back this month and hopefully we will get to go away for a few days and spend sometime with each other.  Shooting schedules have been nonstop and so I am really looking forward to a break! 

Its time for me to sign off but I just want to once again wish everyone a very very Happy New Year!  Hope 2011 is ROCKING for you all! 



Hi Guys,

How are you all?  We both have been lucky as soon after Debina got back, we got the opportunity to take a much awaited holiday together to Goa for a few days!  We have been apart for 40+ days and really missed eachother!  Due to both our shooting schedules holidays come rarely and so it was nice to take this break!  And guess what?  We got a great surprise when we found out that some of our friends coincidentally were also in Goa.  We really enjoyed meeting them and catching up after such a long time!  

We are back reenergized and glad that we finally got some time to spend with eachother and with our friends!


Gurmeet & Debina
Many more entries can be found in their blog:
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Do make sure to sample our great cooking!Wink
Please do post here any other food you bring!Wink
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-From Lola-
-From Aishu-

-From Janu (Me!LOL)-
-From Sneha-
-From Parina-

-From Verode-

-From dollie16-

From Shikha
-From Deepika-

-From Vedo-

Any other gifts that you guys bring will be updated into this post.Big smile
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Yay!!! A big congrats to them.

They are the cutest ofscreen couple EVER Dancing
Posted: 11 years ago


We all wish you a very happy marriage! Aapki jodi Raamji aur Sitaji ke samaan hai!!!! Best of luck on the years ahead!


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i'll make some more :)

Posted: 11 years ago
Congratulations to Mr & Mrs ChaudharyPartySuch an awesome couple, So happy for themPartyParty

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