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HEY guys! I know many of u r sad coz I ended this FF. But I love u guys so much and I can't see u sad so I have started a new FF."He Is The One For me". The link is:http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1935302


Panchi Dobrial is a very famous producer/ director and she was making an extraordinary love story named Fanaa she chose fresh faces for the show the main lead were Abhay Raichand and Piashree jaiswal.

It was the 1st day of shoot on the sets of Fanaa . The crew was really excited and busy Panchi reached to the shoot and started shouting "Whats going on its almost 12 pm of the noon and u have not started a bit of it? where is the cast?"     Theassistantdirector came and told that "mam everything is ready Pia mam is getting ready but... "Panchi-"but what"? Assistant D-"Abhay sir has.."
before the completion of his sentence they all heard the the sound of a speedy car thrashing its speed.Everyone turned to that sound and after that they heard footsteps and toeveryonessurprise it was Abhay Raichand. Panchi -"what the hell? is this the time to come on a shoot?Abhay - " ups sorry Panchi"
Panchi-"never mind lets start the shoot.Assistantcall Pia" Panchi ordered.

Panchi -"Abhay,Pia is our female lead , she is very sweet I know u two will be good feiends."
Abhay-" lets hope for the best." After saying this he turnedaround and saw a beautiful girl was comingtowardshim he had never seen such a beauty in his 22 years of life he became stunned and could not even blink his eyes just kept looking.

Pia was also looking at him in the same way she came closer and their eyes met. Both were silent and kept looking at each other.

2ND update:
They just kept looking at each other and forgot everything around them.After some time Panchi came and and her words broke the wonderful eye connection between Abhay and Pia.
Panchi: "so silly of me Ihaven't introduced u guys to each other?Abhay she.." oh I kept the camera on plzexcuseme." By saying this Panchi rushed to the camera.
They both did not knew how to start then Abhay decided to step ahead and introduced himself and gave his hand .Pia took that hand shyly and Abhay gently pressed it. They felt a spark by touching each other maybe this is the spark which aroused some emotions in them.</font>

Panchi called them for shooting and they went. After the pack up Panchi announced "today's shooting was good but tomorrow we are going for an outdoorshooting to Dehradun so be prepared for that." Pia and Abhay were standing next to each other. After hearing the announcement Pia became really excited as she had never gone to that place before, she onlyheard from her friends that it is a very beautiful and romantic place. Within her excitement unknowingly she hugged Abhay . Abhay was really shocked he was not able to move a bit of himself he froze and the unknown feeling caused him to close his eyes.

Suddenly Pia  realized what a blunder she did and she stepped back. With much of regrett in her eyes she said sorry to Abhay. It took time before Abhay could get out of that beautiful feeling that he was having. But somehow he managed himself and replied to pia. Abhay: "its no problem , u dont need to be sorry." Pia gave a little smile (filled with hesitation) and got out of the studio. Abhay also went to his home.

All night Abhay did not get even a pinch of sleep, as he was too busy thinking about pia, her innocent eyes, sweet smile and above all the hug. He just closed his eyes and the image of the beautiful moments he passed with Pia came before his eyes ,and he was waiting impatiently for the night to get over as he was about to see Pia in the morning.

3rd update:
He kept thinking about Pia and does not realized when he felt asleep.It was 10 am in the morning when Panchi called him. Abhay was still sleeping as he had notslept for the whole night.He picks up the phone with much of disturbance.Panchi:" Abhay where are u? do u know what time is it? "then Abhay looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was 10 am he jumped out of his bead and told Panchi that he will be there within a moment. Saying this he rushed to the washroom took a bath and quickly headed to the location

At the location, everyone was busy in grabbing seats in the bus. Panchi offered the cast to go in the car but they told that they would like to enjoy the bus journey.
Pia was standing alone at a side looking around for Abhay. Maya and Misha saw her standing alone and they went to her and introduced themselves. Within a moment they became good friends. Panchi informed them that Abhay is late and they should make themselves seated in the bus as Panchi does not wanted to waste any further time.

