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Posted: 12 years ago
I wasn't going to write a post for today's episode Confusedas it's been a very busy day in real lifeShocked.  So here's what I remember after watching today's episodeSmile.

Maidam Tanthya will cover Kriya sceneEmbarrassed, a treat for all, which was the only one worth seeing today. What I saw today was some gloom, doom, loom, groom, broom, dhoom,  bloom in different rooms.Geek

In a nutshell, Saxes were talking all gloom and doom. Nainaji really needs acting lessons. When she cries the audience probably want to laugh, it's fake and doesn't evoke sympathy for her plight. It annoys us instead. Her character has suddenly morphed into a different person. She has become more like Arusia.. She told Prats to take "izz Krishna" and get out at the wedding. Today we saw her ask Adarsh if he wanted her to speak the truth to his father. Hello!  Truth always comes out. She is keeping secrets from Shamu, no wonder Prats and Arusia are so messed up, bad role model at homeConfused.


Ganti dadi almost got sedated by Piasiya who gave her the wrong medication. Thanks to Prats who stepped in and gave her the right medication.  Prats tells Piasiya she should have asked her or Arusia before giving Dadi the wrong medicines. which earned Prats a sneer that Arusia seemed to have picked up from her.

Komal demands a few pittance, nothing more than Rs 5000-6000 for fixing her necklace. This from the family on the verge of bankruptcy because of the duy-duyi medical bills for the men in the house.  Adarsh is helpless and hurt to see Komal rambling on about being short changed in her life with the Saxes.
Arusia overhead Prats talking about sleeping pills and she cooked up her plan to get KN sedated to get away from him. There she goes.......boom!  she dropped a pill into a warm glass of milk.
For all her talk reminding Prats she is her jetani, she squirms with disgust when the jate touches her. What next a pinch of poison to make him sick, blame Piasiya or Prats for it,  so she gets away from him and remains chaste. Confused  She is playing a game without realizing how vindictive the Takurain can get if she is crossed or made a fool of. A taste of evil Takurain's prasadi  will set Arusia right. Let's not even talk about how messed up Arusia is. I wouldn't be surprised if she became an insane character like Glenn Close-like from "Fatal Attraction"  for she is heading that way.  Looks like Arusia has picked up a few of Piasiya's habits, copying her sneer expressed by twisting her lips disrespectfully.

Shamu is too proud to tell Komal that they are church mouse poor at this point. Instead he asks Nainaji to loan her necklace to Komal temporarily until they can give her some money to fix her necklace. Didn't Komal have more necklaces? What about the toufa Arushi got during fake pregnancy that Arushi didn't like which she happily accepted. Why the hoopla over such a trivial matter? She is still a spoiled brat throwing insults at the Saxes for their lack of material wealth. Does this mean Nainaji is going to don a dress or suit and leave for work while Shamu lends a  helping hand to Dadi while she prepares the meals?


Arusia was scared when Piasiya  entered the kitchen to report  that KN was waiting for her just after she had added the sleeping pill to the milk. A window opened today for a future "Arusia in trouble" moment.   We saw Piasiya hand over the remaining sleeping pills to Prats adding that  Arusia had it with her.  Prats presumed her sister was taking sleeping pillsShocked. Back at KN's bedroom Arusia blamed Prats  for KN had fell asleep listening to her talk. Is that supposed to be a joke or something? KN has heard Prats's baashan and been riled up but never fell asleep. When Prats reminded Arusia she was her older sister, the twit  had an odd look, was it hurt and regret for a millisecond before the mean daayan's feelings of hatredAngryand jealousy reared it's ugly head again?  Has Prats taken a page out of Krishna's book? Prats has been looking out for Arusia, fighting her hatred with patience and every turn.  An undeserving Arusia is bent on getting meaner by the mistake.


Baba  had made plans for a romantic night with his Babu.  He surprised Prats when she walked into their Lubalub Paradise where he was waiting for her with the lights off.  We heard the background music of Krishna touching Prats while she was asleep (March 24 epi  part 2) and also when he covers her eyes after he hauls her to  the terrace on his budday.  We saw him drop rose petals on her face like he did in the SR Promo  A very romantic moment for Kriya.  We also heard the he he he background that played the first time they locked eyes. A beautiful scene. The best part was Krishna sincerely singing off-keyParty. A TRUE LALLANTOP MOMENT indeed.Clap 


Got to give Krishna "SAAT" applauseClapClapClapClapClapClapClap for creating and rejoicing in some special moments with Prats and treasuring them in spite of the circus that seems to zap them both off most of their energies living in that jungalee Niwas with a new breed of animal that is turning out to be a sly one encroaching on their territory without realizing the dangers that await her. 

Krishna showered handful of rose petals on Prats's face his eyes fixed on her face. Prats enjoyed every moment of Krishna's loving gesture.  A very real romantic moment and it wasn't saccharin sweet either.  No wonder Arusia is jealous of Prats and her good fortune that she married a  man like Krishna who loves her more than his life.

