ll End Of Bandini Leavers Prom Party ll DO READ

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Posted: 13 years ago

ll ..Leavers Prom Party.. ll


O.M.G.. I use that term quite a lot these days buh anyway back to my brilliant long post. hehehe.. πŸ˜† I am here to host and well celebrate the Leavers Prom Party..
Well Okay lets get on with it.. oooo.. I hear you ask W*H.. What is she going on about..?

Well its the end of Bandini party for all the Bandini friends on the forum.. I am hosting a Prom party cos Bandini is ending and well you know that the admin may archive this forum so we wont get this chance again.. (I am sure the DT will try level best to keep this forum open.. however, any excuse for a party hey??)

Back to the party.. It is here to chat, enjoy and well celebrate any part of the last 2 years in full hosh and josh..!! We want a big jashaan for putting up with some takhela scenes and also some awesome ones..

Everyone will agree that we have made some incredible friends here on the forum soooo... I just think that we should embrace the end of an era and enjoy the fun times!!

There are some rules however as I want NO! arguments..

- This party is OPEN to all friends but please NO gatecrashers who want to bash actors or members!

- Every member must choose slow song (any romantic slow song in any language) and a fast dance beat.. (again in any language)
BUT the songs must be suitable for all audiences/guests.. NO songs rude words!

(Each member can choose upto 10 songs in TOTAL.. so 5 slow/5 fast or.. however but only 10.. and they must be posted in your individual post upon this thread.. DO NOT open new threads as it will become confusing..)

-Each member please post your outfit pics from the web! (NO Personal pics!) So please chose what you will be wearing and post a small picture in YOUR post.. Remember there is an award ceremony of best dressed.. so I need all pics up so we can vote LATER.. (choose whatever you would wear.. dresses, lengha's, salwar kameez's) please pm mee if you are confused what to do.. I will try and PM back asap.. :D


YOU ALL NEED A DATE! 🀣 I need everyone to have Prom Date so ask your friends.. (Radhi Di.. I am PMing you now.. 🀣 & Fuzzy you too.. I need two Dates.. 🀣)

Please in your posts write who your prom date is for best couple awards.. so we can choose..
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Posted: 13 years ago

..Guest List&Dates..

Please ask a friend to be your prom date..
I will edit once everyone has done their threads and all couples have been chosen.

Try and match your outfits to this theme..
see the party venue for ideas..
Prom Queen
Prom Queen 2 (Runner Up)
Prom Princess
Prom Princess 2 (Runner Up)
Prom Best Dressed
Prom Best Couple
Best Chosen Song For Slow Dance
Best Chosen Song For Fast Dance
 Best Arrival (Vehicle in which they arrived in)

You will get chance to vote soon when all threads have been done..
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Posted: 13 years ago

Leavers Prom Quiz..

Must Complete This In Your Individual Posts..!! (In Detail.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†)
    Why you first started watching Bandini?
    Best Memories Of Bandini?
    Worst Memories Of Bandini?
    Scenes You Love Most?
    Scenes You Hated?
    Most Memorable Dialogue By DM?
    Most Memorable Dialogue By Santu?
    Your favourite Character?
    Your worst Character?
    Best Storyline
    Worst Storyline
    Summary Of Your time on Bandini Forum?
 and Finally..Your message to all your friends on Bandini Forum.. 😳


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Posted: 13 years ago

..Party Time..