Maya,Pia and Misha headed towards the bus , suddenly Pia's phone rang and she stopped to receive it. After sometimes when she entered into the bus she saw that Maya and Misha were sitting next to each other so she grabbed an empty seat ,sat down and started reading her favorite novel

After a while Abhay entered into the bus and saw that Pia was sitting alone, his heart jumped in joy and he sat next to Pia.And the journey started.

  4th update:                                                                                                                               
Abhay looked at Pia and just kept looking.She was looking so pretty in a purple top and blue jeans her curly hair was left open.As the wind blew down a curl came on her face she became irritated and removed it, she was looking very cute while doing it Abhay smiled and Pia's gaze shifted to him.She was shocked and surprised to see him there and uttered "Abhay". Abhay:(smiling): Hey relax I am Abhay not any kind of ghost or something so no need to be scared.Pia:(raised her eyebrow) "Please, I am not scared I was shocked to see u by the way why are u so late?" Abhay:"actually I had not slept the whole night so...". Pia:(with a concern in her voice)" why what happened are u alright?" Abhay: (happy to se her concerning for him)" nothing just could not sleep well that's why I woke up late." Pia :" oh." Why I am so concerned about him? Why everytime I look at him my heartbeat increases? What is this unknown feeling"? Pia was lost in thought. Abhay waved his hands in air. Abhay: what happened? Pia took a deep breath and uttered nervously "nothing" then she looked away. Pia in her mind " why is this guy affecting me so much?". Abhay:"oh god i think i am in love, I hope she feels the same for me"thought Abhay.Both were silent as they were hesitated to talk.

After travelling for some kilos the bus stopped. Panchi yelled at the driver but stopped when she saw T (along with her 2 chamchies) and Ruhi entering the bus. Panchi:" What happened to you guys?why are u catching the bus from here? " . T: actually we went to the parlour. Panchi:"ok please be seated,driver lets go." T looked at Abhay and was attracted at the same time disturbed to see Pia beside him.T: "hey handsome, I am T." Abhay: (casually)Hi. T: "wow you are so smart but lookat her you two does not match at all."Pia became sad by hearing this. Abhay:(saw that and had an urge to punch T) Panchi is a great director and she knows better she always makes perfect match so u don't have worry about that". T: (disgusted) "whatever". T went away. Ruhi introduced herself and was staring at Abhay she adressed Pia as cute girl. Pia was comfortable with her.      

  5th update:                                                                 
Everyone was in the bus Danish, Panchi, Ruhi, Angad,Maya, Misha etc. All were sitting with a frowned face as they were getting bored it was a long journey and they had nothing to get entertained. Misha: "iss boreness se koi mujhe bachao". Maya laughed and suggested that someone should sing a song. Maya(looked at Misha):Misha yaar sing a song for us. 
Danish:lol. Misha showed her tingue to him. Misha: "Maya are u out of your mind? mere saat pushton e kabhi gaana nahi gaya and I dont want to do any harm to your ears so please excuse me". Everyone laughed. Ruhi :(who was continiously looking at Abhay) asked Abhay to sing. Abhay:"what? singing and meee do you know my music techer ran away due to my bad singing." Misha:(giggled )"dude you are just like me ", and they hi fived each other. Danish:"what is this yaar eveyone is refusing no Abhay no excuse u have to sing." Abhay:"sorry yaar". 

Then Pia looked at him and said in a sweet tone "Abhay please sing". Abhay looked at her and those sweet words melted him. Abhay:"ok, I know u will regret it". Pia: "I can never regret it."Those two were lost in each others gaze. Everyone did not paid any attension to this eye locking sessin but Misha understood that thereis something fishi. Then Abhay got up Abhay: "u asked for it now u just have to endure it". Danish: "dide stop talking and just sing it. Everyone chered for him and T and Ruhi were doing over. Abhay started looking at Pia ( he was lying he has a wonderful voice) " oos boondo mein tu hain, aankhein moondu mein tu hain , dishao das tu hain, tu hi hain bas tu hain, dil ka shaher tu hain, acchi khabar tu hain,fursat ki hassi tu hain jo bhi thi kami tu hai, tu hai mera, tu hai mera, dil ne kaha itna bas mujhe pata hai , I am in love, i am in love tu hi bata jaane kya mujhe hua hai. 

