Arjun-arohi Double meanings

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Posted: 12 years ago

One of the key points of the last episode was how in anger both were saying out loud what they were thinking

They really wanted to express the care they had for one another

But due to their huge ego's

And not being the first one to make the first step

They were using sarcasm to it's best benefit

Arjun very calmly asks Arohi if she's going to marry chiku

But also pretends that he doesn't care

Arohi wants to spend more time with Arjun therefore wants him to drop all the way home

But uses the excuse for his duty as a police officer

Arjun doesn't want to let go of Arohi so quickly

But to hide his true feelings he pretends he can't wait to get rid of her

Arohi wants to make sure that even after she's gone away from he still looks after himself...goes to the doctor for his wounds

She says all this but also adds that she won't be the typical girl and tell him to do all that

It was adorable watching them argue- not only with eachother

But with their feelings as well

Even though they have just departed

I can't wait for them to meet againBig smile

Posted: 12 years ago
yep-that did not go unnoticed-it just reinforced the fact that arjun and arohi can be so cute even when they argue
Posted: 12 years ago
Kahenge kaise, itna bada ego jo le k rakha hai na aise thode na sun sakte hain ek doosre ki.

I don't know what they guys want?
Posted: 12 years ago
Ego has been the crux of any love story... Any ways i did know that they will not confess yet. Arohi knows that arjun doesnot believe in love but she has seen him care and also die for her , but he just washed it away saying its his duty that he had to bear everything, so she was eager to know what his feelings are.
Now comming to Arjun, he knows how ever close they got he cant deny the fact he was her kidnapper and what his back ground is so he did not want to mess it up even more.
Both care for each other but cant cross the limit with out knowing intentions of the other that is the reason for all that talk out loud questions.
Want to see what is going to happen further.
Posted: 12 years ago
I liked the bit when arohi says that she doesn't like arjun...out of nowhere
that just reinforces the idea of loving arjun

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