Stress busters?

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Posted: 2010-12-12T20:36:49Z
Hey everyone I am going to share a personal issue with you guys
recently (..or for a while) I have been getting very anxious
I dont' mean to sound like the depression commercial nor do I think I am depressed because although I have these things going on, its not always, its just sometimes (2-3 times a week mainly during nighttime/earlymorning) My couselor says it can be an onset of cabin fever/seasonal depression or just change in thoughts/behavior since my mother passed. 
From what I've asked from my other religious friends they say sometimes meditating helps or listening to bhajans. 
I found listening to bhajans the most relaxing thus far but are there any other things you guys find relaxing or soothing?
ps: don't think im on a suicidal streak here rofl..its just i am super anxious/stressed/sad due to my mom's passing, school, graduation, and just not knowing the next step in life.
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Posted: 2010-12-14T07:02:23Z
hiiii diii, usually when im stressed out I just read a nice happy book, and it helpss.Smile  Or i also listen to bhajans as u said. And diii, do you keep a diary? That helps a lot toooo.
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Posted: 2010-12-14T20:53:24Z
Hi Jhanvi, 

Guess we are interacting for the first time Smile. Read your post, just thought to add my suggestion, if that can be of any help Smile

At first,  it would be better if you could try to analyse the situation from an Objective point of view, I know this is Really Tough Smile, (easier said than done Big smile),  but believe me it is possible. Once you Realise that all these anxiety and stress are the 'Product of your own Thought Process',  then they will not bother you any more Smile.  I. This is a Deliberate and Gradual process (i.e.- to Mould your 'Thinking' ), but after practice, it Really Works Dear. 

And now the Most Important point-  What I have experienced is that the Lord is the ONLY SOURCE of Peace in our life. In any time of anxiety just turn to HIM and talk with Him as you talk with any of your friend, discuss the problem with Him, and then just  force your mind to Leave that stressful topic and try to concentrate on Him, His Love/Care for us.  I personally feel that He is the answer of all questions in our life. Surrendering all our problems to His Feet gives us Complete Freedom from all worries
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Posted: 2010-12-14T21:43:48Z
hey guys,
wonderful suggestions! yes objective thinking is very hard, I think I have my mom's habit of worrying over the edge but sometimes one does need to step away from it.  I have been on such an emotional roller coaster ride for the past six months so my mental state is never at peace.  I felt like this way before when my mom was first diagnosed w/ cancer, I literally had to chant 'jai shri krishna' for myself to calmn down and sleep.  Knowing that darkness doesn't last forever does help...but to have that mental state and then try to talk to yourself rationally is hard.  My moods are always happy one moment and then sad the next, I suppose it will occur for a little bit until I get through with certain things, but spiritually I have found that chanting does help for me along with listening to bhajans...
I do keep a blog about my feelings, I don't share it with anyone so it helps me write my feelings in an honest way without thinking it'll be judged for some reason or the other...
but whenever in stress/anxious mode I always try to think of god and it does help a bit
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Posted: 2010-12-14T22:27:34Z
Aw sorry to hear that Jhanz... but considering everything you've been through it's natural and your strength is really inspiring for all of us so keep it up... and in addition to all the other solutions, jaadu ki jhappi might help HugHugHugHugHug

Other solutions... Bhajans are great, especially really hopeful "this too shall pass" type ones like Tere Phoolon Se Bhi Pyaar, Tere Kaanton Se Bhi Pyaar...

Other than that reading up on the lives of saints like Meera/Ramakrishna/Eknath etc. always helps me, because it's a reminder that people have been through what we're going through and sometimes even worse... but with the strength of their faith they emerged triumphant and made history! This site, for example, has some great write-ups on lesser known/discussed figures:

And then there's the silly over the top comedies that are therapeutic... Andaaz Apna Apna being my top favorite ROFL And the sweet ones, like Hrishikesh Mukherjee types that have no melodrama or serious problems... just innocence and smart comedy. Besides being a pleasant distraction from our issues, they can serve as proof that the world can in fact be chill and drama-free as long as that's how we are ourselves. "Be the change you want to see" sort of idea.

Painting/playing a musical instrument/writing some fiction/poetry/other creative activities are a great way to take that energy/emotion and channel it into something instead of letting it rule over you... thought the blogging-as-a-journal idea would accomplish the same thing. You have to express yourself to the point of letting the anxiety out of your system, but not constantly remind yourself that it's there, which is why turning it into something else via art/literature is IMO a good solution.

And last but not least as Debi di said, a positive attitude!! Those saints' stories will help inspire it, that idea that all sorrows come and go as per God's greater plans but he and his love and grace are permanent. This scene from Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna that I mentioned in Janu's diary thread does a beautiful job of driving that point home:

Hope it helps, feel better soon sweets, and stay strong Hug
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Posted: 2010-12-14T23:15:26Z
Great Points Lola, I personally believe in the sentence- 'This too shall pass' Star . In Old Eng. Lit, we had a text called Deor, which had this refrain after every incident/stanze, just to remind all of us that nothing is permanent! That is the Ultimate Truth! 

@ Jhanvi, You know, Chanting really helps! I have experienced it myself. Each time you just have to go there deliberately, (i e. - you have to be determined to start chanting every time you are feeling stressed). I have been doing it since past 2-3 years and in a few moments it actually clams down the mood. 

Yes Dear! Objective thinking is tough. We are not able to do it always, but at least we can try to follow this approach. And moreover, this Chanting will definitely help you initially, to make the mind a bit calm/composed. Then only the 'Thinking' can play its part Smile

But I would always go with Chanting- you know, it gradually helps to generate the Love for the Lord in us and you start to feel the depth of Divine Love. When you are Sincere in your attempt, He takes care of you. You are in the right track Dear! Only thinking/meditating about Him in any situation can bring relief to us.
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Posted: 2010-12-15T00:39:55Z
Aww Jhanvi. Hope your mind relaxes down soon =)
The only time I get stressed is exams. lol. Otherwise God's been too kind. Or probably I don't let anything, big or small get to me :S But no, honestly, I have noticed, I just get tensed during exams. So, that's another thing.
But from past experiences when I was much younger like from 12-18 and had drifted away from my family cuz of stuff and used to be more of an introvert, in my own world when @ home..there were many problems back then, studies, family, other that time, I remember all I used to do was talk to God. A LOT.
I had a Lord Radha-Krishna painting and Lord Ram and Sita ji, Laxman ji and Hanuman ji's painting above my bed. And a Sai bab photo on my desk. So, I would be in my room usually all day. At that age, we friends didn't used to go out much or rather at all. It was once in awhile. So, it was just me in my room on net or Ekta shows at that time. lol. A young teen with many problems and all I know was that I had God's hand on me at that time too. Only I realise the deepness of our relation now.
So I used to talk to him. Happy or sad or anything. I would just pour out my feelings to him. Weep a bit. And that helped. =) All I knew was that its just my Gods who are with me. And that was all that I needed. It was the best way to get rid of stress or any sadness.
Other than that now, I listen to 2-3 fav. bhajans of mine =) I think that would help. And reading a book. Be it spiritual, religious or otherwise. It should help =)
I think in your case, its a seasonal depression. It happens with me too. Listen to your fav. songs, bhajans, read books. It should help. And yesss, talk to us!!!! ;D
Good Luck, Jhanvi Hug
And Yea, while I came across your post, @ that time I was listening to this so try it =)
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