SaJan Love Mansion 200*celebrating love of Monaya*

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Posted: 12 years ago
W E L C O M E  T O


SaJan = Samrat + Gunjan
MoNaya = Mohit + Sanaya

This is an appreciation thread dedicated to our beloved pair SaJan/MoNaya from the show Miley Jab Hum Tum.

||Samrat-Gunjan {SaJan} Scenes Gallery||

:: R U L E S ::

-No actor/character bashing allowed in-here. If you Dislike Sajan/Monaya or the actors don't let your frustration out-here.

-No COMPARISONS allowed. Everyone has his/her own choice,and it would be really cruel to hurt their feelings or emotions. So avoid talking about other characters or couple in mansion.

- Don't talk about what happens on forum or in other fan thread.

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He was born and brought up in Delhi. He says, "I always wanted to do something big in life and my attraction to fame and glamour world was always there. I also felt that as an actor one can live through different characters and understand their nuances. So I have always dreamt of being an actor and I wouldn't say that it happened by chance, but would say that I have been working hard towards my dream."

Mohit has also worked in:

-First break in film: Delhi Heights with Jimmy Shergil and Neha Dhupia. He played the character called Vicky.

-He did a commercial AD for Dr. Batra (ON AIR).
-Corporate AD 4 Maruti - Zen Estilo.
-Print AD for Gatsby Hair Gel, Reliance P.C.O , Virgin Mobile and few magazines.
-He has done full time professional acting course from Barry John.
Born and brought up in Mumbai, Sanaya entered the glamour world with Ads and modeling. After her stint with modeling she decided to try something new and entered the world of acting. She hasn't taken any acting course but is a natural performer. She got her first break with Left Right Left show and was also a part of show Radha Ki Betiyan.... She also did a cameo in film Fanaa. She likes - Eating, shopping, loves animals.She dislikes - Cockroaches and liars!!

:: Samrat played by Mohit Sehgal::
Our hero of the college. Cool Dude.Fun loving. He is famous because he is good looking as well as he is the top sportsman in the college. He likes to play pranks but he doesn't mean to hurt anybody. Little overconfident Basket ball star who has won many trophies for his college. Girls drool over him.Samrat's character is one of "MASTI" and not of a "kameena". So very clearly he prides everything he does. he jokes and takes light hearted pot shots but can never be projected as mean. Though he hangs out with Diya but his relationship with Diya isn't a committed one. He likes hanging around with Diya, as she is gorgeous but it is from Diya's perspective a relationship that is meant to happen.

:: Gunjan played by Sanaya Irani ::
 Gunjan is like a still lake. She has a calming effect because of her contemplative nature. Even though the elder Nupur thinks that bachchi, as she calls her fondly, thinks too much. Even if she has to decide which way to take for her new college, she would go through all the pros and cons much to the irritation of the elder one.She has her own sweet charm. She is shy and reclusive. A studious girl who always came home from school and did her homework before she ate her food. Likes to live a simple non-complicated life. Gunjan was very close to her mother. She oftens misses her and talks to her picture. She doesn't share her feelings about mother with her father or elder sister. Though being a simple and calm character she ends up being with the hottest boy in the college - Samrat
:: Together they create SaJan Madness ::

Sajan are one of the perfect examples of "Opposites Attract"!...Gunjan is simple and shy,whereas Samrat is a stud....together they have created an enchanting love story that has mesmerized us all!!

