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okkk now here are the DO's & DON'Ts of this Gallery ...  :
Star Picture Gallery is for posting only the onscreen pictures of the mythos. There is a separate thread for offscreen pictures, info, interviews, etc.
Star Please specify which mytho you are posting photos from, and also who the director is if possible.
Star Please keep chatting to a  bare minimum. You may comment on the pics you like, and also discuss the significance of the episode in a post or two, but please do not start chatting freely like it is a discussion thread.
Star Do NOT quote entire pic updates, as that will slow down the page incredibly.
Star ONLY pictures of mythos are allowed. Please do not post pics from other shows of actors who've acted in mythos.
I hope the rules are pretty simple to follow??
so lets start !!
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This ToC is going to be organized in terms of when each show aired (earliest to latest), and also the order in which the scenes appear in each show.
Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan 
Each separate color/section symbolizes the different kandas of the epic.
Sagar TV Pictures (High Quality) - Pg. 20, 21, 61, 63
Sagar World Pictures (Middle Quality) - Pg. 29
Assorted pics from different scenes - Pg. 101
Bal Kand: Ram-Bharat-Lakshman-Shatrughan Birth & Naamkaran - Pg. 1
Bal Kand: Young Ram demands the moon (Thumak Chalat Ramachandra) - Pg. 81
Bal Kand: Childhood of the four Princes - Pg. 88
Bal Kand: Dashrath and the Rajmatas miss their sons - Pg. 123
Bal Kand: Gurumata Arundhati's Lullaby (Aaja Aaja Ri Nindiya) - Pg. 81
Bal Kand: Ram-Bharat-Lakshman-Shatrughan's Post-Gurukul Reunion with family - Pg. 1
Bal Kand: Dashrath sends Ram and Lakshman with Vishvamitra - Pg. 41
Bal Kand: Post-Tataka Vadh/Mareech defeated and Subahu killed - Pg. 42
Bal Kand: Deepika's first entrance as Rajkumari Sita - Pg. 2
Bal Kand: Gautam Rishi curses Ahalya - Pg. 44
Bal Kand: Shri Ram liberates Ahalya - Pg. 16
Bal Kand: Ram, Lakshman, and Vishvamitra enter Mithila - Pg. 44
Bal Kand: Mandavi and Shrutakirti come to Mithila - Pg. 49
Bal Kand: Dekhan Nagar Bhoop Sut Aaye: Ram and Lakshman enchant Mithila - Pg. 48
Bal Kand: Sitaji is told about Ramji by her friend - Pg. 45
Bal Kand: Maharani Sunaina tells Sitaji to offer prayers to Gauri Ma - Pg. 26
Bal Kand: Ram-Sita first meeting @ Pushp Vatika - Pg. 26
Bal Kand: Prachi Disi (Ram-Sita Moon Glance) - Pg. 15
Bal Kand: Sita gets ready for the Swayamvar and Vishvamitra blesses Ram - Pg. 128
Bal Kand: Raja Janak enters the Swayamvar Sabha and greets all the Kings - Pg. 128
Bal Kand: Ram enters the Sabha and everyone sees him in different forms - Pg. 128
Bal Kand: Sita enters the Sabha and feels relieved upon finding Ram - Pg. 129
Bal Kand: The Royal bards state Janak's vow regarding Sita's marriage - Pg. 147
Bal Kand: The Kings all fail in lifting the Shiv Dhanush - Pg. 147
Bal Kand: Janak becomes emotional and Lakshman gives an angry speech - pg. 148
Bal Kand: Vishvamitra tells Ram to lift the Dhanush and Sita Ma prays - Pg. 148
Bal Kand: Ram lifts the Dhanush and everyone is overjoyed - Pg. 148
Bal Kand: Bharat and Shatrughan tell the parents about Ram's victory - Pg. 65
Bal Kand: Dashrath comes to Mithila & Ram/Lakshman are reunited with him - Pg. 63
