ATHIPOOKAL - Nearing the end ??/ Hopes Mannn

Posted: 2010-11-04T20:12:59Z
Hmm.... I can sense that this drama is coming to an end.
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Posted: 2010-11-04T20:20:51Z
Wishing all of you a Happy & Blessed Diwali.
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Posted: 2010-11-05T18:18:49Z
Hi - Can you tell a brief summary of how it is ending?

The baby, Padma, The girl(Baby's mother), Manohar and rest of the people?

I really like the brother character - I keep forgetting all the names though - Jaga or some thing.

has been more than a year since I watched it last.

Happy Diwali to you too.
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Posted: 2010-11-06T04:38:55Z
Mick, follow Dr. Kalaam's advice - keep dreaming. I understand that
a fresh vengeance game has started - baby abduction etc., etc., grrr
Ithellam will never end !!!
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Posted: 2010-11-06T17:30:56Z
Migan, well no worries about not knowing the characters... even i kept forgetting who's who.
So here's what i'm really sure of.
Karpagam - the surrogate mother
Manohar - Padma's husband
Padma - Mano's wife
Anjali - Mano's sister thus Padma's anni and sadly she's the baddy
Sekhar - Anjali's hubby and Padma's brother
Vijay - Anjali and Sekhar's son
The mama - dunno how to spell his name but the one who works with Mano and helps him
The old lady - last time a baddy who helps Anjali but now a goodie and helping Karpagam
Maha - Anjali's PA
Sidarth - Anjali's PA too the cooky fella and a funny guy (a welcome relief to the sometimes boring scene)
Well, i really dunno how it will end but i know it will end soon because the real climax is about the surrogate mother and Padma Mano's baby.  Padma still doesn't know that Karpagam is the actual mother although she knows that that the baby she loves is not hers as she couldn't conceive.
Yes the baby gets kidnapped, and Anjali still doesn't know that Karpagam is the woman she's been looking for all along. She always comes close to finding out who's the surrogate mother but the director seems to have other ideas and puts it on hold thus dragging the drama even further.
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Posted: 2010-11-06T17:37:13Z
Migan, sorry i forgot one thing to add...
my favourite character is Anjali!!  LOL  Serious!!
Roja - yeah i can continue dreaming coz i love dreaming trying to figure out how the drama will end.
And sometimes i'm fed-up too that its dragging on and on.
but i think its far better than Thangam. just look at that now. I can't seem to imagine how Ramya Krishnan could have said okay to that role.
Cheers!  Wink
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Posted: 2010-11-07T23:18:27Z
Thanks for the summary mickey.

Didn't miss much looks like.

Did Karpagam's brother and his wife have kids? What happened to Easwari?

(My goodness that girl who acted as Easwari had lost too much weight at that time)
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Posted: 2010-11-08T15:24:57Z
No problem Migan.
I don't think you've missed much too.
Well, Karpagam's brother and his wife has a child. And its been so many
months since i saw the other familes/characters. Looks like they're only
focusing on the main ones now.
Yeah, she's lost weigght... but i didn't notice. She's now healed and back to
normal and living with her husband and family.  Pooja acts as Easwari.
That's all I know about her.
Cheers!  Smile
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