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Heart Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy taleHeart
Their Story So Far  ..... 
We all have grown up listening to fairy tales, where the beautiful princess and the prince charming meet, fall in love'. they spend time together, sing, dance, dream'. and in the end, marry and live happily ever after. Whenever we think about a couple, madly in love'the first name that comes to our mind is of Romeo and Juliet. Then whether it is them, or the stories of Heer Ranjha..Laila, Majnu'or, if I may add'Raj, Simran'each of them revolves around one common thing'and that is, the love of two people, which meant life to them'it was their whole world. I won't be wrong in saying that they lived to love each other.
Today, I'll narrate to you another story of love that stands on the strong foundation of friendship of two amazing people. We already know and love this story, but my reason of writing it again is to revisit the most beautiful journey, that has connected us all'that is the reason of us being here'.and that defines the beautiful relationship of friendship and love. 
It's a story of two people, who never knew that one day, they will stand in front to each other and will share the most beautiful bond of their lives. These two people were poles apart'.they had nothing in common'but destiny had decided to make them cross each other's path. Maybe, it had something in store for them. Was this crossing of path, just a coincidence'or fate had a purpose behind this??!! Let's find this out in this story. 
In the densely populated city of Mumbai, arrived a young, beautiful, shy, introvert girl, Gunjan. accompanied by her elder sister. They came from a very small town, Morena, leaving their father, friends, and every childhood memory behind. It was the biggest decision and resultant change of their lives. With dreams of making big in life and of achieving her aims, she entered this City, with hopes in her eyes and with zest to live her dreams.
Gunjan was a timid and shy girl, who was not at all comfortable amongst people, and thus, she had built a shell around herself, in which she felt protected and secure. A shell where she could hide from the glances of people, from the rush surrounding her. This shell was her world and she was happy living in it. 
When she entered Excel, it was a different world altogether. Butterflies in her stomach were jumping, as she saw everyone staring at her, as if, she was from some other planet. No one was welcoming towards her. Although, many eyes were on her, but none of them had any warmth. Her simple attire, her gait, nervousness, her shyness'everything made her look like a stranger there'.or, maybe, everyone there was a stranger to her. Was it a crime to be simple'was it so wrong to wear specs, was it an offense to be studious??!! Her heart and mind had loads of unanswered questions. So, the best place to evade them was her shell. Hence, she knew, in this world of strangers, in this rush of people, her only refuge was her shell'and she knew her path straight. She was there to study, and this is what she had to focus on.  
Amongst this rush of people, two eyes caught her from behind his huge specs. He was different from the rest'.kind of weird'but he was the only one who extended a hand of friendship towards her. He was Bhavesh Kumar, who was totally a misfit there'his dressing, his walk, his talk'.was he really a part of them??!!! Whatever it was, she thought of him as a nice, simple and sweet guy, who like her, was a misfit in this place. She thought, she could relate to him, but she was wrong. Bhavesh never existed, but was created for her. She was too innocent to understand that it was all a prank played on her by the hottest dude of the college. 
Yes, Samrat was the dude of the college. A rich, smart, handsome guy, who was every girl's dream boy. The star basket ball player, whose every move at the ground, his dribbling the ball while running towards the pole, and then doing a basket, left every girl drooling on him. He lived life on his terms'.living every moment, the way he wanted to. He was the most sincere friend, in fact, his whole life revolved around his friends. They meant world to him, because apart from them, his world was empty. Though he was the star of the college, the leader of every prank, every plan'yet, within his heart, he was lonely. Everyone was charmed by his persona, money, status, but  no one ever peeped in his heart.  
Aren't they poles apart from each other??!! Right from their approach towards life, to their status in the society, to their attitude, their behavior'everything was completely opposite to each other. Then why was it that whenever their eyes met, their gaze took time to move away??!! Why was it that whenever they came close, even though, in the most adverse situations, their heart beats became abnormal??!! Despite the bet, why did he jump in the pool, the moment she fell in it??!! And when he brought her out of the pool, why was it difficult for her to move her gaze??!!! Maybe because, in each other's eyes, they could see the real Samrat and Gunjan, which no one else ever saw. Maybe it was the start of a new phase of their lives'.a phase which changed their life'.a phase that started with adversaries, but had its destination elsewhere'.and the first step towards it was the most beautiful bond of friendship.
We have heard this many a times that opposites attract. Samrat and Gunjan were as different from each other as black and white. Still, they could feel some connection between them. There was an unknown attraction, warmth and belongingness in their eyes.  
He heard her sing and her sweet and melodious voice melted in his ears.  How can such a beautiful voice and such great talent go waste??!!! Though he made a bet with his gang that he will make her sing at any cost, but the uderlying notion was to make Gunjan believe that she possesses a quality, a voice, that needs to be heard by everyone. This was the first time, someone praised her and stood by her side to make her face the world. The wings that she had kept safely within her shell, he was adamant that she had to take them out and take her first flight, with the assurance that he will always be by her side.
The Talent Parade was approaching and she followed her words like a good student, totally unaware of the bet.  Whenever she was nervous, he was there to comfort her. Whenever anyone made fun of her, he was there to respond on her behalf. It was a bet for him'.but was it really just a bet???!!! Maybe, he himself did not have the answer to this. Days passed and the one-time strangers were now on very good terms. The day of the Talent Parade came, and after a whole lot of problems, Gunjan made her Guru Samrat proud. She sang'.she sang for HIM'because, she could not let his efforts go waste. The shy girl, who could not look in people's eyes, faced the audience, as he stood by her side. She won'they won. It was a very special moment of her life. The hall was resounding with claps for her'it was her first attempt to come out of her shell....and what a great result she got.  
As time passed by, their friendship grew. The coolest dude and the sweet, simple girl'who no one could ever believe would spend even a minute together, were the most comfortable in each other's company. For Samrat, she was his only friend, with whom he could be himself, and not THE Samrat. He always had friends in his life, but Gunjan gave him friendship. The more he got to know her, the more he was in awe of her. Her beautiful eyes, her innocent smile, her caring nature, her pure and sincere heart, her sensibility, her simplicity'she was undoubtedly, one in a million. And Samrat knew that there could be no one like her. He knew that she would never bear the bitter truth of the bet'.he wanted to tell her'.but was scared of her reaction. He did not want to break her heart.
Her wearing specs was used by some people to make fun of her, but for Samrat her specs became her identity. From Gunjan, she became "Chashmish"'his Chashmish.
At times, Samrat and troubles were synonyms. It was difficult to figure out whether he loved falling for troubles, or they got attracted towards him.  