Bal Kand: Ram presses his father's feet/explains the concept of love to brothers - Pg. 63
Bal Kand: SUMS & RLBS Quadruple Marriage is arranged - Pg. 10, 11
Bal Kand: Sita, Mandavi, Urmila, and Shrutakirti's Vidaai - Pg. 24
Bal Kand: Dashrath-Kaushalya Conversation about Janak and Sunaina's pain - Pg. 24
Ayodhya Kand: Bharat leaves Ayodhya for Kekaya - Pg. 65
Ayodhya Kand: Dashrath decides to crown Ram - Pg. 76
Ayodhya Kand: Shri Ram's Rajyabhishek is fixed - Pg. 76
Ayodhya Kand: Lakshman tells Sita about Rajyabhishek - Pg. 97, 99
Ayodhya Kand: Manthara tells Kaikeyi about Rajyabhishek - Pg. 97
Ayodhya Kand: Manthara succeeds in poisoning Kaikeyi's mind - Pg. 103
Ayodhya Kand: Ram and Sita perform their duties as future King and Queen - Pg. 103
Ayodhya Kand: Dashrath is told Kaikeyi went to the chamber of displeasure - Pg. 103
Ayodhya Kand: Dashrath is reminded by Kaikeyi of his two boons - Pg. 106
Ayodhya Kand: Lakshman is playfully reminded of his duty to Urmila - Pg. 106
Ayodhya Kand: Kaikeyi asks for Bharat's coronation and Ram's vanvaas - Pg. 106
Ayodhya Kand: Kaushalya and Sumitra pray for Ram's wellbeing - Pg. 106
Ayodhya Kand: Kaikeyi orders Sumant to summon Ram to her chamber - Pg. 106
Ayodhya Kand: Ram reassures Sita of her permanent place in his heart - Pg. 107
Ayodhya Kand: Sumant relays to Ram Kaikeyi's summons - Pg. 107
Ayodhya Kand: Ram honours Kaikeyi's two boons and agrees to Vanvaas - Pg. 113
Ayodhya Kand: Ram breaks the news of vanvaas to Kaushalya - Pg. 113
Ayodhya Kand: Ram agrees to take Sita and Lakshman with him - Pg. 113
Ayodhya Kand: Lakshman takes leave of Urmila - Pg. 113
Ayodhya Kand: Ram, Lakshman, and Sita accept muni vastra from Kaikeyi - Pg. 117
Ayodhya Kand: Ram, Lakshman, and Sita take leave of Dashrath - Pg. 117
Ayodhya Kand: Ram, Lakshman, and Sita travel the forests - Pg. 144
Ayodhya Kand: Bharat seeks Kaushalya's comfort - Pg. 34
Ayodhya Kand: Janak and Janaki's reunion - Pg. 144
Ayodhya Kand: Bharat Milaap - Pg. 28
Ayodhya Kand: Post-Bharat Milaap Family Scene - Pg. 4
Aranya Kand: Shurpanakha attempts to seduce Ram, Lakshman punishes her - Pg. 27
Aranya Kand: Shri Ram uses Mohini Astra on Khar and Dushan's Army - Pg. 95
Aranya Kand: Sitaji sees the golden deer and asks Ramji to get it for her - Pg. 95
Aranya Kand: Ram and Lakshman search the forests for Sita - Pg. 112
Aranya Kand: Ram and Lakshman find and cremate noble Jatayu - Pg. 112
Kishkindha Kand: Ram and Lakshman meet Hanuman - Pg. 46, 47
Kishkindha Kand: Ram and Sugriva form a friendship pact - Pg. 47
Kishkindha Kand: Shri Ram is shown Sitaji's jewels - Pg. 47
Kishkindha Kand: Monsoons after Sugriva's Rajyabhishek - Pg. 19, 55, 56
Kishkindha Kand: Angry Lakshman descends on Kishkindha - Pg. 57
Sundar Kand: Hanuman sings Ram Katha to Sita Ma - Pg. 134
Sundar Kand: Hanuman gives Ramji Sita's Chudamani - Pg. 16
Yudh Kand: Vibhishan seeks Shri Ram's shelter & Ram declares him Lankapati - Pg. 52
Yudh Kand: Angad @ Ravan's Court - Pg. 39
Yudh Kand: Urmila prays for Lakshman - Pg. 4
Yudh Kand: Hanuman brings Sanjeevani Parvat - Pg. 3
Yudh Kand: Lakshma/Meghnaad Final Battle/Meghnaad Vadh - Pg. 39
Yudh Kand: Mandodari's last attempt to change Ravan's mind - Pg. 139
Yudh Kand: Yahi Raat Antim Yahi Raat Baari (last night before battle) - Pg. 126
