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Hello Friends,
This is my first time in writing an FF and I am not a great writer, but may be a good story teller. In my FF, NOBODY is SUPERHUMAN..They are just normal human beings and the story involves around human egos, minds, feelings and love..
Here are the character sketch so far -

Characters '


Piya Jaiswal ' She is a 18 yr old girl who lost her mother just 2 years ago and is currently studying in high school preparing for her Med and Engineering entrance exams.. She lives with her father. She has an older brother ' Pratik - who is 6 years older to her and is married. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and is extremely intelligent. He works in London and stays with his wife and 1 yr old daughter. Piya is very fond of Pratik and since childhood they have been very close to each other.

Piya was a very bubbly girl who would fill an empty room with her brightness and could make anyone smile. Her laughter was infectious and she was very famous for it.

Piya is completely devastated after her mom's death. Her mom died due to cancer and she was very very close to her mother. Since then she has shut the doors of her heart so tightly, that she hardly even smiles or talk to anyone else. She has made a promise to her dad that she will never cry and they both have agreed to the fact that they will never get sad or discuss anything related to her mom's death. They will always remember her in a good way and will cherish her fond memories'

Dilip Jaiswal ' Piya's dad and is a General Manager in an Electrical appliances company. He is a good man and always loved his wife a lot. He misses her, but never shows it to Piya. His life now revolves around Piya and his only dream is to get her educated and eventually married. He has always stood by her, always guided her in her life and always preached her that 'love is the essence of life' and that life is not  just about choosing right or wrong, but taking full responsibility of it.

Abhay Raichand ' Abhay is a 19 yr old guy who just almost loves football like anything in his life. He is very close to his mom and his mom is his best friend till date. However, he does not like to be called as mama's boy and kind of tries to create that image. He is not sure what profession he would take in his life as his dad who is an ace cardiologist wants him to be a doctor. His only quest remains in keeping his dad and mom happy as he is their only son. He is a little egotistical and is always at loggerheads with his dad due to this. He is currently doing his bachelors and concentrating on football for now.

Kabir Ahluwalia ' Kabir is a 18 yr old very fun loving person and a total prankster at heart. He has a heart of gold and can go to any extent to make anyone smile. He is genuine by heart and has completely planned his life. His parents are divorcing and this has completely shaken his faith on the institution of marriage. His mom wants to do some serious social work and has completely involved herself in that. His dad is busy in expanding his business, but never ignored Kabir. He is great friends with Kabir and tries to reinstate his faith on commitment and relationships.

Misha Dobriyal ' Misha is a complete brat. She is 18 yr old and is a complete genius in Math..She is straightforward and is best friends with Kabir. Kabir's dad and Misha's dad have been friends ever since their engineering days and now are business partners. Misha gets along with Kabir a lot and she is very close to her sister Panchi. Panchi is 22 yr old and is currently helping her dad in his business. Misha is not at all interested in family business and wants to be a Solar Engineer.