Samrat was warned by the Principal that he had to clear the upcoming exam, if he wants to stay at Excel. Studies and Samrat'.if the earlier were synonyms'.this one was a complete antonym, How can Samrat study'what will happen to his image if anyone sees him with books??!!! No, he could not do it'.but he had to do it. How, when, where'.were the most difficult questions for him, but he never knew the answer would be so simple. Gunjan heard his convo with the Princi'and there she was'.his best friend'.to help him in every way. This time, Gunjan took his hand in her's and made the difficult task, a simple sail through for him. Everyday, he got his notes from her, she was there to solve any query of his'and the best part was'his cool dude image in front of the college was never questioned. Sitting at his home, they studied'RG's used to be the second home. These exam preps gave them a chance to spend more time together. Their friendship was growing leaps and bounds. Samrat was amazed by the beauty of Gunjan's heart. Looking at her, he used to wonder, how can this girl be so honest, sincere and dedicated??!!! For Gunjan, it was a challenge, not with anyone else, but with her own self that she will make Samrat pass in the exams'.because, she could not see her best friend fail. Time used to fly in their studies sessions. Gunjan's whole concentration used to be in the books, lectures and notes'.whereas, Samrat had to come up with his naughty self time n again, and got a stare from Gunjan, that made him go back to the exam preps.  
Soon after the exams started, Gunjan came to know of Samrat's bet. She was shattered. "He used me for a bet'..he helped me, because he had to win this bet'that friendship was for a reason?" The girl was in a state of shock. She had just found her friend in this alien place'.but friend'.was he really a friend? She was back in her shell, her own world. It wasn't peaceful there too. Still, she could hide herself from the world. He saw her upset and knew that something big has happened. "Is it coz of me'.have I done something wrong?" He was hell confused and worried for her. Despite getting such a big shock, Gunjan didn't withdraw from helping Samrat. She knew how important passing the exams was for him and trying to compose herself, for others, she helped him in every way. From within, she was totally shaken.  
The day exams ended, she told Samrat about the bet. What he feared had actually happened. He had nothing to say in his defense. But he was cursing and blaming himself. The friends went in opposite directions, with a heavy heart.  
Samrat knew he could not let this happen. He had to get his friend back in his life. It was his mission now, and Samrat had to accomplish it.
What could be a better time than the New Year party at his house??!! His eyes were following her throughout, as if asking for one chance to let him clear his stance. But Gunjan was extremely hurt and she could not let this happen to her again. He sang to her, "chodo jaaney bhi do na why..", but was it this simple'could she forgive him so easily'.what's the guarantee that this will not happen again??!! She left the place. He followed her and they were both finally alone, in a crowded house, where they talked. With tears in her eyes, she asked him whether he is always like this'whether any feelings, any emotions even matter to him??!! Her stance was clear. She left his house, and he was standing with tears in his eyes and regret and curse surrounding his heart. "Am I really such a bad friend?", he was trying to figure out.
But, he was the cool dude for no ordinary reason. He had to win this battle too. He had hurt her, and he would heal her wounds. He will not let her go away from him. The mission was much clearer this time and was started with full zeal. Luckily, things worked for him. Gunjan had to represent Excel in some events and he knew that she would be very nervous. "What if, she is not talking to me? I cannot let her be nervous and alone"'.he resolved, as he knew he had to be with her, his best friend had to be with her'and help her in every way to win these events also.  
For this reason, from the best friend, he became her secret friend. He was like a shadow for her, cheering her up, whenever she was low. Somewhere in her heart, she knew that it was him. She knew that it can't be anyone else because, whatever the secret friend was doing was totally Samrat-ish. The secret friend gave Gunjan, a lucky charm'. a beautiful bracelet '..that would always make her feel her friend's presence and support.
Days passed by and so did the day to day college routine. Life wasn't the same for both, Samrat and Gunjan. She was trying her best to increase the distance, and he was adamant on getting his best friend back'.nothing more, nothing less!!!  
Like other ladies, lady luck again shone for him. Valentine's ball was coming up and Pinci told Gunjan that she had to dance in it. "Dance and ME'..Not Possible'No way'how can I dance'I've never danced.." Again she was at a crossroad. Call it fate, or whatever, Princi gave Samrat the task of making Gunjan learn dance. He was over the moon and rightly so. Dance practices began. Swinging in his arms, when their eyes met, the heart beats raced'.time seemed to freeze in those moments'.everything else seized to exist. There was a distance, yet, there was closeness'there was awkwardness, yet there was comfort. They were silent, but the silence spoke.
The Valentine's night came. Gunjan went there with the sole reason of meeting her secret friend, because he has promised to come in front of her in the ball. Dressed in white, Gunjan entered the College'and he was stunned. White seemed to be her color. It reflected her purity, her angelic beauty even more. Looking for her secret friend, her eyes were uncontrollably falling on him. In his maroon velvet coat, he was looking ultra dashing and was the centre of attraction of every girl present in the room. But his eyes were tracing her'the most beautiful girl in the entire crowd. The evening was going on in full swing. Samrat and Gunjan became partners in the games and they won every round'.right from the "knowing your partner" one (like a partner's compatibility game), to the one in which they ate maximum numbers of green chilies.   
The evening was approaching its end'only the dance was left, followed by the announcement of the "prince and princess of the evening". Gunjan's curiosity about her secret friend was at it's peak. Till now everything was going fine, but the falling of bracelet from Purab's (Samrat's friend) hand, turned the tables. Gunjan thought that Purab was her secret friend, who has done so much for her and who supported her throughout the College events. Thankfully, Purab told her the truth that whatever he did was because of Samrat. He was just the face, who was executing Samrat's plans. "It was Samrat?....I knew it would be him'No one else knows me more than him'he has done so much for me and what did I do?" Gunjan was walking on the guilt path now, but she had to rectify her mistake. Her heart was telling her all along that the secret friend could be no one else but Samrat'.yet her mind was not accepting it. But now, she could not delay getting, not her secret friend, but her real, best and most special friend back.
Samrat was extremely sad on the fall out of his plan. "Why does it happen with me?", he was thinking, rather questioning, looking at the sky. "Samrat", he heard his name, and it seemed as if his prayers had been answered. She was standing there with a smile on her face. Yes!!! She was back'his best friend was back. He couldn't have asked for anything else'.she couldn't have asked for anything else. Life instantly became complete, their hearts and minds were relieved as if someone had taken off the burden of some heavy blocks from there. The evening became beautiful and the journey of their friendship re-started with them dancing to "Khuda Jaaney, mein fida hun.."'yes, Khuda hi jaaney, what this friendship will gradually lead to. 
With smiles on their faces and shine in their eyes, they danced, leaving every sad thought behind, and marking the beginning of a friendship that was not because of any bet, or reason. Surprises for them didn't end here. As they were crowned the "prince and princess of the evening", they seemed like some real prince and princess. A perfect end to a perfect valentine ball. But was it the end??!! No, it wasn't !!! 
The friends had just gotten back together and this called for celebration. Samrat took Gunjan to this chai stall (tea stall), where he used to go when he needed to spend time with himself, away from his cool dude image, away from the eyes of everyone, away from the crowd. This place was so peaceful, so calm, so beautiful'.a perfect place for the friend's reunion. Samrat and Gunjan had a lot to say, to share, to tell. Gunjan started to apologize'but there wasn't any room of an apology between them. "Tum kitni Januable ho, Chashmish", he told her looking at her face lovingly. "Januable, woh kya hota hai?", she asked unable to figure out as she had heard the word for the first time. "Januable matlab, sab se pyaara", and his voice conveyed that she indeed was the most beautiful, the most januable girl. The night was passing and the friends were riding on the roads, having a time of their life. He dropped her back home and thanked God for giving him his friend back.

