8/12/10- WU - Chanchal succeeding

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Posted: 12 years ago
okay guys,
I am sorry, Sabii couldn't do the update last night as she is really unwell and i just checked her pm. So I am doing the update for this week..
since many of u guys have seen the episode, I'll just post the main highlights for last nights' episode and i'll be updating on behalf of sabii tonight aswell and she'll replace it by doing it for me next week Big smile
- Divya gets Vandana ready by making an excuse of going out somewhere for dinner!
-Vandana is absolutely touched to know that divya has organised a surprise birthday party for her.
- Viren flirting around with an aunty ji ROFL (A MUST WATCH)
- Nivi brings in the helpers, for the pooja - everyone surprised to see a party happening on one side, while on the other they have brought people for the bhajan kirtan.
- Vandana cuts the cake, divya gifts her the red saree. Vandana truly hurt, while the ladies begin to taunt vandan and divya. Upset vandana leave the partyOuch
- Nivi, apologises to vandana on divya's behalf and lies to her that divya had prepared a special gift for her. Nivi shows her the room that nivi had decorated. Divya too is happy to see vandana finally smiling. EmbarrassedNivi gets curious when she finds vandana's door room is open, when she had locked it.
- Divya tells vandana that she didn't decorate the room, it was nivi all along!
- the pooja finally takes place and vandana is once again happy.
- Chanchal poisons divya's mind against nivi, that she has won against her and that sid too is appreciating it. Divya feels jealous.Angry
- Viren is sitting in his room playing the flute, just when nivi walks in and start enquiring him if he had opened that door. viren tells her that it wasn't him and asks why she is so tensed. Nivi explains him the whole scenario. viren tries to explain that it maybe her but she may have forgotten to lock the door or something. Nivi gets a headache from over thinking. Viren tries to give her a massage, Embarrassednivi backs away saying she's fine. viren gets a little upsetOuch
- Hemlata poisons divya's min against nivi and about how nivi ended up doing everything for vandana, while she was brought down. Divya is thinking
Precap: Nivi puts ginger in sid's tea. Divya tells her that sid's taste has changed! Vandana over hears this and isnt' happy.
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Posted: 12 years ago
i hate chancal i hate her nd now divya too poor viren he is so sweet navi should b nice she is lucky she is getting a massage from viren
Posted: 12 years ago
Viren is upset because Nivedita is upset and I guess he would now seriously try to find about what is happening around Nivedita or he sensed that she backed off because she was getting affected by his touch BlushingHeart and said 'as you wish'. Poor thing... he looked so hurtUnhappy.
Posted: 12 years ago
sanju thanksa 4 the update
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the update!!Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the update Girl Hug
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thankz Bhangra

Now u r sabi lifesaverLOL

Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks so much SanjanaHug

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