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*idea stolen from Janu*

M     e     a
The story of love in its purest form, a story of devotion and dedication, of melody and harmony' NDTV Imagine brings to life one of the most loved classics - the story of Meerabai, and her journey from being an exuberant little princess to becoming the legendary Krishna devotee who renounced the luxuries of royal life and spent her life in the service of her Lord.
TV Channel: NDTV Imagine
Genre: Mythological
Producer: Moti Sagar (Sagar Pictures)
Director: Amrit Sagar
Actors: Ashika Bhatia, Kunal Bakshi, Gauri Harmit Kaur, Paras Arora, Ravi Jankal, Twara Desai
This thread will be dedicated to a discussion of Meera episode by episode.  I will normally post my thoughts and questions and anyone is welcome to come in and join my watching.  So in a book club but not..more so video club .
I hope everyone enjoys reading and watching upon one of my most favorite serials/mythological story of all time!
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Episode 1:
In the early 16th century, there lived a princess named Meera.  Little Meera is very upset as her friend Lalita is busy playing with her doll, whom she worships as her husband.  Meera forcers her mother to come with her to the market and buy a doll for her.  Meera eyes the idol of Lord Krishna and chooses him as her doll.  Her father arranges for some 'baraatis' to bring the doll home the next morning.  However due to some misunderstandings, the wrong doll arrives at her doorstep.  Will Meera accept this doll?
FIrst episode is first episode..all introductions are done... Ashika enchants you with her acting in the very first frame itself..she is a delight to watch! No time is wasted to introduce Krishnaji to Meera...and thus the story begins. 
I loved the Meera song being played when Meera was playing the seriously sends chills up your spine!
watching this series, it kinds gives off as to Meera being 'ziddi' was she such? I also appreciate her friendship with lalita being her worker not once does meera let lalita feel like it..they are equals..two of the the same kind..only difference will show that lalita worshipped meera and meera to krishnaji
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Posted: 2010-12-22T19:19:51Z
Wow! Great Thread Dear! Thumbs Up Loved to watch Meera, Day Dreaming  though I missed some episodesUnhappy, guess I will catch up those ep.s in this ThreadSmile.  

Yes, the 1st episode was really good! It was successful in creating that interest in the audience to follow the series. I specially loved the Set, the Costumes, Meera's parents- everything from the 1st episode itself!Star

And completely agree with this expression of yours that 'Lalita was devoted to Meera in the same way as Meera was devoted to Shri Krishna!!! So True!!

Eagerly waiting for your comments on the next episodes...
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Posted: 2010-12-22T22:12:01Z

Very very very nice thread, dear! I'm also a great fan of that serial "Meera". That princess was an ocean of pure devotion. I respect her.

And yes, the girl who portrayed littile Meera is excellent. The Bhajans of this serial are so splendid! I'm earnestly waiting for your next post.
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Posted: 2010-12-23T09:35:00Z
Wow, superb thread, Jhanvi!Clap I will try to watch Ep 1 when I find the time and shar my thoughts as well.Big smile
I only watched a few epis of Meera before, and that too the ones featuring Aditi Sajwan as Meera, so I'm looking forward to watching it from the beginning.
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Posted: 2010-12-23T11:36:42Z
Jhanvi, awesome thread! Thank you for sharing this with us. I haven't watched Meera but I will surely make the effort as your descriptions are enticing me to experience it for myself! Big smile  
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Posted: 2010-12-23T14:51:40Z

Hey I was reading today and found this story of Meera Bai's previous janam that I thought was apt to share with you all.

The story of Meera Bai, the great Bhakta of Giridhara Gopala is well known. Right from childhood she used to always do Krishna araadhana. Every jeevi is influenced greatly by his previous janma's karma. Same is the case with the great Meera Bai:

Meera Bai, in her previous janma, was born in Mathura. She was married at an young age to a boy from Nandavrajam. "In the Nandavrajam there is Baala Krishna. It seems none can escape His maaya. All the vanitas forget everything and completely come under His control it seems. They leave their families too. Please be careful my dear" — this is what everybody kept on warning Meera Bai before she left for Nandavrajam .

Finally the moment when she had to leave for Nandavrajam came. She was taken to Nandavrajam in a beautiful pallaqi. On the way to Vrajam there was severe very heavy rain with thunders. The severity increased and there were huge boulders falling. The people carrying the pallaqi left it and ran for their lifes. Not knowing what happened Meera Bai opened the pallaqi window and saw this paramaadbhuta drushyam:

It was the day when Indra showed His anger on the Vraja-vaasis. She saw a small Baalaka balancing the Govardhana giri on His little finger (left hand) and saving the lifes of Gopalas. Meera was awe-struck. The image of Govardhana Giridhaari just got fixed in her mind. In no time a boulder fell on her too and she lost her life. The bhaavam which Meera experienced when she saw Shri Krishna is avyakta-madhuram (If explanied bhaavam will reduce).

All the Meera Bhajans end with Giridhara Gopala (Makutam).

Source: Moral Stories

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Posted: 2010-12-26T20:08:42Z
I was actually gonna open a similar thread only if had watched enough episodes. I've only watched two episodes so far, (so much for my dedication!) Actually,I can't load rajshri videos sometimes =S
anyways, I can still talk about the first episode.

Firstly I loved a specific like that the guruji (?) said, :(referring to krishna) unke ke to utne naam..." about the countless name of shree krishna, recite his name ad infinitum.
The child actress is doing well for her age.
Oh, the music is awesome! the title song, and I've heard the man mohan song as well.

will edit later, but at least wanted to come out of my shell.
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