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After this night, life took a change for her. She wasn't the same girl now. Her heart was beating in a way it never did before. Every color of life was looking more beautiful to her'even though it was the same old color. Being on his side, gave her a feeling of completeness, of companionship. She was floating in the sea of emotions. A sweet battle was going on in her heart and mind'.when one day, her heart won this battle and she realized that she was in love. Yes!!! She loved him'she loved Samrat. He wasn't just a friend for her now'he was much more than a friend. He meant life to her'he meant world to her. She was relieved of all the confusion and she knew, that "dil ne jo chaha, toh hua yeh'.saari hadon ke paar hai, kuch aur nahin yeh PYAR hai".


Love is beautiful, and for Gunjan it meant her life. Whenever he was close to her, her heart and mind refused to think of anything else. She was loving this feeling of love. At every step, he made her feel special. He cared for her like no one had ever done before. He had a solution to each of her problems. There was always a question surrounding her heart and mind that Samrat is the handsome hunk of the college, and she is a very ordinary and simple girl'.so, is she worthy of Samrat? Samrat can get any girl he wants, he can get the best girl'so, why will he fall for her'will he ever love her? Still, as they say, no one has any control on emotions and love'and neither did Gunjan have it. He was with her and this is what all she wanted. No conditions, expectations in return, because love deosn't come with any condition. It is above all conditionalities.


Love is not only beautiful, but it can be very painful too. And a small scratch in love hurts much more than an otherwise big wound. Maybe, because the scratch is not just superficial. it goes straight to the heart and this is where the real pain then resides. Same happened with Gunjan. Just as she was feeling the sheer happiness of love, Sheena came in their lives. The modern babe soon made her way to being Samrat's friend, and Gunjan saw them getting close to each other. It was painful for her'very painful'but she never complained. Everyday she greeted him with a smile, and never let the tears of her heart come to her eyes. When she was alone, tears were her companions. More than her own pain, and more than anything else, Gunjan was happy for Samrat. She knew that he and Sheena made a good couple and were a great match. She considered herself no where near them. She knew Sheena wouldn't like their friendship, so, she starting distancing herself from Samrat. He could sense some change in Gunjan's behavior. He knew that something was bothering her and he always ensured to make her feel happy.  


The rehearsals for the College Annual Play were at their peak. Gunjan was the incharge of the music'.and Samrat, Sheena were playing one of the lead couple's. It was a very tough time for Gunjan. Seeing Samrat and Sheena so close to each other, made her feel as if everything was slipping out of her hand. Enacting a scene of the play to show Sheena the feel of the scene, Gunjan confessed her love'.but it wasn't as Gunjan'the words were of the character she was enacting, but the emotions'the feel was of her own self, her own heart. She was relieved and was talking to herself, when Sheena maybe heard her. Sheena, who already had doubts, was now very much sure that Gunjan loved Samrat.


Samrat and Sheena were getting closer n closer. Samrat told Gunjan that he likes Sheena and he wants to take their relationship forward. Poor Gunjan!!! She was already broken'and with this jolt, her heart was shattered into tiny winy pieces. Sheena indicated Gunjan that she doesn't approve of the strong friendship between Samrat and her, and this further worsened the situation for Gunjan. The only thing that kept her up was that Samrat was happy with Sheena, and she was happy for him. Her own life'..was it even a life now??!!! When Samrat was with her, she used to feel his presence, his closeness. This feeling was her gift'a gift of love by him. Samrat made her feel special at every step. He was still her best friend'not only friend, he told her that "we are soulmates". And yes, they were soulmates'they completed each other'they were the two halves of one whole. Though these halves were apparently separate, but their souls were one.


Sheena, initially, posed to be a sweet girl...but gradually she started showing her true colors. On their date at her house, Sheena told Samrat, that if he wants to take their relationship ahead, he has to break all ties with Gunjan. "Has she gone crazy?...this can never happen'.I will never let this happen'I can leave anyone and everyone, but I can never ever leave Gunjan". Samrat bluntly refused and walked off. Sheena had asked him for a thing, he can never even imagine in his wildest dreams. Gunjan and him shared a bond, which no one can understand'but what bond'.what bond was this?? At this time, Samrat had no answer.