Yudh Kand: Mystery behind Sita's Agni Pariksha revealed (Chhaya Sita) - Pg. 18
Yudh Kand: Kaahe Vilamb Karo Aavan Mein Sita Janak Dulaari - Pg. 15
Yudh Kand: Ram-Ravan Maha Yudh/Ravan Vadh - Pg. 144, 145
Yudh Kand: Ram, Sita, & Lakshman ascend the Pushpak Vimaan - Pg. 126
Yudh Kand: LakhanUrmi Reunion/Ram-Sita-Lakshman enter Ayodhya as Royalty - Pg. 19
Yudh Kand: Bharat re-unites with Kaikeyi Ma - Pg. 40
Yudh Kand: Janakji/Janaki Ma's emotional reunion before Rajyabhishek - Pg. 17
Uttar Kand: Garud is afflicted with pride and goes to GauriShankar - Pg. 147
Uttar Kand: Ayodhya Happy Family Scene - Pg. 37
Uttar Kand: Urmila teases Lakshman about Shurpanakha - Pg. 146
Uttar Kand: Ram delivers to an expectant Sita his mother's joyous message - Pg. 109
Uttar Kand: Famous Rishis give a discourse on Dharma to Ram and Sita - Pg. 109
Uttar Kand: Sita is worried about Ram's restlessness/Ram decides to resign - Pg. 21
Uttar Kand: Maharani Sita learns about Ayodhyavasi's talk - Pg. 19
Uttar Kand: Raja Ram and Rani Sita's Conversation about Love & Duty - Pg. 21
Uttar Kand: Sita leaves for Vanvaas/Sita Rekha - Pg. 21
Uttar Kand: Sita secretly blesses Shatrughan @ Valmiki Ashram - Pg. 26
Uttar Kand: Sita Mata with baby and toddler Luv Kush - Pg. 13, 15
Uttar Kand: Luv and Kush feed rotis to a tied up Hanuman - Pg. 113
Uttar Kand: Lakshman's Samadhi - Pg. 92
BR Chopra's Mahabharat
Baby Krishna's Birth Celebrations at Gokul - Pg. 23
Pandavas & Kunti in Ekachakra - Pg. 11
Story of Dhristadyumna & Draupadi's Births - Pg. 11
Draupadi Swayamvar - Pg. 11, 24
Draupadi displeased about Arjun's marriage to Subhadra - Pg. 99
Krishna kills Sishupal - Pg. 70, 71
Draupadi bandages Krishna's finger - Pg. 71
Draupadi Vastra Haran - Pg. 11
Durvasa demands to be fed and Krishna helps the Pandavas - Pg. 71
Bhima tries to lift Hanuman's tail - Pg. 75
Bhagawat Gita Updesh - Pg. 23
Shree Krishna's Viraat Swaroop - Pg. 23
Gandhari mourns Dushashan's death - Pg. 24
Kunti reveals to Karna his true parentage - Pg. 24
Draupadi/Arjun Conversation before Karna Vadh - Pg. 24
Karna-Arjun Last Combat & Karna's Death - Pg. 14
Bhima-Duryodhan last combat - Pg. 146
Yudhisthir blames Draupadi for Kurukshetra War and then apologizes - Pg. 85
Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna
Switch-off between red and green symbolizes a change in the phase of Krishna's age.
Red(pre-Krishna's birth), Green(Baby Krishna), Red(Toddler Krishna), Green(Child Krishna), Red(Pre-Teen Krishna), Green(Adolescent Krishna), and Red(Adult Krishna) 
Sagar TV Pictures (High Quality) - Pg. 22
Maharishi Shuk tells Maharaj Parikshit the Bhagavata Purana - Pg. 6, 16 
Narad takes blessings of RadheKrishna in Golok - Pg. 17
Vasudev & Devaki Blessed - Pg. 17
Vasudev and Devaki's Vivah/Devaki Mata's Vidaai - Pg. 17
Aakaashvani stops Kans/Devaki's life spared - Pg. 18
Akrur's failed attempt to convince Vasudev and Devaki to flee Mathura - Pg. 18
Devaki's first pregnancy/Baby Kirtimaan's murder/VasuDevaki jailed - Pg. 18
Ugrasen Imprisoned/Rohini's Escape - Pg. 26
VD's next five babies are killed/Golok Krishna praises Devaki
Conception, Transfer, and Birth of Lord Balram - Pg. 30
Post-Garbh Stuti Pushp Varsha - 31
Pre & Post Shri Krishna Janmashtami - Pg. 1
Vasudev and Devaki temporarily released - Pg. 37
Putna Vadh/Sridhar, Kaaghasur, Utkach, & Trinavart Defeated - Pg. 42

