Two Soul Entwined FF the end

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Two Soul Entwined FF

Anyway this takes place after Abhay Piya find truth about Abhay and demands answers. Abhay promises to tell her everything , If she goes on a hike with him.  
Piya View point.
Today was the was the day I was going to find out everything. He was going to tell me everything. I could not help but smile. Today is the happiest day of my life. There is no word describe what I feel right now. I feel like I have waited for ages for this day to approach. I was going to find out the whole truth Abhay has avoided telling me until this day. I only knew what kind of species he belonged and only that he had loved somebody once. Right now my worries are piling in my head. 

I keep on reminding myself Piya he loves you!!!! He is going to tell you the whole truth. He promised you yesterday. My heart keeps on reminding that Abhay loves me. But my mind keeps on worrying and  several questions are going through my head. What if he has changed his mind? What if he decided to go back to his past love? What if he decided he wants to be friends. What if he decided to move from the city ,and it best for us not see each other anymore. What if he just wanted to be friends and nothing more else? What if decided we have to pretend just to be stranger like he had asked the previous time? What if he wanted to me to meet Maithali? What if she was still alive ? What if they both were coming to see me to announce their engagement? What if she had come back to his life? Was I just a third wheel? Am I just a toy for Abhay? I knew in my heart that was not the Abhay. I knew he was not the player material. Thinking of the name Maithali and him just made me jealous and frustrated. My mind was swirling around and I could not stop pacing around the room. I was so nervous, worried on side and one side I was excited and completely overjoyed. My whole body was feeling 4 emotions at once. My heart was overjoyed on one hand ,and one hand my mind was worrying , nervous and anxious. 

Abhay View Point

I don't know what to wear. I am acting like a teenage girl who can't figured out what to wear. I have changed my outfit forty times. Thankfully, Hassena and Chand are out of town on a business. I keep on pacing from room to room. I can't decide what look Piya would like. She would obviously tell me anything I would wear would make me look dashing. Today was the day ,I was gonna confess  everything. She is the reason my existence. She is my life now. . I can't stop thinking about her. Her innocence, her smile, her courage to love and cherish a monster like me, her temper, her beauty , her name and just thinking of her brings smile to my lips. I have never been happier than I am today. Over 100 years I had been  wandering this Earth as a man of steel with no emotions. Roaming around the Earth hoping one day, I would be able to regain a love I had lost long time ago. When Maithali had died, my entire world had been shattered to pieces and crumbled. From that day, I had vowed never to love any woman or set my eyes on any woman. I had promised myself she would be the only woman I would ever love. But, when Piya came in to the picture and the first day I saw her in the jungle and rescued her when she was falling from the cliff, she stirred emotions in me which I had shield long way ago. What did not  I do on Haseena's command to make her hate, for her benefit and for our clan survival. Now I have realized making her hate me and forcing her stay away for me will only bring her more pain and make her suffer. I can no longer choose to ignore her. I have to fight for her, and for our love. I am not going to repeat the same mistake I had made with Maithali. I am not let her out my sight. From Today on Forth, Piya only belongs to me and only me. She is mine now forever.. I don't how her ex boyfriend Kabir is going to react on us being together. But I hope he won't do anything to separate me and my Piya. I hope he can stay as her friend. I am never going to let my Piya cry from today on. She is only going to smile. Her misery, her loneliness and all her pain are my today on forth. I will take vow today to never make my Piya cry, be always there for her as her shadow and knight and shining armor, and protect her. I will keep her safe from Chand and Hassena no matter what. I can't anticipate to express my feeling for her. 

Piya is restless on what Abhay is going to tell her. She hears the honks from his car and goes outside. She still had gotten ready. She had tried over twenty different look. Abhay said they were going hiking so did not know which short and shoes would be appropriate. Finally, she decided on American eagle shorts , nike tennis shoes and purple top. 

Piya's viewpoint

I heard the honk from Abhay's car. As I walked towards him, my stomach did a back flip and my cheeks all go red from seeing him. Thnak God!!! No Maithili !!! He was alone. Seeing him alone just made me overjoyed. I could not help but smile. 

"Piya"  You look ravishing and beautiful. He said giving a light kiss. 

My cheeks got more redder now and felt like somebody had shocked me with current. I could also feel the spark. All I could see were fireworks. 

"Looks like someday is cheeks are looking like snowwhite" And are you okay. He said teasing me

"I am fine" I said embarrassed. O god! Why did Abhay have to have such effect on me.

"Shall we my lady" He asked me and lifting me bridal style.

"So Abhay" Where are we going hiking? I asked Abhay once we were in the car.

"You'II see" It's a surprise!!! I often go there sometimes. It's my favorite spot

"Please tell me what is it and what it looks like" I asked Abhay pouting and continuously saying please.

"Miss. Piya Jaiswal" That Puppy dog face won't work" Abhay said

"Fine" I am not talking to you then I said
"Love" First, If I tell you about the surprise the whole thing I have planned is going to be ruined. Second, surprise does not remain surprise if you spoil the beans. So please don't ask me any more questions. Please Piya Abhay said 
I decided to have a little bit fun with Abhay

"I told u I am not going to talk to you. So Abhay can u please be quiet" I am listen to anymore of your excuses. Anyway If u want me convince me not to ask questions and talk to you . U have do something more."  I said
" So You are not going to talk to me at all until I do something creative to convince you.  Abhay replied.
" No" I told I am not gonna talk to you until u decide a creative way to convince me to talk to u.

"Ok miss" I know what exactly is going to convince you to talk to me.  he said smirking and pulling in the forest. 
"Show me" I said
Have any idea what Abhay is going to make Piya talk him??
Anyway  tell me guys do u like it. Is it dull? Should I make it more serious. Idk this is my first. I will upload the rest tomorrow. U guys will love the next chapter.

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i am gonna upload more if guys want it. And i swear next chap is awesome bec i spent 3 hrs editing and writing it.
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Posted: 2010-12-20T22:23:36Z
It was a very interesting chp and it was very well written.Do continueSmile
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Posted: 2010-12-20T23:24:09Z
Very well written Clap
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Posted: 2010-12-21T01:16:50Z

hi , it was great plz upload
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Posted: 2010-12-21T01:25:56Z
it was really gr8..! plzz continue n update soon..! plzz PM me if u can
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Posted: 2010-12-21T08:52:57Z
Loved it dear. Continue. Promise me you will update tomorrow.
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Posted: 2010-12-21T09:58:10Z
anyway the confession is gonna be uploaded in 2 hours. anyway the confession is going to make u guys cry. i tried my best . right now i am editing it word doc. so i will have it uploaded in a hour.
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