He was heart broken too. Gunjan was trying to make things normal for her, for him, for them (Samrat and Sheena), but Samrat was too affected to think of anything else. He wasn't able to look into Gunjan's eyes'as the warmth of her eyes, gave him an unbearable pain, thinking, how can he possibly leave her. He can and will never let this happen. He was firm in his decision


On the day of the play, Gunjan decided to tell Samrat about her decision, about which she was also very firm. She didn't ask him, didn't request him, but told him, that he has to leave her, as this is what Sheena wants and this is what is good for them (Samrat and Sheena). Samrat's world went upside down again. Gunjan can't be serious, she cannot do this, were his thoughts and a rock steady "NO" was his reply to Gunjan. After a lot of convincing and arguments, Gunjan gave her verdict, in the form of throwing the flower, that was given to her by Samrat, and that had always held a special place in their friendship. It was all over!!! Sheena succeeded in her mission and she stood in between the two best friends. She was the clear winner, whereas, Samrat and Gunjan, lost everything. Was this the fate of their relationship, their bond, their friendship, her love and his ___________ (the blank was still empty to be filled by him).  


Again the same situation'again the same resolution'."I cannot leave Gunjan alone'I will bring the smile back on her face'I will make her talk again'make her my friend again". He didn't leave any stone unturned, but could not shake Gunjan's determination. Gunjan had done all this for his happiness, so how could she back out herself now. Her own pain didn't matter to her. What all mattered was that he should be happy, and his happiness was in being with Sheena.


Sheena's plans didn't end here. She knew that sooner or later Samrat and Gunjan will get back together, so, she decided to make a fool proof plan, with the help of RV (Samrat's biggest enemy at Excel). But as they say, "whatever happens, happens for good".


As per her new plan, she invited everyone (including Gunjan) at Samrat's farm house to celebrate the success of the College Annual Play. Another reason, she claimed, was that she had no problems with Samrat and Gunjan being friends again.


The two friends met again and with a small hug they let go of everything that had happened. Their faces were glowing with the biggest smiles. It was another beautiful day for them. Sheena was very confident of her plan, but she didn't know that anything which is done with wrong intentions, never succeeds. Her plan failed miserably. She accused Gunjan of throwing her in the pool, and thus, tried to convince Samrat that Gunjan did all this because she loves him and cannot see Sheena and him together. But she was totally mistaken. Samrat could question himself, but he could never question Gunjan's intentions. He knew that Gunjan can never even think of such a thing, leave apart doing it. He blasted Sheena and holding Gunjan's hand, he gave his verdict to Sheena and that was to get out from his life'.. from their lives.


Sheena's plan spoiled the whole atmosphere and mood there. Gunjan, knew that Sheena was right in just one thing, and that was regarding Gunjan's love for Samrat'and this made her feel terrible, so she asked Samrat to leave her alone for some time.


Problems for Samrat and Gunjan did not end here. But like before, this problem was also paved way for groW*H in their relationship. RV had made a plan to take revenge from Samrat. He made him drink a lot and when he was out of his senses, RV did an accident himself and ran from the spot, making Samrat the culprit. Samrat landed in jail for something he had not done. Gunjan was shattered again'.still, she knew that she had to be strong for Samrat. In this time too, she was his strength, his pillar of support. He cried on her shoulder, she gave him the confidence that everything will be fine, She held his hand to comfort him. In the jail, what all Samrat could think was "Gunjan, Gunjan and Gunjan". Sheena's words echoed in his mind. The flashbacks of the time spent with Gunjan captured his thoughts. His heart was beating for Gunjan'his mind was thinking of Gunjan. Though Samrat was physically in jail, yet this gave him the opportunity to think and this freed his heart and mind of the self imposed imprisonment regarding his feelings for Gunjan. Self imposed imprisonment, in a sense that Samrat was always scared of falling in love with Gunjan. Reason--- he knew that Gunjan was like a star in the sky and he was an ordinary creature on the ground. Gunjan did not deserve a guy like him. He was not worthy of her. Sounds familiar'.isn't it so??!!! Yessss!!! Because, these are somewhat the same things Gunjan was apprehensive about when she was realizing her love for Samrat. Thus, just like in her case'love was beyond all these things'.and so, was Samrat also walking on that path now??

The allegations on him were proved wrong and Samrat was released from jail. In the court room, Gunjan came running to him and hugged him. It wasn't the first time that they hugged, but this hug left them both numb. There was something different in this hug. Gunjan had the answer'but for Samrat, it raised another question

His friends had organized a get together party in the College. Everything was back to normal, but nothing was back to normal for him. The whole aura was very different, or was it some change within him, in his heart that made everything look very different. Wherever he saw, he saw just one face, HER face'with open eyes, he saw Gunjan everywhere'when he closed his eyes, he saw Gunjan. What was happening to him?? He was very unlike him throughout the evening. He was quiet, he was lost in his thoughts, wherever he saw her, his eyes froze on her'and when he didn't see her, his eyes were looking for her. Gunjan was noticing the change in him. She could feel that Samrat was acting very differently, but she herself was swinging between emotions, fighting with her own self, so, she did not go up to him. 