Krishna's first Mor Mukut - Pg. 51
Krishna and Balram's joint-naming ceremony is planned - Pg. 55
Shri Krishna and Dau Bhaiyya's Naming Ceremony - Pg. 70
Vasudev and Devaki find out baby Krishna is alive - Pg. 79
Vasudev and Devaki re-imprisoned - Pg. 80
Vasudev & Devaki dream about Krishna and Balram's development - Pg. 105
Yashoda teaches Krishna to walk - Pg. 28
Yashoda feeds Krishna butter/Krishna becomes Makhan Chor - Pg. 28
Krishna breaks a pot of butter and Yashota ties him to a mortar - Pg. 111
Nand/Yashoda with Krishna (Makhan Chor Phase) - Pg. 24
Krishna's First Flute/Gokul Family Scene - Pg. 29
Radha and Krishna meet for the first time - Pg. 112
Gopis' Vastra Haran - Pg. 29
Yashoda waking up Krishna and sending him off to graze the cattle - Pg. 24
Kaliya Naag Nritya - Pg. 32
Krishna summons Radha/Radha visits Golok - Pg. 28
Govardhan Puja - Pg. 32
Krishna/Balram/Radha Conversation - Pg. 27
Shri Krishna lifts Govardhan Parvat - Pg. 27, 32
Lord Brahma's Illusion Dispelled - Pg. 32
Akrur visits Vasudev & Devaki about Krishna/Balram's education - Pg. 28
Swapnil-Shweta's first entrance as RadheKrishna (Na Jaane Tose...) - Pg. 19
Post-Na Jaane Tose Conversation Between Radha and Krishna - Pg. 20
Radha and Lalitha: Best Friends - Pg. 20
Radha goes to meet Krishna in secret (Kampit Charan) - Pg. 25
Krishna breaks Radha's pride - Pg. 25
Maharaas Leela - Pg. 74, 75
Akrurji comes to Gokul and Nand Baba's family greets/feeds him - Pg. 60
Akrur reveals the truth about Krishna's birth to Nand and Yashoda - Pg. 61, 62
Radha and Krishna's telepathic conversation and farewell - Pg. 20
Radha explains to Lalitha and the Gopis the true meaning of Love - Pg. 109
Shri Krishna reveals to Akrur his Divine Identity - Pg. 25
Shri Krishna liberates Kubja - Pg. 69
Shri Krishna breaks the Shiv Dhanush - Pg. 30
Surya Vandan - Pg. 35
Kans's Darbaar sees Krishna in different forms - Pg. 49
Chanoor insults Krishna and Balram gets into a rage - Pg. 50
Vasudev and Devaki's reunion with Krishna/Balram - Pg. 25
Shri Krishna and Sudama/Gurukul Scenes - Pg. 32
Golok Radharani blessing Uddhav - Pg. 38
Shri Krishna as Lord Vishnu - Pg. 32
Jarasandh decides to attack Mathura/Shurasen worried - Pg. 83
Akrur sent to Hastinapur with request for help - Pg. 83
Post-Jarsandh 1st defeat/Dhritarastra again refuses to help Mathura - Pg. 44
Jarasandh continuously loses another 16 battles to Krishna & Balram - Pg. 50
Shri Krishna as Ranchhod (Pre-Kalyavan Vadh) - Pg. 32
Original Dwaraka Nirmaan (from VHS sets) - Pg. 43
Rukmini Mata's Gauri Vrat - Pg. 33
Rukmini writes a letter for help to Krishna - Pg. 38
Krishna gifts Rukmini with a Parijaat flower - Pg. 73
Shri Krishna Tulaabhaaram - Pg. 74
Rukmini's Godh Bharai (baby shower) - Pg. 100
Birth of Pradyumna - Pg. 100
Abhimanyu is trapped and killed in the Chakravyuha - Pg. 121, 122
Shri Krishna protects Parikshit in Uttara's womb - Pg. 123
BR Chopra's Ramayan
Nitish Bharadwaj and Smriti Malhotra Irani as Ram & Sita - Pg. 23
Dheeraj Kumar's Om Namah Shivay
DVD Cover Pictures - Pg. 2
Title Track Pictures - Pg. 43
Anand Sagar's Ramayan
Each separate color/section symbolizes the different kandas of the epic.
Sagar TV Pictures (High Quality) - Pg. 3, 21, 61, 63, 107, 117, 118
Promo #1 for DVD Set - Pg. 21
Ramayan Title Track - Pg. 45
Bal Kand: Lord Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi - Pg. 40
Bal Kand: Episode One: Raja Dasharath decides to do Putra Kameshti Yagna - Pg. 2
Bal Kand: Episode Two: Putra Kameshti Yagna & Four Brothers' Naamkaran - Pg. 7
Bal Kand: Lord Vishnu appears to Kaushalya Mata in a dream - Pg. 26
Bal Kand: Ram-Bharat-Lakshman-Shatrughan Birth & Naamkaran - Pg. 82
Bal Kand: Dashrath and the three Rajmatas with the baby brothers - Pg. 83
Bal Kand: Raja Janak finds Sita Ma while ploughing the Earth - Pg. 30
Bal Kand: Child Ram and Sita with Parents - Pg. 16, 21
Bal Kand: End of Gurukul Shiksha/Gurmeet's Entrance as Lord Ram - Pg. 16, 21
Bal Kand: Ram and his brothers return to Ayodhya/Reunion with Parents - Pg. 36
Bal Kand: Gautam Rishi curses Ahalya - Pg. 67, 68
Bal Kand: Shri Ram liberates Ahalya - Pg. 68
Bal Kand: Ram-Lakshman-Vishvamitra arrive at Mithila for Sita's Swayamvar - Pg. 79
Bal Kand: Sita's Maha Gauri Vrat - Pg. 16
Bal Kand: Pushp Vatika Promo - Pg. 135