When he ended the song everyone clapped for him, T and Ruhi were complementing him continiously but his heart only wanted to hear Pia's complement. He sat beside Pia. Abhay:so, how was it? Pia: (talking without thinking just blurting all that in her heart) it was superb, I lovedit u have an wonderful voice I jist love... (before the completion of her sentence). Abhay:(mischiviously) "LOVE WHAT"? Pia:( came into sense,nervously)  I mean I liked the song. Pia looked away feeling embarrased by her own emotions. Abhay smiled and thought "i wish u said i love u".              

   6th update:                                                                         
They all were laughing, singing cracking jokes on each other but Pia was in tension she was not able to keep her mind off from Abhay she knew it was wrong as her marriage was already fixed. She was not happy with the marriage as she always wanted to fall in love with someone, she totally adored love  to her love is the most umazing feeling, when someone cares for other she always believed in fairy tales and wanted a prince charming to come into her life but her dreams got vanished when her fatrher begged to her to marry Kabir rathod,who was the son of a zamender in village Ranvir Rathod they were very rich and powerful person of the village they always talked with guns. Pia's father Arnab Jaiswal was also a successfull business man, but their business had ruined and they had to take loan from Ranvir Rathod.The business was in such loss that Arnab was not able to repay the loan. Kabir always loked Pia but Pia always hated him cause he was not a nice guy he was illiterate and gunda. Ranvir Rathod was aware of his son's liking towarsd Pia so he told that" u don't have to pay the money just get Pia married with my son". At first Arnab did not agree but Pia's step mom forced him to agree. (Pia also has a step sister Anushka ,who hates her). Seeing such condition of the family and a danger to her father Pia killed her heart and agreed for this marriage.   

Pia was lost in those thoughts and as she was tired she felt asleep on Abhay's shouldiers without even realizing. Abhay was shocked at first then he looked at the sleepy Pia " u are so innocent and beautiful Pia how can I take my eyes off you." He just kept looking at her suddenly the wind blew and a strand of Pia's loose curls felt on her face, Abhay removed it affectionately.

The bus stopped as they had reached in one of the well known hotels of Dehradoon. Pia woke up and realized that she had been sleepng on Abhay'a shouldiers. Pia: "sorry! I did not realized when I felt asleep " Abhay:"hey no need to be sorry u were just sleeping."
Pia was nervous and she got up from the seat but comeone collided with her and she felt on Abhay's arms. Abhay held her gently and they were lost in each other's eyes. Pia recovered fro the intense eye lock and quickly got out of the bus. Abhay:"oh god this girl is driving me crazy".  

7th update:

 Pia  was too busy enjoying the beauty of the place and clicking pictures.Suddenly she realized that the cast and crew had went to their rooms so she went to the reception but there was  no one around so she asked the bellboy, and  the bellboy mistakenly took her into Abhay's room. The lock was open and Pia got into the room.


Pia kept her bags and went near the window to get some fresh air.As the wind blowed down her face she closed her eyes and she started thinking about Abhay.Her mind was distracted by the sound of water coming from the washroom, she thought that maybe the tap was open and she rushed there( she did not knew that Abhay was taking shower in there). She opened the door and saw Abhay wearing nothing but a towel she closed her eyes turned around and started to scream. Abhay too started screaming. Abhay: "Pia what are you doing here?" Pia : " the bellboy took me here".Abhay:" that idiot showed u the wrong room, this is my room. Pia: "oh I am sorry".  Abhay:"plz dont need to be sorry it was not your fault." Pia smiled nervously and tried to get out of there but she slipped because of the wet floor. Abhay saved her from falling by  supporting her by the waist  and they both were lost in each others eyes. 

Pia looked into his deep brown eyes, there were something in his eyes that Pia had never seen before .His eyes were hypnotic and Pia was totally hypnotized. Pia was so lost that it felt that there was no one in the world, except the two of them.  Pia forgot everything even the fact that she was totally imbalanced and was supported by Abhay, otherwise she would fall. Abhay  looked at her in a way that he was seeing her for the first time.  Pia raised her hand and touched Abhay's face gently with so much affection. The warmth of her affection caused Abhay to close his eyes .   Suddenly the eye connection was broken by Pia she came into senses, balanced herself and just ran away from there.