Samrat wanted answers to his questions'he wanted to breathe'..he wanted to feel his emotions'and he wanted to listen to what his heart was saying. Inside the room it was very noisy and he wasn't able to hear his heart and soul, so, he came out, searching for some answer, hint, clue, indication. But before coming out, he grabbed Gunjan's fallen bracelet that he gifted to her as her secret friend prior to the Velentine's ball. With his eyes closed, he saw her coming towards him, dressed in white. He asked her to come close to him'very close to him'.and he gave her a gentle kiss on her neck. Was it the answer to his every question? Was SHE the answer to his every question?? Yesssss!!! She was his answer. He opened his eyes, and realized it was his imagination. Just then, he saw her again coming towards him. This time, it was actually her'walking towards him, asking for her bracelet. "How can I gave her this friendship bracelet back, when I have lost this friendship myself'.this is not friendship'this is'this is..LOVE!!! I love you, Chashmish"'and his world lit up. The darkness around him vanished and everything started glowing. His heart had found its companion'his souls had found its companion'he found his companion. His heart again sang, "Khuda jaaney ke mein fida hun, Khuda jaaney mein mit gaya'.Khuda jaaney yeh kyon hua hai, keh bun gaye ho tum merey khuda.."  Before she came in his life, he was unaware of the feeling of love. She gave him love, she gave him the smile of love, the tears of love, every feel of love'.and each of this feel was sooo sooo special. That is why he said, "Tum se dil ki baatein seekhein, tum se hi yeh raahein seekhein'Tum pe mur ke mein toh ji gaya".  


It was love. He was running away from it, denying it, avoiding it'but love somehow finds its way. He was in a new world. He had Gunjan in his life, as his friend, as his companion, as his love, as his world. Life seemed to be complete'he found a direction'he found a reason to live. The boy, who used to fear commitments, was loving it now. His whole shift was towards Gunjan and he wanted to give her every happiness in life, and make every moment of her life, their life, a memorable one. But before anything else, he had to confess to her. He wanted to tell what she meant to him, he wanted to tell her that she was indeed his soulmate. Since, it was Guru Samrat, confessing his love'he had to make it big, and special for his lady love, his Chashmish.  


Gunjan was also in a turmoil. She had also decided to confess to Samrat about her feeling and tell him how much she loved him. The emotions had piled up within her for a long time now, and she had to share her emotions, her feelings with the boy, who had completely changed her world. And she succeeded!!! She told him that her heart beats only for him., she told him that he had captured her heart, mind and soul, she told him that she was madly in love with him. But who can fight with destiny?? She gave voice to her heart, but this voice didn't reach him. And to worsen things, in order to handle an adverse situation, he had to say that he and Gunjan were just friends to their fellow students who were raising questions on their relationship. 


What a day it turned out to be?! So much of planning' so many hopes, but everything ended in the most unpredictable and unbelievable manner. The day that could have seen the meeting of two lovers, turned out to be a day of their separation. It ended with a note of just being friends'.why can't life be simple??!!!


Samrat and Gunjan, both were left numb, shattered and alone. Time was as if had stopped moving'and so was life. They were being played in the hands of destiny. But this could not be their end. There love was strong enough to fight every battle, be it with their own selves.


Before Samrat could do anything, he came to know that Gunjan had left for Morena.......

-TO BE CONTINUED Embarrassed

**the credit for this amazing write up on sajan story goes to aashu and aahana **
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Love Mansion 33 -
Love Mansion 34 -
Love Mansion 35 -
Love Mansion 38 -
Love Mansion 39 -
Love Mansion 40 -
Love Mansion 41 -
Love Mansion 42 -
Love Mansion 43 -
Love Mansion 44 -
Love Mansion 45 -
Love Mansion 46 -
Love Mansion 47 -
Love Mansion 48 -
Love Mansion 49 -
Love Mansion 50 -
Love Mansion 51 -
Love Mansion 52 -
Love Mansion 53 -
Love Mansion 55 -
Love Mansion 56 -
Love Mansion 57 -
Love Mansion 58 -
Love Mansion 59 -
Love Mansion 60 -
Love Mansion 61 -
Love Mansion 62 -
Love Mansion 63 -
Love Mansion 64 -
Love Mansion 65 -
Love Mansion 66 -
Love Mansion 67 -
Love Mansion 68 -
Love Mansion 69 -
Love Mansion 70 -
Love Mansion 71 -
Love Mansion 72 -
Love Mansion 73 -
Love Mansion 74 -
Love Mansion 75 -
Love Mansion 76 -
Love Mansion 77 -
Love Mansion 78 -
Love Mansion 79 -
Love Mansion 80 -
Love Mansion 81 -
Love Mansion 82 -
Love Mansion 83 -
Love Mansion 84 -
Love Mansion 85 -
Love Mansion 86 -
Love Mansion 87 -
Love Mansion 88 -
Love Mansion 89 -
Love Mansion 90 -
Love Mansion 91 -

Love Mansion 92 -
Love Mansion 93 -
Love Mansion 94 -
Love Mansion 95 -
Love Mansion 96 -
Love Mansion 97 -
Love Mansion 98 -
Luv Mansion 100 -
Luv Mansion 101 -
Luv Mansion 102 -
Luv Mansion 103 -
Luv Mansion 104 -
Luv Mansion 105 -
Luv Mansion 106 -
Luv Mansion 107 -
Luv Mansion 108 -
Luv Mansion 109 -
Luv Mansion 110 -
Luv Mansion 111 -
Luv Mansion 112 -
Luv Mansion 113 -
Luv Mansion 114 
Luv Mansion 115 -
Luv Mansion 116 -
Luv Mansion 117 -
Luv Mansion 118 -
Luv Mansion 119 -
Luv Mansion 122 -
Luv Mansion 123 -
Luv Mansion 124 -
Luv Mansion 125 -
Luv Mansion 126 -
Luv Mansion 127 -
Luv Mansion 128 -
Luv Mansion 129 -
Luv Mansion 130 -
Luv Mansion 131 -
Luv Mansion 132 -
Luv Mansion 133
Luv Mansion 134 -
Luv Mansion 135 -
Luv Mansion 136 -
Luv Mansion 137 -
Luv Mansion 138 -