Bal Kand: Ram and Sita's First Glance at Pushp Vatika - Pg. 74
Bal Kand: Siya Mukh Ka Pratibimbh Samajh Kar (Ram-Sita Moon Glance) - Pg. 132, 13
Bal Kand: Maharani Sunaina is worried about the outcome of the Swayamvar - Pg. 132
Bal Kand: Sita gets ready for the Swayamvar and Vishvamitra blesses Ram - Pg. 128
Bal Kand: Raja Janak enters the Swayamvar Sabha and greets all the Kings - Pg. 128
Bal Kand: Ram, Lakshman, and Vishvamitra enter the Swayamvar Sabha - Pg. 130
Bal Kand: Sita enters the Swayamvar Sabha and is overjoyed to see Ram - Pg. 130
Bal Kand: The Royal bards state Janak's vow regarding Sita's marriage - Pg. 46, 146
Bal Kand: The Kings all fail in lifting the Shiv Dhanush - Pg. 146
Bal Kand: Shatrughan wishes to see Shrutakirti/Ram and Shatrughan bond - Pg. 43
Bal Kand: Rajmatas see portraits of Sita, Mandavi, Urmila, and Shrutakirti - Pg. 58
Bal Kand: Sita mourns the loss of her natal family - Pg. 59
Bal Kand: Ram explains the importance of marriage to Shatrughan - Pg. 59
Bal Kand: SiyaRam Vivah - Pg. 37, 38
Bal Kand: Sita Vidaai - Pg. 33
Bal Kand: Ram and Sita's First Night - Pg. 21
Bal Kand: The four brothers and sisters visit a village during Mahashivratri - Pg. 108
Bal Kand: Assorted Ram and Sita sweet scenes at Ayodhya - Pg. 21, 64
Bal Kand: Sita and her sisters write to their parents - Pg. 108 
Bal Kand: Bharat is injured at battle and Ram protects/revives him - Pg. 64
Bal Kand: Dashrath decides to hand over some duties to Ram and his brothers - Pg. 108
Bal Kand: Ram presses Dashrath's feet & Dashrath gives a discourse on duty - Pg. 64
Bal Kand:  Ram explains to Sita the value of elders in a household  - Pg. 25, 109
Bal Kand: Sita presses Ram's feet and explains to him why he is special - Pg. 110
Ayodhya Kand: Dashrath decides to crown Ram - Pg. 98
Ayodhya Kand: Dashrath, Kaushalya, and Sumitra bless Ram - Pg. 98
Ayodhya Kand: Sita tells news about Rajyabhishek to Urmila and Lakshman - Pg. 98
Ayodhya Kand: Ram proclaims Lakshman his other half - Pg. 98
Ayodhya Kand: Ram breaks the news of vanvaas to Kaushalya - Pg. 115
Ayodhya Kand: Sita, Urmila, and Lakshman find out about Kaikeyi's two boons - Pg. 115
Ayodhya Kand: Sumitra attempts to convince Kaikeyi against vanvaas - Pg. 115
Ayodhya Kand: Kaushalya agrees to let Ram go on vanvaas - Pg. 116
Ayodhya Kand: Sita convinces Ram to take her with him - Pg. 116
Ayodhya Kand: Bharat reveals to Ram-Lakhan-Sita news about Dashrath's death - Pg. 89
Ayodhya Kand: Ram and the brothers perform Dashrath's last rites - Pg. 89
Ayodhya Kand: Sitaji serves Kaikeyi and Kaushalya - Pg. 89
Ayodhya Kand: Bharat tries to convince Ram to return to Ayodhya - Pg. 90
Ayodhya Kand: Raja Janak comes to Chitrakoot to offer his assistance - Pg. 90
Ayodhya Kand: Bharat takes padukas of Shri Ram and returns to Ayodhya - Pg. 87
Ayodhya Kand: Ram reminds Lakshman of his duty - Pg. 87
Aranya Kand: Ram, Sita, and Lakshman arrive at Atri Mahamuni's Ashram - Pg. 93
Aranya Kand: Mata Anasuya gifts Sitaji with divine clothing and jewels - Pg. 93
Aranya Kand: Shri Ram kills many asuras in the forest - Pg. 94
Aranya Kand:  Ramji misses his mothers/Sitaji comforts him - Pg. 26
Aranya Kand: Shurpanakha tries to seduce Ram & Lakshman punishes her - Pg. 26, 27
Aranya Kand: Shri Ram uses Mohini Astra on Khar and Dushan's Army - Pg. 94
Aranya Kand: Sita's glimpse of Golden Deer & asking Ramji to get it for her - Pg. 5
Aranya Kand: Sita Haran (Abduction of Sita by Ravan) - Pg. 18
Aranya Kand: Shabari meets Ramji - Pg. 3
Kishkindha Kand: Hanuman carries Ram and Lakshman on his shoulders - Pg. 44
Kishkindha Kand: Ram is shown Sita's jewels and remembers past moments - Pg. 115
Kishkindha Kand: Ram sends a message to Sita through his bow - Pg. 136
Kishkindha Kand: Ram shoots one arrow through seven saal trees - Pg. 137
Kishkindha Kand: Sita's Memory: Ram teases her about remarrying - Pg. 97, 120
Kishkindha Kand: Sita lost in thoughts of Ram during the monsoon - Pg. 54
Kishkindha Kand: Ram worried about Sita's condition in Lanka - Pg. 55
Kishkindha Kand: Ram's Memory: Ram purposefully loses to Sita at dice - Pg. 24
Kishkindha Kand: Sita offers Ram a shield of protection with her sari palloo - Pg. 119
Kishkindha Kand: Sita's memory: Ram explains the equality of a husband/wife- Pg. 119