Abhay felt guilty because he thought that Pia does not like him and maybe his gaze towards her is making her feel  uncomfortable.Abhay decided to control his feelings for Pia. Pia ran away from there rubbing the a droplet of tear that came from her eye. The receptionist came to her and handed the keys of her room. When she entered the room she saw that her luggage was already there and the bellboy was standing there. The bellboy told her that Abhay has sent this luggage as Pia left it in his room and the bellboy left. Pia started thinking about Abhay and the feelings that were aroused in her due to his closeness.She felt that there was something between them a very special feeling, the most beautiful feeling in the life of a girl her first love. She realized that she had fallen in love with Abhay. 

8th update:

Pia was very sad so all day she remained in her room.Abhay looked everywhere but there was no sight of Pia,he asked Misha but she told that she dont know. Everyone was having fun but Abhay kept thinking about Pia. Again it was time for shooting and everyone was there except Pia. Panchi told that Pia is unwell and she will do her shots later. After the shoot Abhay was not able to control his worry about Pia and he decided to go to Pia's room.


With much of hesitance Abhay went to Pia's room, but he was too nervous to knock the door. Then he told to himself" come on Abhay Pia is just a girl, you can do it be a man".His concern for Pia enabled him to knock the door. After 2 or 3 minutes Pia opened the door. Pia was both surprised and happy it was a kind of mixed emotion.She could not believe that it was Abhay .It seemed to her that it was an illusion. Pia raised her hand and touched Abhay's face and uttered "Abhay" in a very weak tone. Abhay saw that Pia was really weak her hair were all messed up,  her eyes were red and her hand was shaking. Pia was in a very miserable condition.


Abhay asked "Pia are you alright?" Pia realized what she had done and became tensed and this feeling combined with weakness gave a sudden spin to her head and she was about to fall.Abhay held her strongly and looked down at Pia's face. Abhay's eyes were watered to see Pia in such condition. He touched Pia's face and was not able to control his feelings he hugged Pia.  

His strong arms were over Pia's waist .Pia felt something which was out of this world. She closed her eyes and felt the true emotion of Abhay's heart by keeping her head on Abhay's chest.



 9th update:

Those two were completely lost in each other. Pia was so weak that she was not able move an inch of herself. Abhay lifted Pia and lied her on the bed. Pia was still looking at him.Abhay  sat on Pia's bed,just next to her. He moved the curl from Pia's face and gently waved his hands upon Pia's head. Abhay could feel that Pia was crying for a long time, by seeing some tears under her eyes.Abhay asked " Pia why were you crying?" Pia nervously answered that she was not crying.Removing the tear from her eyes Abhay told "yes u r rite, ye toh barish kii boond hain jo tumhare aakhon ke niche hain". Pia became tensed which Abhay realized. Abhay: "Pia u r ill, u need a doctor I will just go and call one" by saying this Abhay was about to move from his place but Pia held Abhay's hand and told "Abhay plz dont go from here,mujhe darr lag raha hain."


Abhay got close to Pia, looked at her and said" Dont worry Pia I am not going anywhere, I am here with you".Pia held Abhay's hand tightly. Abhay took her hand close to his lips and gave a  soft kiss. Then Abhay called the room service and ordered some soup for Pia. The door was open so the waiter took the order without any disturbance and he went away. Abhay; Pia you need to have something, Pia : no, I dont feel like eating anything. Then Abhay took the soup and, it near Pia's mouth and told "plz give it a sip for my sake." Pia could not refuse him and ate it.Abhay looked into Pia's eyes and with much of emotion he told that "Pia plz take care of yourself u dont know how I am feeling too see u in such condition".Abhay's eyes were watered when he told this to Pia. Pia was totally mesmerized by Abhay's emotion it was so pure. Pia told " no one has never  cared for me so much"  teardrop poured from her eyes and she hugged Abhay.



10th update:


Pia was totally breathless and she was not able to say anything just crying. Abhay took her face on his hands and said " Pia plz dont cry, what happened? did i say anything wrong?"Pia was not in a state of saying something she kept on crying. Abhay told:"ok dont say anything but plz stop crying plz. Abhay took his face near Pia's and  Pia closed her eyes. Abhay slowly kissed Pia's cheek and the teardrop sticked into hid lips. Abhay licked his lips. Pia opened her eyes she could still feel the emotion of her first kiss, it was so special she thought. Pia forgot the whole  just by looking into his eyes. 