Prats was back in "pareshaan for maike member" mode about Arusia but soon snapped out of it after she realized the lengths Krishna had gone to,  to make it a special night for themEmbarrassed. Like the pause between the notes that make the music come alive, Krishna brings these romantic moments into his marriage to make it worth it amidst all the notanki in their lives.  When was the last time Prats created a magical time for KrishnaShocked? Does she lack the romantic geneShocked?  It doesn't have to be the man who woos his wife all the time, does he? Can't hurt for Prats to plan a few romantic escapades with Krishna for a change. It's about time, don't you think? 

Ok, posterwas, share your thoughts. I'll be back to read on a brand new day!Big smileClapWink

Posted: 12 years ago
Mera, lovely Post with so much "OOM"ph put together beautifully. Even i too waiting for P to make plans for K.... Yes, she was the one who approached him beautifully b4 she even proposed to him, how she feels for him.Remember[ how can anybody forget] their showdown.I think its 7th of sep 2010.

 the color of their costumes was matching with the one they worn whn they first met..... took note... anybody??? yellow n lavender...My God, their first anniversary was really a treat to all of us.TRUE!!!!still in KriyalandWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedWink
Edited by ramanbabitha - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by ramanbabitha

Mera, lovely Post with so much "OOM"ph put together beautifully. Even i too waiting for P to make plans for K.... Yes, she was the one who approached him beautifully b4 she even proposed to him, how she feels for him.Remember[ how can anybody forget] their showdown.I think its 7th of sep 2010.

i think it  was 4th in a maha episodeSmilei just cant forget that confessionEmbarrassedHug
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by salkhan

Originally posted by ramanbabitha

Mera, lovely Post with so much "OOM"ph put together beautifully. Even i too waiting for P to make plans for K.... Yes, she was the one who approached him beautifully b4 she even proposed to him, how she feels for him.Remember[ how can anybody forget] their showdown.I think its 7th of sep 2010.

i think it  was 4th in a maha episodeSmilei just cant forget that confessionEmbarrassedHug

 thanks Salkhan.Iam sorry, i forgot the date...but tht scene still fresh n ringering in my memory.Embarrassed.. anyway r u a fan of Mr.Salman Khan... Iam one... nd Iam proud to be one...Wink
Posted: 12 years ago
But Mera... i differ with u in possessing romantic gene in P.... Actually she is too cute at times... n she does have tht in her...but doesn't  initiate...why bcos, there is no need to...she has to show a cute gestute nd our krishna ji will do the rest.Bas!!!!. Yest he was very cute whn she was smiling...n the way she was holding the mike for him... she throughly enjoyed the moment.
Even I go with Sathya, the more then Prats Pooja enjoyed AB...n acc to me he too.Iam sorry we r suppossed to talk only abt Kriya here...but couldn't control.Heart
Posted: 12 years ago
Lucky us that you changed your mind about writing this post. Lucky K that P changed her mind!Big smile
I have got a confession to make here. I am not one of those pple who are very comfortable with the emotion of hatred but there is something about AH aka Arushi that brings about the be(a)st in me. Oh, how I hate that pout, that frown, horrible acting skills, that pugnacious I hate her!!!Angry
Sigh!!Feeling much better after venting.P's lack of outrage against whatever A did is tad too difficult to digest. Maybe I am being cynical but I think P's encouraging Kesar to file a police complaint would be motivated more by the desire to save A rather than helping Kesar to get justice.Confused
The romantic scene was.. . very romantic. What else I can say.Smile
Finally, who do you think did it? Who broke Komal's necklace?Embarrassed
Parvati shd move out of this now. She is too talented an actor to play such a capricious, moronic and insignificant character.
Edited by shy1111 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

Thank you Mera!!!

Pratz, is learning slowly how to multi-task. Nice to see she quickly switched into krishna, even though she was thinking of teen twit and maika problem. I kind of feel sorry for Pratz, she is the only sensible one from the saxenas clan. the rest are just too full of themself.
Shakti, Aarussiaaaaaaaa, teen twit, bite off more than she can chew. jealousy, turned this girl into a green eyed monster, I don't think she even recognize herself. she clearly heading to the aslyum. will the saxenas, ever be able to handle this girl future, it dosen't look good...a major heart attack, is lurking in shamu, future.
Posted: 12 years ago
nice post..i just read kriya i can't tolrate d whole nautanki....d new vamp in d show...arrushia.................Dead
 okk coming to krishna and pratigya moment............krishna was soo vry caring and was not like that he wanted to share some romantic moments with her.but he also wanted that pratigya shd also enjoys some good time with him,after lots of nauanki goin in the household.spe bz of arrushi.krishna is vry agrressive at times but he also cares for her a lot..........i think pratigya is doin over for arrushi..i agree being her elder sis she is wrroied about her furture but this furture was chosen by herself......she mae d folish step of marrying shakti to take revenge from her own sis.........pratigya shd give more importance to her marital life rather than remain wrried about her silly sis who will go lots of troubles for not trusting her sis..........

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