Will there be a character reversal?

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Posted: 12 years ago

This is my first post, just the last 2 episodes have me thinking about Dutta and Nakku so much, just wanted to get it out of my system. can't believe that they are going ahead with this infidelity track, somehow thought Dutta and Nakku's love was above it,it had this divine feel to it. But guess now we know where this is heading'''.not a very big writer , so please bear with my scribbling'.

 By the end of this infidelity track will we get a total character reversal ?

So far we have seen Nakku, even though raised in a poor and not so ideal family, has always been a confident young lady,  she went thru her life with the dark makeup, without giving a heed to what people thought of her or commented about her looks. She was someone with immense faith on Bappa, she believed that whatever happened in her life was for a reason'.. and that Bappa will always get her thru it. She respected her mom's decision and never questioned her action, assuming everything was for her own good. When she met Dutta, he was the first one who treated her like a human without being prejudiced about her look, and he saved her life and hence she considers him a "Devmanush" , someone she considers cannot do anything wrong. Even though she had really Bad experiences with Morey and Anna, she never lost hope, nor did she give up on life''.she believed in the goodness of people, she always put the happiness of her loved ones before hers. But considered that her good looks are a curse, since everytime someone has seen here in her real form she was in trouble. She trusted and loved Dutta whole heartedly'.. without expecting him to reciprocate it'. But once he also started having the same feeling for her, her love for him reached a whole new level''

On the other hand , we have Dutta, who had a tough childhood. He is a person yearning for love, even though he is surrounded by people claiming to love him, that's the irony of his life. And then came Seema, who ditched him for a rich guy. After which he completely gave up hope on love and toughened himself up and became a Don. Then Nakku and Supriya entered his life,and with Nakku's influence he considered himself to be in love for the second time, to be betrayed yet again by Supriya. He does'nt have a very positive outlook on life anymore, especially since he considered that his friend Nakku betrayed him.  But then finally with some external influence he found his true Love, Nakku. Nakku's love had transformed Dutta completely, he started to be more positive in life and also believed in love. But his prejudice against beauty still stayed, which prevented Nakku from telling him the truth.

 Now post FR ' Both Nakku and Dutta have maintained the same characteristics, Nakku still Believes in Bappa and her Love and that her true love will make Dutta return to her. She still Believes her beauty is a curse since it is causing Dutta to hurt so much. She is still the same selfless person, who puts Dutta's happiness before her own.

Dutta still thinks all beautiful women are betrayers, and he is trying his best to show Nakku and us that he does not feel any love for her , and has gone on a more offensive mode, hurting the people who love him the most (Basha).

Now the Infidelity track ' In this track (which seems inevitable now), Dutta does not even have to confront Nakku, just one suspicious look from him is enough for her to understand and she will be shattered. Once Nakku proves her innocence (am not sure how that will happen, but assuming she does) , Dutta's prejudice about all beautiful women being betrayers will be proven wrong. He will also understand Nakku's true love , and might start believing in love and also understand Nakku's selfless Love.

But will Nakku be the same person ? Her trust in Dutta will be broken, She will still consider that her beauty is a curse. And she might even stop believing in Bappa''..Her basic nature of being good and selfless will not change, but her total outlook and approach about life might change, She might withdraw into a shell''.like how Dutta was in the beginning of LTL. It would be interesting to watch if and how Dutta suceeds in getting her out of it and to trust him and believe his love for her.

Sorry for the wrong post, and please excuse the plain writing'''.am not a big writer'. Smile

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Posted: 12 years ago
Lalitha ClapClapClapClap

You write so well and you saying you r not good.......come'on you are very good......I loved it completely..........

Nakusha's face is curse laid by evil society on her.............Dutta's life is full of betrayals......but whats common " no matter how much dutta stoop low n think her as infidel"......deep within he will never accept she betrayed him..........he will yearn for her presence n love...........when nakusha will get out of patil niwas , dutta will be shattered but he will start thinking..........he is very emotional at the moment.........he will only start thinking logically n rationally when nakusha is far from him.........I still remember jagtap words ''when someone is not with you, then you realize the true worth of that person'.......so far she has been there with him, anchoring him till date......once she goes away........it will be an eye-opener for dutta.........I hope love finds its way...........

Posted: 12 years ago
you are awesome...plz..writing these posts...so well said..

i never thought of it as role revesal..but it sounds so interesting now the way u said it...the track if takes this route...i will like to see it...i am prepared for the heartbreak yaar..but now if it goes like this i know the union will be even sweeter.. hope to see more of your POVs...plz keep posting
Posted: 12 years ago
no pls nakku ko jaisi hai rehne do


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