i hate to love u ff - part 6 updated

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Hey guys' this is my 2nd ff. this is not a vampire story but a romantic one between an orphan girl and a rich boy. If u like it, plzz comment'. I really don't know u will like or not. But this is just an attempt.



"Some says love @ first sight, but they say ''. Fight @ first sight.

  Some says fight is the 1st step of love, they say''' naaaa'."






Abay :  a rich guy new in town. He is rude and arrogant from outside but inside he is really sweet. He only loves his dadi, his cousin brother maan and his bhabi geet. He hates his dad and step-mom to the core. He was born and brought up in Mumbai and was recently moved from there.



Piya : an orphan who lost her parents when she was 5 years. She is very sweet and fun-loving. She is a scholarship student. Kabir and misha are her best friends. She is like a sister to Danish and his fiance, panchi.  Mr. and Mrs. Dobriyal treats her as a family.



Kabir : a playboy who is rich. But never entered into a serious relationship. He loves pia secretly. He always share everything to misha his childhood friend and best friend. He loves his elder brother Danish.


Misha :  youngest of dobriyal family. A tomboy type. Best friend of kabir and piya. She always fight with yuvi. She loves to play prank on tanushree or T.


Yuvraj : ( character played by Raj Singh Arora ) son of a politician. His hobby is to fight with misha and playing guitar. Without these two things his life is empty. Misha is his chlldhood ' enemy'. They sometimes have long night call' for fighting. He calls her wacko and she calls him psyco. (sorry guys'. I love remix' )


Danish : elder brother of kabir. Very gud person. He was in love with his college sweetheart MAYA , who was after his money. But the truth was brought into light by pia, kabir and misha. After that he loves pia like a sister. He is now engaged to Panchi and loves her a lot.


Panchi : elder daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dobriyal. Sister of misha and fiance of Danish. Loves pia like a sister too.



Mr. & Mrs. Dobriyal : parents of misha & panchi. They are very caring and sweet. Loves pia like a daughter.


Mr. Raichand : a business tycoon and dad of abay. Wants abay to become like him. His 1st wife committed suicide because he divorced her. He loves his nephew Maan like his own son.


Mrs. Raichand : step-mother of abay. She will do anything for her benefit. She have no children. She hates abay.


Savtri devi Raichand : mother of Mr. Raichand. She is very sweet and loving person. She loves her pota abay very much. She is living in London with her daughter's son Maan and with his wife geet.


Maan singh khurana : A business tycoon who lives in London. He is 25 years old. He lost his parents in a car-accident. But his nani (savtri devi ) took care of him. He loves his wife but never told her.


Geet maan singh khurana : wife of msk who is 19years old. She is from HP. She is also a student studying management. Her marriage was an arranged one.



Other character ' T or Tanushree, ruchi, & others.

Hey'' if u like this'. Plzzz press like button.. and also plzz give ur comments'''..

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waiting for 1st part
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Posted: 2010-12-16T03:49:20Z
hey continue.. soon waiting for d first part..! plzz PM me
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Posted: 2010-12-16T04:44:43Z
waiting for your update Smile
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hey guys..... this is a short one... i don't  know whether u guys will like it or not....              



   Part ' 1



" i hate u Abay Raichand" murmured piya....

" same to u Piya Jaiswal" a voice from behind...

she turned to see him..... and was shocked Shocked

Piya : wat r u doing here Abay? this is girl's.....

before she complete, he cut- her off

Abay : i know..... i came here to talk about an important matter

Piya : ohh... really (sarcastically) in girl's washroom...

Abay : yes.... its really important...

Piya : is it that important that u forgot u r in girl's....

again he cut her- off.

Abay : shhhhh

abay was looking tensed. he was looking outside as if someone was searching for him & he was hiding from that person.

Piya : abay.... (she shouted).... say it fast & leave... or else I'm leaving..(she was about to leave when he with one jerk pull her close and pinned her to wall ' their lips were almost touching'. He can feel her breath on his face' both were lost in each other. He came closer towards her face' and she closed her eyes'.. but before anything happen the door was opened .


Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww '.. a loud scream brought them back to real world..



Precap : she faints'..

note : i know this is short one.... but i just wanna know whether u like it or not.... so as to continue...

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Posted: 2010-12-16T07:30:43Z
gud start.....!!!!!! continue soon .....! M waiting.....
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Posted: 2010-12-16T08:24:00Z
I loved your update. Waiting for the next one. Please update soon. Next update Should be longer dear...................Clap
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Posted: 2010-12-17T22:04:32Z
Great start...

I never imagine MSK and Geet apart of this fan fiction. Great choice and Yuviraj for Misha.. great.

Continue soon and pm me next part whenever you update.
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