Venue :D
This Thread.
Time :D
Day for last posts is 1st FEB 2011
Take a sneeky peak at what the party venue looks like..
I feel nostalgic from my own prom some years ago..😭
no rhona dhona now..
only party!!
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Posted: 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago
My Prom Dates.. :
Fuzzy&Radhika.. πŸ˜›
So Couples it is Fuzzy&Sanju AND Radhika&Sanju,, 🀣 Vote us for best couple awards! 🀣 🀣
My Songs:
I will Always Love You = Whitney Houston.. ❀️ (This song is the best song ever made/wrote/and sang.. I do admire Dolly Parton's version but Whitney's voice ALWAYS makes mee cry.. and this song was played by a very dear person too mee at my prom many moons ago.. I miss her loads! My friend Angie who sadly passed away but this was our song and its best memory from my prom.. 😊
This song^^ Always&Forever.. =) Celine Dion- My Heart Will Go On.. ❀️
From 0.15-
This is the Brucas Scene.. 😭
Boston-Augustana.. Any OTH fans?? Brucas Song! It was either this or Blue Skies and I love this one loads... so I chose this one.. =) It was their last song together.. One of the best scenes from the show.. 😭
Bahon Ke Darmiyaan.. Gosh This song is just ultimate!!
And Final Slow Song-
A Whole New World!! The classical Disney Song from Aladdin.. =))
BOTH These Songs!! Mee&my sisters songs from our sister Gagan's wedding!
Aman Hayer Ft Angrez Ali- Nachadi De& Jee Naal Nachega Tu!
Okay!! A song that I totally love still!! Theke Wali by The Ever Gorgeous&Humble Jaz Dhami..
This song was played at my cousin's prom back when I was DJing and all the teens, I mean ALL the kids loved this song!! Daljit- Kuwaariyaan.. !!
Amplifier- Imran Khan! Remix withh DJ Sarj& Joe Mann Gosh I ❀️ This song.. Never ever gets old!
Usher Ft Will.I.Am!! -OMG! =)
Other songs I wanted to add was JLS- The Club Is Alive, Black Eyed Peas- Time Of My LifeRude Boy- Rihanna (Dhol Mix)
Why you first started watching Bandini?- okay.. So here goes my looooong answer! Lol.. Why I started watching Bandini. Well I was a huge ZeeTv fan and apart from that channel never really watched others apart from a few older Imagine programs. I totallyy love Ronit's programmes and I remember the promo being shown.. It was really intersting but Coming Soon so I thought I would watch out for it and some weeks later I was looking for some songs and my dad asked mee to type in old movie Bandini and I did.. I came across a video with the programme and found out that the show I was hoping to catch.. There started the journey.. The following week it started on TV and since we are 2weeks behind I followed the show online.
Now I dont really watch it neither on TV or online buh my whole family absolutely loves it! Even my dad, dadaji.. All of them watch it and make everyone sit down to watch it together!

Best Memories Of Bandini?
- My best memories of Bandini! Lol.. I have many fond memories... :D
The first ever episode! O.M.G.. It was very powerful and the way Dharamraj's character was established, it just made mee swoon. He was a very versatile and strong willed person whom just casted over everyone.
We had a shy sweet girl Santu who was so cute.. I loved little Monghi and even Khemi was bearable back then. I liked the relationship the 3 sisters had for a healthy part of the serial.
I wasn't sure about Aasiya as an actress buh she has improved in the last 2 years. Her peak IMO was when she came back from jail. It may have been her iron lady act that really didnt gel with mee but her acting was simply great and the best I had seen till I would say the whole show.

Shashank-Duggu. One my most favourite ever characters. Glad Bharat left before his character was butchered. For mee Bharat would be the only Shashank.. I just miss him?! Him&Kaddu really became one of favourite couples. And him alone was just wow. The ideal hubby, friend, lover.. Really he was shooo cute.. =)

The children being introduced, I loved each child for each uniqeness the had but Hiten at that time was my favourite by far.
He was broody.. Angry young man <3, and Mrunal is very good looking. There was this spark about him from his first entrance that I knew it would be great.

Megha-Rasik come to Mayavanshi Mansion.. Loved them.. For side characters they really were the best couple& Kaddu was sooo lucky to have them as in-laws.

The Mawdi Track..
The Divorce Track

Enter Kanji! No goodbyes was the worst part! Im not really a Kanjika but Kanji was sooo cool. I would have loooooved to have seen some more Tarunji scenes. Them two were really classical.
Toral! Her entrance& love story with Hiten.. She was the total opposite to him buh they had this awesome friendship! And then love.. =) Again loved Toral and glad Riddhi left but unfortunately her character was killed! But pre-leap Toral&Hiten forever..

SanRaj attempted/failed SR! That was soooo cute.. And the sari fixing scene. Re-marriage, the I want nyay scene, the tulsi painting scene.

Maulik! Gosh I loved him. Hated that they made him a freaking P.I.M.P and then made him so damn evil to kidnap a kid for money! They could have given Shardul a decent ending?! Grrrrr...! LoveAlwaysMaulik. <3

Worst Memories Of Bandini?
-First worst memory is Santu-Moti scene with the strip search! Gosh that was horrid and heartbreaking to see?! Its just bleurgh!

DM evil to Santu- the 2nd class person treatment really was sad!?! Like Fuzzy says he was Hades! Adharamraj at his best!

Hiten&Khemi= eeeeew! I really didnt like them together at all.. If only she had married Shambu! =(

Pinakin! Why did they ruin his friendship with DM! He was the best friend&DM's right hand man..