Kishkindha Kand: Ram's memory: Sita tells Ram she is happy with vanvaas - Pg. 120
Kishkindha Kand: Background Story: Vedavati curses Ravan - Pg. 136
Kishkindha Kand: Kaikasi tells the story of Lord Vishnu's victory over Mali - Pg. 125
Kishkindha Kand: Ram becomes anxious when Sita playfully hides from him - Pg. 125
Kishkindha Kand: Ram's memory: Sita tells Ram that she will die without him - Pg. 126
Kishkindha Kand: Sita shows Ravan Ram's Chaturbhuj Roop - Pg. 136
Kishkindha Kand: Ram gives Hanuman his mudrika (ring) to show Sita - Pg. 136 
Sundar Kand: Hanuman sees Sita in the Ashok Vatika - Pg. 120
Sundar Kand:  Ravan attempts to seduce Sita and leaves in a fit of anger - Pg. 120
Sundar Kand: Rakshasis threaten Sita & Trijata frightens them with her dream - Pg. 120 
Sundar Kand: Sita gives Hanuman her Chudamani - Pg. 96
Sundar Kand: Hanuman delivers Sita's message and Chudamani to Ram - Pg. 96
Yudh Kand: Vibhishan seeks Ram's shelter/Ram declares him King of Lanka - Pg. 52, 53
Yudh Kand: Ram Setu Nirmaan & Rameshwaram Sthaapana - Pg. 112
Yudh Kand: Sita Mata's Agni Pariksha - Pg. 14
Yudh Kand: Ramji liberates Mata Kaikeyi from guilt - Pg. 30
Yudh Kand: Ramji forgives Manthara - Pg. 101
Uttar Kand: Sita serves Raja Ram as his queen - Pg. 54, 102
Uttar Kand: Sita is happy and content with her life - Pg. 102
Uttar Kand: Ram's discourse on the equality of a wife and husband - Pg. 102
Uttar Kand: Sindhoori Hanuman - Pg. 20
Uttar Kand: Kaushalya Ma wishes for a grandchild - Pg. 32
Uttar Kand: Sita is worried about Ram's distressed condition - Pg. 18
Uttar Kand: Ram seeks a heartfelt promise from Sita - Pg. 18
Uttar Kand: Sita, Mandavi, Urmila, and Shrutakirti's Baby Shower - Pg. 112
Uttar Kand: Sita finds out about the Praja's bad talk - Pg. 112
Uttar Kand: Sita tells Ram of her decision to leave Ayodhya - Pg. 53
Uttar Kand: Sita makes a vow in front of Raghukul ancestors - Pg. 53
Uttar Kand: Sita speaks to her unborn sons and dons vanvaasi attire - Pg. 53
Uttar Kand: Ram and Sita's Final Farewell - Pg. 54 
Uttar Kand: Sita's Vanvaas Begins/Ram-Sita Lost in Thought - Pg. 17
Uttar Kand: Valmikiji offers Sita Mata shelter in his ashram - Pg. 17
Uttar Kand: Shri Ram receives an indication that LuvKush are born - Pg. 51
Uttar Kand: Kaushalya Ma imagines Ram and Sita together with their babies - Pg. 51
Uttar Kand: Vandevi works hard in the forest/Entrance of child LuvKush - Pg. 51
Uttar Kand: Ram-Hanuman Maha Yudh Promo - Pg. 114
Uttar Kand: Ram and Hanuman's Maha Yudh - Pg. 114
Uttar Kand: Raja Ram describes Sita Mata's beauty to Raj Silpi - Pg. 18
Uttar Kand: Swarna Sita (Golden Statue of Sita) is ready - Pg. 18, 27
Uttar Kand: Shri Ram goes to Sarayu to gather water for the Ashvamedh Yagna - Pg. 19
Uttar Kand: Hanuman learns that LuvKush are the sons of Ram and Sita - Pg. 103
Uttar Kand: Luv and Kush tie up Lord Hanuman - Pg. 102, 103
Uttar Kand: Ram is angered by the defeat of his brothers and Hanuman - Pg. 104
Uttar Kand: Ram goes to fight LuvKush at Valmiki's ashram - Pg. 104, 105
Uttar Kand: Sita is told that her sons defeated the army of Ayodhya - Pg. 105
Uttar Kand: Confrontation between LuvKush and Raja Ram - Pg. 105
Uttar Kand: Valmiki intervenes and LuvKush apologize - Pg. 105
Uttar Kand: Sita Ma returns to Mother Earth/LuvKushRamji Reunion - Pg. 33, 102
Uttar Kand: Shri Ram Ka Mahaprayaan - Pg. 91
Meenakshi Sagar's Jai Shri Krishna
Red = Dhriti's phase & Blue = Meghan's phase
'On the Set' Pictures (High Quality) - Pg. 22, 31
Raj Premi (Kans) & Prachee Pathak (Keshni) Pictures (High Quality) - Pg. 22
High Quality pics of Gokul Family with Baby Krishna - Pg. 66, 67
High Quality pics of Aditi, Zeb, and Dhriti (Yashoda, Nand, and Bal Krishna) - Pg. 56, 58
Promo #1: Dhriti Bhatia as Bal Krishna - Pg. 116
High Quality Pictures of Kritika Sharma (Radha) - Pg. 31
Promo Pics of Meghan's Entry into JSK - Pg. 8
Episode #210: Meghan's Entry as Shri Krishna 
Episode #211: Kaliya Naag Nritya - Pg. 5
Episode #222: Radha begs Krishna not to play his flute - Pg. 83, 84
Episode #226: Krishna shows Radha their image in a tear drop - Pg. 118
Episode #228: Krishna proves Radha's divine love to society - Pg. 34
Episode #229: Radha tell Krishna to give Hans Muni his darshan - Pg. 131
Episode #230: Radha and Gopis tell Krishna that they prefer him over moksha - Pg. 117

