An Abhay Mishkoo Ds~'For You, Akdu~~edited,plz c:)

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hey guys this is my first ds on pkyek,, ds bole o double shotLOL... amd its on abhay and misha.. dont woory its not a lovey dovey story.. there chracters remain same as the serial.. but seriously adore hses two and want more n more scnes of them

for me these two r the closes tto the chracters of edward and alice from the vampre fic!!!
okay okay shutting up my bakwas.. this story starts from when mishkoo sees abhay in hostel's parking lot yesterday.. she goes home but later returns to tak to abhay !!!
hope u guys will enjoy it:)
plz do leave ur commnts k???
~~~~~~FOR YOU, AKDU~~~~~~

For You ,Akdu


Abhay hadn't realised from how long was he sitting still.he didn't care anyway and he still wasn't sure what the hell was he doing in this college cafeteria. Hadn't he decided last night to stay away from pia as much as he could??? Then what the hell; was  he doing sitting in college cafeteria at 5 in the morning??


Did he think that pia might come in here looking for him??

She wont.. she didn't even wanted to..and even if by some lucky random chance she did indeed wanted to search him , no way in the well would she be able to guess that her blood sucking vampire was in this stupid cafeteria munching a cheese burger..


So logically, abhay's action of breaking the cafeteria windowat around midnight made no sense what so ever!!... yet still he was here!!

Well the explanation to this was pretty simple . he wanted to be close to pia, it didn't matter if she no longer wanted him or loved him.he was hers and nothing could change that now. he had to be present here for her.. but she needn't be disturbed  by his presence .

So cafeteria was his safest harbour, no one would disturb him here.


"I never knew u loved breaking into cafeteria's at night like me"


Abhay jerked and stood up in a nanosecond to look at the source of the voice. His speed had been soo fast that the intruder was almost feeling dizzy trying to understand his movements.


A= tum yahan kya kar rahi ho misha?

M=(trying to ignore the unease she felt at abhay's speed)=kyun tum is jagha k owner ho kya, jo mujh se aise questions puch rahe ho??

A= just leave me alone!!

M=dude tumhe company dene ka mujhe koi shauk nahi hai!! But phir bhi just too clarify,I came here to steal a burger, bhookh lagi thi,but what about u dude?? Hmmmm'.. mr akdu abhay raichand broke into cafeteria!!!thats new.. college bimbos will simply love this gossip'


Abhay Turned away from misha and moved towards the broken window.. if misha wasn't going to leave ,he would.. he was in no mood to hear her blabber, as a matter of fact he wasn't in any mood to talk to any dang being!!!


M= are dude apna burger to lete jao!!!


Without replying abhay jumped out of the window and landed on the grassy pavement that circled around the complete college complex.. as he moved away from the window the grass seemed to shimmer.. it may have been due to  the reflectance of moonlight over the moss , then again may be it was one of abhay's powers.. he was a creature of the night, that meant the night surrounded him in a graceful way wherever he went!!


Misha looked at abhay frustrated!! She hadn't wanted to steal a burger.. she had followed abhay and had waited 5 hours to finally take the decision of talking to him and trying to help him.. but now that stupid git wasn't even staying in the same room as her's.

So how was she going to talk to him??


Abhay stopped in his tracks. Where would he go now?? He couldn't go around the hostel!! Pia would see him . he couldn't go inside the classrooms too. They were faraway from pia's hostel.. the cafeteria was the only decent option he had.. but stupid misha messed up that option for him.. may be he would wait for half an hour and then return back to the canteen when misha would have gone!!

M=hey listen you!!! Move slowly atleast I am wearing heels okay my feet hurts!!!


On hearing misha's viose a sudden anger bubbled inside abhay, he wanted to shout at her with all his might in that second.. why wouldn't she leave him alone???but thn misha's second line suddenly made him smile , as a matter of fact abhay actually chuckled!!!

A= wait what?? U r wearing heels?? U?? and heels??


Misha, amused by the fact that the great abhay ,best known for making sullen faces all day and night long was finally laughing with her, kept up her easy banter' abhay needed to be comfortable wit her  before she could say what she wanted to say to him ..


M= hey listen that a personal matter oky?? Don't interfere!!

Just move slowly.

A= I wont interfere if u leave me alone and stop interfering in my privacy..

M= hello listen tum koi secret group k head nahi ho!! What is it with u nd all ur secrecy??

A(sighing)= u wont leave me alone will u??

M=(smiling) nope!!

A=kya kehna hai tumhe mujh se

M=how do u know k mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai??

A= its obvious from ur face..

M= oh is it???



 the last part will post soon


loads of love dolly:)

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ermm dolly  keep me in loop ok
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Posted: 2011-02-04T09:11:40Z
love u lekhu will pm u ofcpurse when i copmplete it:)
and sush meri lazy bird finally u did re hee hee love u
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Posted: 2011-02-04T09:15:17Z
ooh  thanks a  bunch Dear

One  request
  dolly  get  the Creativity  corner moving  No one Ever  writes  there

Ps  Do u  want a Pm  for My FF  on the   forum???
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Posted: 2011-02-04T09:18:27Z
Originally posted by dolly18

love u lekhu will pm u ofcpurse when i copmplete it:)
and sush meri lazy bird finally u did re hee hee love u
actually i went to bring my dinner
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Posted: 2011-02-04T09:19:02Z
u have an ff on the forum???
mujhe pm kyun nahi kiya abhi tak?????
abhi i need the link to it
and give me the link of creativity corner too na !!!
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Originally posted by sushups

Originally posted by dolly18

love u lekhu will pm u ofcpurse when i copmplete it:)
and sush meri lazy bird finally u did re hee hee love u
actually i went to bring my dinner
still u r lazyLOLbut i love u Embarrassed
and running to ur topic!!!
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Posted: 2011-02-04T09:35:08Z
oye still waiting lekhu!!
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