Ana Track- first downfall for the show!
Arjun&Khemi= all I can say Bacteria spread a bad virus that destroyed the entire show! Argggh! So unfair!
The Leap&Santu goes to Jail!
Santu returns!
Sandeep&Maulik P.I.M.P track?!
Khemi baby killer track!
Nandini cancer track
Sarang/Birwa/Monghi! Urghhhh! Puke Puke!

And finally the most hated the Rudr track!?! That was the last track I watched properly. I loved Sumeet buh Ekta had to ruin Bandini even more beyond redemption and so Rudr was evil and DM lost his respect! I was no longer a DM deewani after that.
And also Maulik death track! Megha Track which is STILL GOING ON! 😑

Scenes You Love Most?Mostly SanRaj upto Rudr track.
-Hiten&Toral scenes. =) (Mrunal&Riddhi Pre-leap)
Kaddu&Shanky- Kuch Kum, Raining outside scene, Tujse Naraaz scene.
Maulik being a total hotty! Phewoar! Lmao! =)
Tarunji scenes. - sooo cute chemisty between them.
Baa-Bapuji banter scenes
Little Monghi scenes with Birwa (Monghi Massi), Moti and with Hiten - They were so cute together.

Scenes You Hated?
-Moti manhandling Santu
All Arjun scenes- the bliking Axe killing bacteria!
Sandeep scenes
Sarangi scenes. Purely hate! I mean Jatin is such a awesome actor why kill that!?! He&Abigail could have been so good but NO! It was just annoying!
Khemi scenes after her marrying Axekiller!
Rudr psycho on Santu all the way to the attempted rape!

Most Memorable Dialogue By DM?
" TOOO MANY!!! =)) You have to remember I was a HUGE Drooler.. =)

Most Memorable Dialogue By Santu?
" Thenkoo Maalik" Or Maalik Chai! 🀣 🀣 "

Your favourite Character?
At one point it was DM but now I have to say Hiten, Shashank or Bapuji.
And I do love Maulik too buh Hiten (pre mooch), Shanky or Bapuji are the best!

Your worst Character?
Arjun&Rudr! By far! Hate them totally..

Best Storyline
Mawdi&Divorce joint. Loved them most

Worst Storyline
Rudr track. Yes I hated the Arjun track and the 16yr leap did ruin it BUT! We still watch it and it was still okay, the story could have been improved and the characters still were quite good but the Rudr track killed many characters altogether like the mains! Santu&DM just lost that magic
Summary Of Your time on Bandini Forum?
I could say many things but all Im gonna say is that It has been a rollercoaster and very fun! One I will remember for decades to come. The memories will stay with mee forever.. =)

 and Finally..Your message to all your friends on Bandini Forum..Okay Guys.. I just wanna say that I love you guys loads.. I joined Bandini Forum at a time when I started anew with life after a very hard time and I moved to a new city to start uni away from my family.. You all became my second family.

I just want to thank you all.. and special thanks To Radhika.. Who I love loads.. thankyou for giving mee advice&being there for mee always and through my darkest days.. =) Love you loads MummyGoose.. ❀️ πŸ€—
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Posted: 13 years ago
Sanju This is awesome!

I am reserving this spot to fill in all the requirements!

I can't believe it is ending, - I will put all my thoughts up soon!
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Posted: 13 years ago
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Posted: 13 years ago

    Why you first started watching Bandini?  only for ronit roy its main reason i watched ds show..

    Best Memories Of Bandini?  i think dt i stole many good moments in begining ,  those are numerous  n complicated to tell one of them .......

    Worst Memories Of Bandini?  going on track( santo  got pregnant at age of 45, i think dt it happens even in real lyfe but she already hv  boy of 25 years old n he also going to be father along wid dm , it irritates me a lot.)

    Scenes You Love Most?  whenever santo n dm were together in one frame .......

    Scenes You Hated? when santo  humiliated dm  without knowing  about what happened  bw d n megha in antwerp....

    Your favourite Character?  only dharamraj......

    Your worst Character?   megha

    Summary Of Your time on Bandini Forum?   i  dint spent time much  here so nothing special to describe about my journey  but one thing  from ds forum i got  3\4 frnds  all are true sanraj fans,
 and Finally..Your message to all your friends on Bandini Forum.. 😳 keep loving ur favs even after ds  show , then  u all would be called as true sanraj fans.....


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Posted: 13 years ago
Awesome Sanju πŸ‘Will post mine later😳