Episode #231: Maharaas Leela - Pg. 8
Episode #233: Radha comes to Gokul and everyone teases Krishna - Pg. 35, 36
Episode 234: Krishna surprises Yashoda and begs for butter - Pg. 231
Episode #235: Krishna and Balram Snapshots - Pg. 48
Episode #238: Krishna wants Akrur to leave Gokul - Pg. 132
Episode #238: Radha tells Krishna to give up all attachments - Pg. 132
Episode #238: Radha has a dream that Krishna is leaving - Pg. 133
Episode #239: Yashoda Maiyya sings a lullaby to Krishna - Pg. 133
Episode #239: Yashoda dreams that Krishna is abducted by a rakshas - Pg. 134
Episode #241: Radha prays to Gauri Ma for Krishna - Pg. 134
Episode #245: Nand Baba asking Shri Krishna to restore Yashoda's life - Pg. 5, 13
Episode #246: RadhaKrishna Conversation - Pg. 15
Episode #255: Krishna frightens Kans in a dream - Pg. 84
Episode #255: Krishna has Yashoda realize that one cannot run from Vidhi - Pg. 85, 86
Episode #258: Yashoda runs away with Krishna and they encounter an Asur - Pg. 84, 85
Shri Krishna leaves Gokul for Mathura - Pg. 8
Episode #270: Keshni begs Krishna to forgive Kans but is refused
Episode #272: Krishna and Balram's reunion with Vasudev and Devaki
Episode #273: Krishna's last meeting with Nand - Pg. 15
Episode #288: Krishna comes to Gopis in the form of Uddhav - Pg. 85
Meenakshri Sagar's Meera
 Title Song Pictures - Pg. 10
HQ Pictures of Meera & her friends/family - Pg. 10
HQ Pictures of Aditi Sajwan as Meera - Pg. 60
A Parable - Meera - Pg. 72
Mahima Shani Dev Ki
Sagar TV Pictures (High Quality) - Pg. 20
Debina Bonnerjee as Ganga - Pg. 11, 135
Aditi Sajwan as Tulsi Devi - Pg. 9
Prem Sagar's Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali
Sagar TV Pictures (High Quality) - Pg. 115
Sagars' Dwarikadeesh: Bhagwan Shri Krishna
Promo #1 Pictures - Pg. 116
Promo #2 Pictures - Pg. 138
Promo #3 Pictures - Pg. 138
Promo #4 Pictures - Pg. 140
Promo #5 Pictures - Pg. 142
Promo #6 Pictures - Pg. 147
Promo #7 Pictures - Pg. 149
Episode #1: Kalyavan Vadh - Pg. 137
Episode #2: Revathi chides Krishna - Pg. 137
Episode #3: Rukmini prays to Gauri Ma for Krishna - Pg. 137
Episode #3: Krishna revives sick Brahmin boy - Pg. 137
Episode #4: Jarasandh vows revenge on Krishna - Pg. 138
Episode #5: Rukmini writes a letter of plea to Krishna - Pg. 138
Episode #6: Rukmi chamber arrests Rukmini - Pg. 138
Episode #9: Krishna and Balram defeat Jarasandh - Pg. 139
Episode #9: Krishna and Balram return to Dwaraka - Pg. 139
Episode #12: Krishna receives Rukmini's letter - Pg. 139
Episode #13: Rukmini gets ready for her marriage to Sishupal - Pg. 139
Episode #15: Krishna leaves Dwaraka to abduct Rukmini - Pg. 140
Episode #15: Rukmini prays to Gauri Ma in the temple - Pg. 140
Episode #16: Rukmini Haran - Pg. 140
Episode #17: Krishna and Balram's battles with Sishupal and Rukmi - Pg. 141
Episode #18: Krishna plays his flute for Rukmini during the night - Pg. 141
Episode #18: Krishna and Rukmini arrive at Dwaraka - Pg. 141
Other Mythological Shows
HQ Surya Puraan Promo Pictures - Pg. 37
HQ Jai Mahalakshmi Pictures - Pg. 61
HQ Jai Maa Durga Pictures - Pg. 61
HQ Jai Ganga Maiyya Pictures - Pg. 61, 118, 119
Zee TV's Raavan - Pg. 122
Animated/Non-Animated Mythological Movies
Arun Govil as Shivji in Shiv Mahima - Pg. 35
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|| Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan ||