Abhay lied beside Pia ,and she kept her head on Abhay's chest. She closed her eyes and felt asleep. When she was fully in sleep Abhay thought that it would not be a good thing if people come to know that they were together.People would  say bad things about Pia. So he slowly removed Pia's head from his chest and put that on a pillow he did it very safely  so that Pia is not disturbed. He covered Pia with the blanket and slowly kissed her forehead.His heart did not gave him consent to leave Pia alone in such condition but he had to do it for Pia's sake only, for her reputation. Abhay did not  want people to say bad things about the pure love connection between them as he loved Pia more than anything in the world. He looked at Pia before closing the door and said in his heart " love u sweetheart plz get well soon." 



11th update:


The sweet chirping of the birds caused Pia to open her eyes. She smiled as the sweet moments she spent with Abhay were visible before her eyes. She could still feel Abhay's warm touch, his kiss and each word he had told her.She closed her eyes to feel that moments again as they were so special to her.Suddenly her phone rang and she became happier thinking that it was Abhay's call. With no further delay she received the call and said "Abhay" . But soon her happiness turned into grief  by hearing Kabir's voice over the phone.


Kabir: "Abhay who is this Abhay? I am kabir you forgot me in 3 days?

Pia: no actually...

Kabir: If u try then also I would not let u for get me do u remenber ur father's promise? 

Pia: yes I do.. and u dont need to warn me I will marry you.

Kabir: that's like a good girl...(he was about to say something  but pia cut the phone). Kabir was disturbed by Pia's attitude and he decided to find information about Abhay because by Pia's tone he understood that Abhay is someone special.


'Pia get out of your dream , Abhay can never be yours you can not break his heart , you have to stay away from him". Pia thought.

Then Pia got ready and headed for the shoot. At the location everyone was happy to see Pia. Misha hugged her and said" look at you, u r alive,,," Pia laughed and Abhay came, Abhay looked at Pia with lots of love in his eyes but Pia looked away ignoring him. Abhay felt weird and whole day Abhay tried to talk with Pia but some how she managed to ignore him. Abhay felt a pain in his heart and was sitting alone with his head down. Misha came to him , Misha: hey dude what happened ? koi mar gaya kya? Abhay: Its nothing. Misha; dont hide u r upset coz Pia is ignoring u.Abhay was shocked to hear this from her and his eyes widened. Misha: ab aise mat dekho ke koi bhoot dekh liya hain . By seeing u guys a child also can understand that something is going on.Abhay: she is behaving weird what should I do? Misha: dont sit like a fool go and talk to her in private, clear out all the problems. Abhay became happy  he hugged Misha and went to Pia. Misha said" love birds".


Pia was sitting alone along the pool side. Abhay went to her and said" Pia" in  a very sweet way. 

                          The next update is on page:9 


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Posted: 2010-11-22T13:18:28Z
nice start! wonder how their story will turn out...i also love visu..
please add me to the pm list if you are going to make one
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Posted: 2010-11-22T13:19:08Z
Guys please reply plz say it is a good or bad post or if u want me to continue or not plz say ur comment really means a lot to me so plzplz comment.
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Originally posted by helloaamir

nice start! wonder how their story will turn out...i also love visu..
please add me to the pm list if you are going to make one

Count me too. I too liked it.
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its good one...............but pls make it for Abhay n Pia. i dont know, but i think, u shud not make it for real people. using characters is fine. rest is upto u.....
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Friends u suggest me what to do? should i make this for Abhay Pia or Visu I am totally confused what should i do should i continue with this or statover a new story of Abhiya please help me.
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Originally posted by Ridwana1234

Friends u suggest me what to do? should i make this for Abhay Pia or Visu I am totally confused what should i do should i continue with this or statover a new story of Abhiya please help me.

hey RidwanaSmile i think you should continue with the same story, but only change the names! i mean you can still make them both actors in your story!, who are going to do a show together Wink
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Thanks a lot  Ka7eela  and sonam  I have changed the names plz read it and dont forget to comment. Loveu Big smile
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