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Posted: 11 years ago

As no one has updated 11th Feb part till now, so I have updated it

Rukmini tries to give Rasal Ranbeer's favorite color and measurements, Rasal SLAPS her and everyone is shocked. Rasal states that hw dare she give her the color choice of her husband to her. Rukmini is shocked beyond words and she runs away from there crying, but no one is least perturbed. Rukmini goes and cries in front of Kanha that -- " was she brought back for this itself, that the sister who loved her so much and would fight for her would now slap her... She remembers hw Rasal used to fight with Ranbeer for her. She tells when Rasal loved me Thakurs hated me and now when I am getting the love of Thakursa, my younger sis hates me."
Meanwhile DD gets hysterical and she goes to Dadisa's room and asks her to plz do something. She asks her, hw can she see her Suhagaan DIL in the widow's clothes, hw can she watch all this. Dadisa says that for her grandson, Ranbeer they will have to bear Rukmini, as he is not well but once he becomes alright, everything will be set right.. DD doesn't give up and goes and plead in front of Chanchal to do something. Chanchal says that to give Rasal her rights back, they will have to throw Rukmini out. She says that she has noticed that Rukmini is scared of DD, so she asks him to go and scold Rukmini and take her away from the Haveli.
DD goes to Rukmini's rooms and starts collecting her clothes in an anger to pack it. rukmini asks what is she doing and why, DD strats bad mouthing her and says that as long as she is alive she won't allow her to snatch away her daughter's rights. Rukmini asks her to stop all this and says that -- Maa plz don't do all this, already you have increased my problems by revealing that Ranbeer is alive and by bringing him to the Haveli, plz don't increase more of my probs." DD raises her hand to slap Rukmini but Rukmini catches it mid-way Smile (man this scene is a must watch scene..ClapClap)  Still holding th hand Rukmini says that she has grown up respecting her and still respects her a lot as her mother, but she has come in this Haveli for Ranbeer and no one else other than Ranbeer has the right to throw heroff from the Haveli (Well said Rukmini !! hope u could have risen like this for ur own rights then today things would have been different.. Smile) DD is shocked at the outturn.. LOLLOL
Meanwhile Rasal and komal returns from shopping. Rasal goes toher room to keep all the items. She keeps a Red Roses bouqet in the middle of the bed and mumbles that -- " I know u love these flowers and now Let me see Thakursa how u don't remember ur past.." She goes to the cupboard to arrange his clothes, when she sees the cupboard strewn with a few cotton kurtas. She remembers the past where Ranbeer is shouting for her in a towel. She comes running and asks him if he does not intend to go to office today as he is yet not ready. ranbeer says that he was going to get ready only when he sees his cupboard (we see his shirts all scattered just like his kurtas now). he asks her who kept all this. rasal looks down and says that she was busy preparing the Fasting food and so had asked Rukmini to keep his clothes in the cupboard. On hearing Rukmini's name Ranbeer gets angry and says that he has told her so many times that don'y allow Rukmini to do any of his work, if she cannot do it he will do it self. Rasal asks him to calm down and says that from next time she will leave all her work and do his work first.
Rasal comes out of from her past and again looks at the cupboard, she looks at the fabric and mumbles whether her Thakurs will wear these kind of clothes. She throws all those Kurtas away and starts hanging the new shiny shirts(all those colour which ranbeer said he hatesLOLLOL) in the cupboard and goes down.
Meanwhile ranbeer comes back and Deep announces that he has shown his younger bro to the doc and they have taken a MRI whose reports will come in 2 days. They have given him some meds which he needs to take, when MS interrupts and says that only when Ranbeer feels restless he needs to take those medicines. Tayaji asks -- All this is fine bt till when will he OK. To which Deep answers that they can only say and start the real treatment after the reports of MRI has come." Everybody is happy istening to all this.
Meanwhile Ranbeer looks all around and asks for Rukmini, to which komal tells him that he has come from outside so he must be tired and so he should go and take rest. Ranbeer says that he is not feeling tired and Rukmini also has all the right to know about his health. Ranbeer again takes a few steps to Rukmini's room when Rasal interruts him saying that he must be tired, he should go and rest, Ranbeer is not pleased and he looks at her sternly and comes towards her and says sternly that he had already said that he is not tired and asks her to stay away from his matters. LOL
Ranbeer goes to Rukmini's room and everyone is again worried. LOLLOL
Ranbeer calls for rukmini who is sitting and crying. Ranbeer comes happily and tells her the news. He notices her tears and asks her if she was crying, she says no. he again starts blabbering bt again notices her wiping her tears and this time he asks a bit angrily that she was crying, he asks her the reason for her tears, he asks if some one has said anything to her. He says that if they have, then they r in trouble as he has come to this haveli only ue to her and if they have forgotten this he needs to remind them of this again. Rukmini stops him and says that there is nothing as such, she was only happy that his treatment has started.
Ranbeer then remembers that she might have gone for shopping and asks for his new clothes as he wanted to see them, Rukmini is baffled as she has no clue of the clothes, Meanwhile Komal comes to the door and informs Ranbeer that his clothes r in his cupboard and this is the reason why she was asking him to go to his room. Ranbeer is very happy and says that Rukmini has brought for me so they will be of my choice only and leaves. After Ranbeer departs, Komal looks at Rukmni sternly and tells her that he thinks that u have brought his clothes, so let him think so, u don't need to tell him the truth and leaves.
Ranbeer meanwhile goes to his room and sees the bouqet. He is very happy to see that and wonders that how did Rukmini know that he loved the smell of fresh flowers. he takes the bouqet and goes towards the cupboard and opens it happily. He is puzzled to see all the shiny shirts of that too of the olors which he hated and he had told it to Rukmini clealry. he analyses things ad goes to the living room and throws off all the shirts and bouqet on the ground screaming that Rukmini had not got these clothes for him as she knew he hated these colours and so demanded to know who got it. Komal gets up and tells him that yes these clothes are brought by me and Rasal.
Ranbeer is shocked and asks Komal whether he is her son only or not.. LOLLOL komal is shocked and asks why was he asking her such questions ?LOL Ranbeer said that as I am ur son, u should care for my happiness and u knew that  wanted Rukmini to bring my clothes so why did she allow another woman to buy clothes for him. DD jumps in and says that b'coz Rasal used to only get is clothes earlier then corrected herself saying that Komal told her so.
DD tells that if her daughter is spotted buying clothes for him, ppl will ask y is she buying clothes of Thakursa. Ranbeer is very angry and says that u cannt give ur daughter any happiness and now when she is getting a few why is she not allowing it come to her. DD is more angry and says that in their community girls do not buy clothes of other men, He is a Thakur so it doesn't matter to him, but they needs to go back to village, what will they answer if they ask them Y their unmarried daughter was buying clothes for Thakur.
Ranbeer understands and he says that Rukmini's reputation is my reputation, I will not allow her reputation to be tarnished therefore I want to marry Rukmini as soon as possible. Everybody is shcoked and the screen freezes on Rasal's shcoked face.
Precap : We see that Ranbeer is very angry and he tells Rukmini that  they don't know your value and doesn't understand their love. he holds her hand says come let's go. rukmini keeps looking at Rasal's shocked face while ranbeer keeps moving.
Edited by ziddiladki - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you bery berry much  you are Star  i really must say your update is better than mine and i loved the episode when Rukmi stop DD's hand it was the best and when Ranveer said he will marry RUKMI was the best scene ever....thank you so so muchEdited by ziddiladki - 11 years ago

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