Let me know your views..
Chapter 1 - Day in everyone's life -
It was early morning and Piya was getting dressed to attend her classes. It was the first day of her new classes but she wasnt apprehensive about it. Her heart for now was submerged so much in sorrow and pain, that she had no fears at all.
Dilip comes in and wishes her luck and kisses on her forehead (just like Piya's mom did) and asks her to make some new friends. She gives a sighing nod and leaves after kissing her dad goodbye.
Misha in her Dobriyal mansion is looking around for her mom as she is getting late and her mom was supposed to drop her to the classes. Madhu - Misha's mom comes down hurriedly and asks the driver to get the car. Madhu is a very loving and supportive mother and thgh has masters in Psychology - she is currently a homemaker...Misha and Madhu get into the car off to the classes...
Kabir is still snoring and his dad comes and puts the curtains away...Dad - "I guess today is your first day to the classes, Are you planning to attend?" Kabir wakes up and gives a mocking smile to his dad and says - "you wish ,dad"...He rushes to the bathroom and gets ready...His dad has fixed some breakfast..he likes to do such things for Kabir. Kabir grabs a sandwich and is off to the classes...
Classroom - Class 12th - Math 1
Piya enters and sees only few ppl around.She takes the 1st bench and sits there quietly reading her new journals. Slowly, everyone starts filling in and Piya starts getting uncomfortable with so much chaos, noise and so many chit chatter going around...
Enters Misha and is looking for a seat...Just then Piya looks at her and offers a seat near her. Misha takes it and introduces herself to Piya - ' I am Misha..Misha Dobriyal..Thanks for offering the seat..." Piya gives a weak smile to her and introduces herself...
After a while, a young handsome bespectaled person enters and introduces himself as their new professor.. He gives a brief intro of himself - He is Piyush Soni and is a fresh IIT Grad. He is their guest professor for 2 weeks.
Misha is impressed as she herself wants to be an IIT Grad. Before Piyush can begin, enters - Kabir with Angad...Angad is very serious natured but likes Kabir a lot. He has been friends with Kabir for about 5 years now.
Kabir enters with a smile on his lovely handsome face and gives a nice excuse of his car getting broke in the middle of the road. Piyush lets him in, as he is not a typical professor and is somewhat their own age. So he understands and doesnt make a issue out of it...
Misha gives a small wave to Kabir and Kabir playfully winks at her.  Piya all this while is just submerged in her journal..she hasnt even noticed Kabir...
Abhay gets a letter from his college board that he is selected for the state level Football championship and he should attend a camp to get training. For this he will need to get a signed approval from his parents. Abhay is now in a fix as to how would he convince his dad on this...
Abhay's mom - Haseena comes down and offers breakfast to Abhay. Abhay doesnt respond as he is too pensive holding the letter. Haseena wonders what the reason is and asks Abhay about the letter. Abhay fills her in and she assures Abhay that she will convince his dad on this...
Abhay to Haseena - "How will you manage mom? dont I know that hitler?" Haseena rolls her eyes and asks Abhay not to speak like that..She tells him - " Your dad may be the head of the house, but I am the neck..so I can move him to any direction".. Haseena chuckles and Abhay finds this amusing...Ahay - 'How do you manage all this mom? I am sure handling dad is not that easy..." Haseena - "Love has great powers Abhay...I hope you realize this one day....by the way how is Tasha? Haseena asks mischeviously...Abhay doesnt retaliate and just gives a half smile and says ' Mom you know na, Tasha is just a good friend...she understands me and I feel nice to be with her..but thats it...there is nothing more than this..I dont have time and energy for relationship now...right now its only Football.."
Haseena sips some coffee and clears her throat and says " so its only for now right? I can understand Abhi...but tell me, what type of a girl do you wush to have in your life?" Abhay tries to change the topic, but Haseena is persistent...She is her sons's best friend and knows every nerve of him...she indirectly cutely threatens him that she will not sign the approval until he opens his heart to her...
Abhay finally gives in and tells her mom - " Well...if you want to know...then here you go...she should be someone, whose one glance should make me feel the person I am within..." abhay realizes that Haseena is getting intrigued so jokingly adds - " and should be able to handle a hitler father in law and should be way way away from all medical science and related stuff...I cant have more of that in this house now... " Haseena laughs and Abhay grabs his sandwich and kisses haseena good bye and leaves...
Haseena wonders - "I know you do respect the essence of love..and I know how much you try to avoid son, one day you will fall hopelessly in love" ...Haseena smiles as she ends her thght and begins reading the letter again!
Chapter 2 - Beginning of a new relationship -
It was Biology class and Piya was sitting on her 1st bench as usual. Misha comes and is not so thrilled about the class. She doesnt like Biology and kind of hates it when it comes to Botany. She somewhat likes human zoology and thats the only thng she finds a little interesting in her own non math-physics world..
Misha doesnt want to sit right on the front in a boring class. Piya looks up and looks at her and Misha waves at her and passes by and then stops, ponders for some time and finally comes back and sits next to Piya. Misha to Piya - "I simply dont like Botany and its just too too boring...so if I doze off, please wake me up".Piya smiles and the class starts..Misha is finding it hard to keep herself awake and finally dozes off keeping her head over her hands on the bench...It took no time for the professor to see that and he quietly comes and taps with his pen on the bench. Piya nudges Misha to wake up and Misha wakes up hurriedly and is totally out of place...She doesnt know what to say and Piya immediately blurts out to the professor that " Misha is not keeping well..she has severe headache, she did not want to sit thru the lecture but did not want to miss the important chapters we would go thru" Professor seems pleased and asks Misha to leave the class if she doesnt feel like.