Naamkaran of Ram, Bharat, Lakshman, and Shatrughan

The babies were sooooooooooo cute!Day Dreaming
Edited by JanakiRaghunath - 2011-04-11T19:49:29Z
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Posted: 2010-11-10T05:23:17Z

|| Sagar Arts Ramayan ||

Intro. of Gurmeet as Lord Ram
(credit to Mina for these pics)




Edited by Dpka1415 - 2010-11-10T23:51:19Z
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@ Deeps - the banner is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I wanna use it for myself now LOL You incorprated everything sooo perfectly Clap

@ Janu - perfect first choice pic update, hun!!! I shall match it... here goes the

Janmashtami/Nandotsav Pic Update
from Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna

VD talk to Chaturbhuj form of Shri Krishna, choose the joy of parenthood over liberation, and instructions from Yogmaya:

Journey to Gokul

Yogmaya's warning to Kans

Gokulashtami (couldn't get many outdoor shots cuz all the dancing made for motion blur)

Enjoy, siggify!!! Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki!!!
Edited by lola610 - 2011-08-09T15:00:30Z
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Posted: 2010-11-10T14:02:27Z
Wow, amazing choice for your first pic update, Loli! I esp love this pic, sooooooooooo powerful.Day Dreaming The lady who played Yogmaya looked really graceful.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T14:05:32Z

StarPic UpdateStar

Ramayan Post-Gurukul Reunion
This is going to be a HUGE pic update (65 pics) spanning two posts, so please wait until all the pics load.Wink
These pics are from Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan, in the episode where Ram and the four brothers return from their Gurukul Shiksha and reunite with parents.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T14:09:27Z

Part 2

Love the expressions of everyone in this scene!LOL
This follows right after the reunion of Part 1, where the family sits down to lunch (or dinner) and jokes around with each other. Kaushalya and Kaikeyi insist that the brothers are not eating enough, while Ram protests about the amount of food his mother is feeding him.
|| Jai Shree Ram || 
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