Luv Mansion 139 -
Luv Mansion 140 -
Luv Mansion 141 -
Luv Mansion 142 -
Luv Mansion 143 -
Luv Mansion 144 -
Luv Mansion 145 -
Luv Mansion 146 -
Luv Mansion 147 -
Luv Mansion 148 -
Luv Mansion 149 -
Luv Mansion 150 -
Luv Mansion 151 -
Luv Mansion 152 -
Luv Mansion 153 -
Luv Mansion 154 -
Luv Mansion 155 -
Luv Mansion 156 -
Luv Mansion 157 -
Luv Mansion 158 -
Luv Mansion 159 -
Luv Mansion 160 -
Luv Mansion 161 -
Luv Mansion 162 -
Luv Mansion 163 -
Luv Mansion 164 -
Luv Mansion 165 -
Luv Mansion 166 -
Luv Mansion 167 -
Luv Mansion 168 -
Luv Mansion 169 -
Luv Mansion 170 -
Luv Mansion 171 -
Luv Mansion 172-
Luv Mansion 173-
Luv Mansion 174 -
Luv Mansion 175 -
Luv Mansion 176 -
Luv Mansion 178 -
Luv Mansion 179 -
Luv Mansion 180 -
Luv Mansion 181-
Luv Mansion 182 -
Luv Mansion 183 -
Luv Mansion 184 -
Luv Mansion 185 -
Luv Mansion 186-
Luv Mansion 187 -

Luv Mansion 188 -
Luv Mansion 189-
Luv Mansion 190
Luv Mansion 191 -
Luv mansion 193:
Luv Mansion 194
Luv Mansion 195
            Luv Mansion 199 -

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[1] SBS 1st December 2008 - Mohit requesting sanaya to sing!!
[2] SBS 7th Dec 2008 - Mohit n Sanaya talk about sajan's friendship!!
[3] SBS Jan 14th 2009 - MJHT cast flying kites!!
(Sanaya was in it n Mohit was missing)
[4] SBS 16th Jan 2009 - MoNaya's Cute lil dance!!
[5] SBS 21st Jan 2009 - Swapping of Jodis!!
[6] SBS 31st Jan 2009 - Monaya's hunt for their valentines!!
[7] SBS 13th Feb 2009 - Mohit-Sanaya Valentine Special!!
[8] SBS 1st March 2009 - Sajan's Khuda Jaane & Monaya's Masakali!!
[9] SBS 8th March 2009 - Monaya ~ Women's Day Special!!
[10] SBS 11th March 2009 - Monaya ~ Holi Special!!
[11] SBS 13th March 2009 - Mohit celebrating holi at his hometown Delhi!!
[12] SBS 18th March 2009 - Monaya ~ Holi Special Part 2!!
[13] SBS 26th March 2009 - Holi Celebration in MJHT Coverage!!
[14] SBS 1st April 2009 - April Fools Prank !!
[15] SBS 3rd April 2009 -MJHT 100 Epis Celebration on the sets !!
[16] SBS ;4th April 2009 -MJHT 100 Epis Celebration Party !!
[17] SBS 8th April 2009 -Sam-Benji-Uday Dostana!!
[18] SBS & 17th April2009 -Hot Summer!!
[19] SBS 20th April 2009 -SaJan story going KKHH way??
[21] SBS 13th May 2009 - MoNaya cooking show!!
[22] SBS 25th May 2009 - Sam-RV Tashan & MoNaya's Masti!!
[23] SBS 2nd June 2009 - Sanaya-Rati Mehndi Special!!
[24] SBS 4th June 2009 - Sanaya-Mohit-Rati!!
[25] SBS 9th June 2009 - MoNaya talk about GR8 PhotoShoot!
[26] SBS 18th June 2009 - Play Special MoNayaJun Masti!
[27] SBS 21st June 2009 - Father's Day Special!
[28] SBS 29th June 2009 - Sanaya - Aapko phele bhi kahin dekha hai!
[29] SBS 2nd August 2009 - Friendship Day Sepcial!
[30] SBS 5th August 2009 - Rakhi Special (Mohit n his Sis)
[31] SBS 10th August 2009 - MoNaya + Arjun Masti!
[32] SBS 10th August 2009 - Sanaya Arjun Masti!
[33] SBS 15th August2009 - MJHT Independence Special!
[34] SBS 7th September 2009 - SaJan (Khabar Nahi)
[35] SBS 11th September 2009 - Arjun-MoNaya on Rati's Bday
[36] SBS 17th September 2009 - Happy Birthday Sanaya
[37] SBS 24th September 2009 - SaJan Name Special
[38] SBS 2nd October 2009 - MJHT Cast's Ghandigiri
[39] SBS 6th October 2009 - SaJan DDLG Style
[40] SBS 7th October 2009 - MoNaya Karvachauth
[41] SBS 27th October 2009 - MoNaya SBS Wishes
[42] SBS 27th October 2009 - Arjun-Sanaya-Rati Paani Puri
[43] SBS 6th November 2009 - MoNaya & New Entries
[44] SBS 17th November 2009 - Nupur is Samrat's Sis (plus MoNaya scene)
[45] SBS 27th November 2009 - SG/Monaya on Dil Kya Kare
[46] SBS 2nd December 2009 - MoNayaJun at ITA Red Carpet 2009
[47] SBS 3rd December 2009 - Happy Birthday Mohit 