Misha just not able to control her laughter makes an excuse and gets off the class.
Professor begins with the 'evolution of life patterns in plants" and Angad is trying hard to concentrate... Kabir softly comments - 'all the plants loook green, why doesnt this Professor leave them the way they are" .. Tarun (Kabir's another good friend) blurts out in laughter and Kabir joins him too... Pia couldnt help notice this and looks up and for the first time, she sees Kabir...Kabir was laughing his hearts out and playing around with the attendance sheet and Pia just looked at him in amusement..His eyes had an amazing sparkle, they seemed so happy...she just kept looking at him, as though she felt happy in her heart..his laughter was infectious and within no time the entire row of students were busy laughing, spanking each other and cracking some jokes...
Pia couldnt hear any of that stuff but she smiled and kept looking at kabir in between....Its the first time that she felt so relieved after her mother's loss..
The chaos caught the professor's attention and he asked Kabir few questions on the current chapter...To everybody's amusement, Kabir did answer few of them correctly...He straightened collar of his shirt and then sat down royally..only to be interrupted again by the professor...The professor asked Kabir to come down to the dias and explain that part of the chapter to everyone....
The whole class burst out in laughter and Kabir was Kabir...Not at all shy, superconfident and intelligent...He started with the chapter and went off cooly with it.... Everybody had a nice time including Pia..
After the class, Misha thanks Piya and Pia fills her with the class details...Misha invites Piya for the valentine day party the next day at her house. Piya is reluctant as she doesnt like to go to parties and explains the same to Misha... Piya and Misha are off to the library to get some notes on the new botany assignment...
Kabir comes to the library and is searching for some books and spots Misha...He taps his fingers on one side of her shoulders - Kabir to Misha - "Hey Madam Math..how are you?? where have you been since last 2 days.." Misha - "Hey Kabir...whats up...I am cool dude...just getting along..nothing much...trying to get thru some botany stuff...how have u been? where are your Tina, Rachna, Richa and etc etc?? How come you are alone today??" Kabir replies - "Well I am not alone, you are there too..." and winks at her..Misha brushes him off saying that she is not his type and will never ever be..Kabir doesnt take all that seriously and just grabs her by her shoulders and together they walk out of the libraray...
Here Abhay has reached his college and is looking for the Principal's room...He goes in there and gives him the signed approval letter from his parents. Principal tells Abhay that he has lot of expectations from him in the football match and he hopes that Abhay will not let them down... Abhay leaves smilingly only to be grabbed by Tasha...Tasha pulls Abhay by his big strong arms and clinches herself to him...Tasha to Abhay - "so where is the training camp honey?" Abhay doesnt react much and curtly replies that its in Pune and that he has to start tomorrow. Tasha wants to accompany Abhay but Abhay refuses saying that he has to only concentrate on his football and he will not be able to spend anytime with her...He tries to avoid her, but Tasha is adamant...Abhay ignores her and walks off...
Abhay doesnt want to attend any of the classes today as he is just too excited for tomorrow.. Tasha reminds Abhay that tomorrow is the Valentine day....and expresses her desire to go on a date with Abhay...
Abhay doesnt want to say another no, so he disheartedly agrees...Tasha has been his good friend ever since and she has been able to take all his mood flashes, tantrums and egoistic nature well...so he kind of liked her for that as he knew he isnt a very easy person to deal with....
14th Feb - Valentines day...
class is full of chit chatter again and everybody seems to be in a very elated mood...Piyush comes in and realises the heat of the situation and greets everyone a very happy valentines day... Misha is superexcited as its her favourite Math class and she discovered some important new formulas based on Newton's Integration and wanted to share and ask few questions on this to Piyush... Pia was sitting there looking into her journals, and just then at last Kabir comes in...this time, Pia doesnt miss the opportunity to look at him from the corner of her eye and is once again happy to see him smiling...
Piyush takes his class and in the end gives them the result of the previous class test...Mish topped as usual..Piya scored well but Kabir failed miserably...He was still smiling...He tucked the test sheet on his back pocket, and went along with Tarun and Angad to the canteen...
Misha to Pia - "Well I have to ask few thngs to Piyush...why dont you go to the canteen..we have a break for 20 mins...I will be back in 10... dont go anywhere Pia as I have to tell you my amazing discovery"
Pia started liking Mish a lot as her world revolved around her discoveries and theories and Mish was totally a clean hearted person...Pia was getting fond of Misha and Misha too was getting fond of Pia...
Pia goes to the canteen and helps herself with an apple... As she is reading some journal, her eyes wander here and there and spot Kabir...Kabir was as usual laughing and talking with his gang and Pia again got engrossed in him...Her heart always felt very relieved and happy looking at Kabir..It was like some other world where her pain, her misery, her sorrow werent there...only fond memories of her mom, her childhood and her infectious laughter...
Misha and Piyush -
Misha is waiting curiously outside Teachers room waiting for Piyush...Piyush sees Misha and comes out and asks her if she needed any help...Misha then shows him her new discoveries and theories and asks Piyush his opinion on it...Piyush is amazed looking at those and after few seconds chuckles and says - "What is this? You have just reveresed the originial integration theorem..Whats the point doing this? Is this some kind of joke?" Misha is truly offended as she did not only reverse it but also applied her own logic and a new thoery to it....She felt if Piyush had some kind of air around him of being an IIT Grad..She takes of her papers from his hand and retorts saying - "This is my work from last 8 weeks..You can apply this to any existing research and this can be helpful...I am 100% sure of this...I thght you were the right person to show this as you could understand us as well as the subject...but I guess I was wrong...You looked at it for just few seconds and you could deciper that its a joke? Never mind...I will work on this on my own...Thnx Piyush" Misha goes off from there angrily....Piyush is just left thinking...
In the Canteen -
pia is involved in her own world just then she hears a screeching sound of a chair being pulled harshly...She comes out of her trance and looks up and its Misha...Misha is upset and superangry and Pia tries to talk to her..."whats up Misha...what happened? What did Piyush say?"Misha gets more angry on hearing Piyush's name and tells Pia - "Please dont take that ass's name infront of me.."she controls her anger and orders a Cold Coffee for herself...Pia thinks to herself that may be its best not to poke Misha on this more...Kabir spots Misha taking coffee from the counter and again taps on her shoulder sideways and comes to the other and jokingly asks her if she got scared from the coffee being more hot than her (misha) as she ordered a cold one...Misha just makes a funny face saying "You bet" Kabir then again winks at Misha and Misha invites Kabir for the valentine day party at her home ...Kabir is thrilled with the idea as valentine day has always been Kabir's day in the college with almost everyone being so fond of Kabir...He agrees for the party and leaves from there...
Pia who has been seeing all this for now, is waiting for Misha to come..Misha comes there and Pia asks Misha hesitatingly if she knew that guy who was troubling her... Misha almost spits the coffee out on this remark and blurts out lauging...Misha - "Wait, what?  Kabir and troubling?? Kabir is the sweetest guy I have ever seen...He is my childhood frnd and we have been good friends ever since...he is over sweet sometimes...may be that way he is trying to hide his pain..." Just then Misha realizes what she just said and stops and changes the topic on Valentine Day...
Pia was smart enuf to gauge the situation and realized that inspite of having his own share of issues and sorrows, Kabir is always smiling, laughing and taking life easy...She did not probe Misha more, as she did not want Misha to be on a spot...but her words just kept ringing in her mind and Pia promised herself to atleast put an effort in being happy each day...
Kabir had done some wonders to Pia..His sheer presence could light up Pia..Doors of Pia's heart were slowly opening and she started feeling life back in her..She started talking more with her dad (Dilip). Dilip was truly surprised looking at his darling daughter change...Pia would pen her thghts each day in her dairy and these days her diary was filled with Kabir and his likeness..!
Chapter 3: Before the V Day party -
Abhay reaches home and finds his dad at the hallway reading a book. He tries to ignore and go away, but his dad Mr Chand Raichand clears his throat loudly and says - "So its in Pune haan! I know u like football and probably would want to make a career in it....thats fine, but do you have any back up plan? What if you fail? what would you do? what are your future plans? u might be good at football, although I am not too sure of it, but I just giving a best guess....but what if you dont get selected? "
Abhay feels a pinching pain in his heart....Chand has always been very negative in his words..Abhay always felt the need to be more open to his dad, but his negativity towards his game and almost all his actions, made him distant from his dad...Abhay doesnt reply anything and moves straight to his room...His angry, frustated and just packs his bags and calls Haseena to inform that he is leaving....Haseena who is out on a social visit to a hospital, wishes Abhay all the best and Abhay leaves...
Abhay is disturbed and is pensively thinking about his dad words while driving to Pune...It is raining heavily outside and Abhay stops at the signal still lost in thoughts. Just then Abhay feels a little strange within, he could feel a gust of wind passing by...He felt weird as he was in his car and it was windy outside, yet he could feel little chilly....He looks upwards and sees a girl who was struggling to keep her umbrella intact against the wind and the rain...She was wearing a nice bandini skirt with cute anklets, her folder was little antic and she was carrying few more bags and was trying to cross the road....She too felt little weird inside as she wanted to stop there for some more time, but she was getting late and had to go...Abhay wanted to see her face, but her face was totally covered by the umbrella....abhay had a strange feeling to come out of the car and help her cross the road, see her, touch her, feel her...he never ever felt that way and soon enuf he could gather his thoughts, the signal went green and the girl was no where to be seen.....Abhay disheartedly starts his car and drives ahead to Pune....
That girl was none other than Piya...
To be Continued...
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do continue pls..i feel it wud b different..
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Very nice! Plz continue n pm me! Hug
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reserved for part 2!
Wow yaar! This part was superb! Hmm...Kabir n Piya angle eh...? Something's fishy!Wink But I'm happy that Piya's finally started to smile! Can't wait for the vday party yaar! That's gonna b great! N can't wait till Abhay n Piya meet!
Overall, excellent part yaar! Continue asap!Clap
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plz cont and cont fast me dying 4 ur ff
it is gr8 ff y u stopped plz cont iam new jxt read today and liked it instantly
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it was simply superb..i was wondering if pia is filling her diary with thoughts of kabir when n how will she meet abhay ?i thought she wud meet him in college..but no..they r soulmates haan?do continue soon..
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hai it was awesome and plz cont soon plz tel tel me wen u update and thanks 4 pm and i have somthing 4 u ( big hugs) thank u so much 4 update thank u
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awesome yaarClap
loved itWink
 update soonSmile
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