[1] Aaj Tak Jan 15th 2009 - MoNaya Interview!!
[2] Aaj Tak Feb 24th 2009 - Samrat flirting Gunjan jealous!!!
[3] Aaj Tak March 4th 2009 - Mohit n Sanaya having chillies n karelas!!!
[4] Aaj Tak 2009 - Holi Celebration in MJHT Coverage!!
[5] Aaj Tak 2nd June 2009 - Ishq Hua Song Sequence Preview!!
[6] Aaj Tak 7th Sept. 2009 - SaJan (Khabar Nahi)!!
[2] Stars of Miley Jab Hum Tum speaking for India-Forums FAN
[3] Monaya's TellyBuzz Video ~ Hug One
[4] Mohit Sehgal Interview Jan 15 2009
[5] MJHT Success Party & April 2009
[6] MoNaya's GR8 Magazine PhotoShoot


[1] Mohit and Sanaya speak about the show
[2] Monaya's Lehren Video ~ Valentine Celebration


[1] Mohit n Sanaya in Zara Nach Ke Dikha
[2] Monaya in Love ne bana di jodi valetine special *PROMO*
[3] Monaya in Love ne bana di jodi valetine special *Full Song*


[1] Monaya's House Arrest Video ~ Valentine Celebration
[2] May 21 09, Fighting Sequence b/w Sam & RV
[3]Aug 12 09, MoNaya Segment
[3]Sep. 7th 09, SaJan (Khabar Nahi)


[1] Quick interview of MoNaya - 26th Nov 2008
[3] Monaya - Valentine auditions Part 1
[4] Monaya - Valentine auditions Part 2
[5] Monaya's E24 Video ~ Mohit proposing Sanaya
[6] MoNaya/SaJan promoting Hans Baliye *Promo*
[7] ITA GR8 Face Award (Dec 27, 08) - Sanaya
[8] MoNaya promoting Lux 
[9] MTV Stripped - 6th November 09 - Mohit Tantrums
[10] TellyTadka - 5th December 09 - MoNaya Interview on Mohit's B-day


[1] Sanaya in Tumko Dekha to by Jagjit Singh
[2] Sanaya in Kulli Vichon Ni by Joshilay


[1] Mohit in Dr. Batra's Hair Commercial
[2] Sanaya in Everyuth Commercial
[3] Sanaya wid SRK in Belmonte Commercial
[4] Sanaya in Shanti Amla Hair Commercial
[5] Sanaya wid Big B in Dabur Commercial
[6] Sanaya in Tea Gold Commercial
[7] Sanaya in Reliance Phone Commercial
[8] Sanaya in Second Commercial
[9] Sanaya in FairGlow Commercial 1
[10] Sanaya in Fairglow Commercial 2
[11] Sanaya in Fairglow Commercial 3

Sanaya's Scenes from her previous show
Sanaya's Scenes from her previous show
Radha ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayangi!!

Scene 18:
Scene 19:
Scene 20:
Scene 21:
Scene 22:
Scene 23:
Scene 24:
Scene 25:
Scene 26:
Scene 27:
Scene 28:
Scene 29:
Scene 30:
Scene 31:
Scene 32:
Scene 33:
Scene 34:
Scene 35:

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:: S A N / M O N A Y A  FN A T I C S ::


Preks [Preksha] - 4th January
-Priya- [Priya] - 18th January
-Sarahh-[Sarah] - 22nd January
viniva sharma [Vini] - 23rd January
romiebee2002 [Roma]-  27th January
Ayesha007 [Ashu] - 29th January
Halifax004 [Alma] - 1st February
Mimi0295 [Mimi] - 7th February
raj-guria-kriti [Rajashree]- 15th February
Knowalot2 [Kanya] - 16th February
Josh135[Josh] - 18th February
sajan_monaya [Payas] - 19th February 
sonali.19281 [sonali] - 19th February
Mrs.MohitSehgal [Prii] - 12th March
--Pari-- [Pari] - 12th March
NiceAngel [Sana] - 25th March
kayamath_fan2 [Anu] - 10th April
Ms.GoodMorning [Kully] - 13th April
xaviara [Naveen] - 13th April
red rose [Mishika] - 19th April
talkativetaurus [Affy] - 23rd April
riddhima1_gunjan [Aastha] - 24th April
aahana86 [Aahana] - 27th April
Kash_Fanatic [Aish] - 4th May
angelofdeathkav [Kavita] - 10th May
anwaya [anwaya] - 11th May
divya_07 [divya] -  16th may
cherishma [Cheri] -  19th May
sugarprincess [Deepu] -  20th May
trouble_maker [Binu] - 21st may
Piya2025 [Piya] - 23rd May
cutelove1111 [Damini]- 6th June
MariaLikesMohit [Maria] - 9th June
Rida-Monayarti [Rida] - 19th June 
Sarahwahid [Sarah]- 24th June
-Preeti- [Preeti di]- 26th June
moon27 [supriya]-  27th June
Namrata_Sanaya [Namrata] - 28th June
Cute_Ash  [Ash]- 4th July
xxsugasweetxx [Reya] 6th July
CrazyKaShFan [Ashi]- 14th July
saylitthegreat [Sayii]- 14th July
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mohitkideewani [Jia] - 20th August
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Khushali16 [Khushali - 30th August
-Sonali [Sonali]
 - 2nd September 
-Natasha- [Natasha] - 3rd September
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-Drishti- [Drishti]-  12th September
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Bushra Javeria [Bushra]- 27th November
naughtyash [Ash]-  2nd December
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 angelic_shaz [Shazu]- 27th December
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Miracle_leo [Rehma]
Palak MS
CandYlicious_SG (Sumera)

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congo on the new gallary Party

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