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hello every one i'm fiza u all may know me from the pkb , bhasker bharti, n geet forum this my 4th ff hope u like it

Kheenche Mujhe Koyi DorTeri Ore


Mr. Dobriyal:    A rich successful business man a wonderful husband and a awesome dad , he feels he is very lucky to be blessed with 3 daughters and a beautiful wife.


Mrs. Dobriyal :A woman that is very talented she is a house wife but at the same time a very good artist , she loves to paint ,sculpt, decorate, and sew .she is a loving faithful wife who supports her husband in everything and rocking mom who dosent mind always bending backward for her 3 daughters.

Panchi Dobriyal: eldest of 3 sisters who is very intelligent girl who does a lot of social work she loves help out at the dog shelter and also works at the mount college as one of the head of the drama club . her dressing style is a little conservative she is very close to her sister Misha and pia , she a loving sister who is responsible, protective yet knows how have fun. Loves her fiance Dannish

Misha Dobriyal:2nd of 3 sisters who is a total opposite of both her sisters, she is the stereotypical tom boy who hates to wear dress and has a little bit of a punk fell to her she is the laughter track of the house who loves her sisters panchi and pia    but most of all loves to get on panchi nerves

Pia Dobriyal: The younget in the family the baby a very sweet innocent girl who is very differentfrom everyone else she is not like other girls she doesn't care what the world thinks about her she is a carefree fun loving happy go lucky girl who lives for her family she is the jaan of house also the referee between panchi and misha , very close to her sisters , she is avery real girl who doest believe in love she feels it looks good only in books and movies doesn't want a happily every after fairytale life cuz it's a lie she feels she wants a normal life that's has all seasons is very close to her best friend kabir daanish younger bro

Raja Singh Rathore from the royal family very nice man whos is rich yet has kept a balance for his kids taught them not use there influence ,name and money to get there way but only for good and helpful reasons

Kunwar Daanish eldest son loving bro and dutiful son who helps out at mount college drama club but works in his fathers business full time , very close to his bro kabir and his friends Misha and pia and loves his fiance panchi

Kunwar KabirSingh The younget very chilled out mr. cool who is the perfect example of the meaning chocolate boy the heartthrob of college all the girls have their eyes on him but he has his eyes only on pia he loves pia she is his best friend but he feels they our actually unofficially together always flirts with her truly cares for her but never told he loves her cuz he doesn't want lose her very close to his friends misha and going to be bhaabi    panchi .

Mr. Raichand:   they are new in town very very rich business man who has bought some many properties , universities, lands uses his influences, name ,money to get his way at any cost

Mrs. Raichand::very two faced infront of people nice sweet woman behind rude arrogant feels they are the best and money buys everything


 Abhay Raichand :a strikingly handsome boy with a mysterious disposition new in town but has taken over the college as the new hunk not affaird to use his fathers name, influence,and money to get his way has met pia for first time and feels their is something that connects them .

That's it for now please give me ur feed back if u liked it or not and don't forget to press the like button who ever wants to be on the pm list let me know

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I like this a lot. Smile

It was awesome! I can't wait to read more. Smile And, this is gonna be a AbhIya story, right? Big smile

Continue soon....Smile

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hey nice character sketch..seems interesting..do update soon and add me to ur pm list...

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hey seems interestin do continue soon
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Originally posted by Akanksha0701

I like this a lot. Smile

It was awesome! I can't wait to read more. Smile And, this is gonna be a AbhIya story, right? Big smile

Continue soon....Smile

thanks dear  will do  glad u like itWink
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Originally posted by .:.MONA.:.

hey nice character sketch..seems interesting..do update soon and add me to ur pm list...

 thanks dear  sure i am going to  make a pm list will add u Embarrassed
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Originally posted by ridzie4u2nv

hey seems interestin do continue soon
Big smileLOL thanks dear  will update soonWinkBig smile
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I slid the pink Chudiyan"

into my hands The mehndi on my hands dark as ever, that was a sign he would love me forever. I smiled, and as usual i could feel a  gut feeling that what  was happening is not  right i felt a tears run down on my cheeks. I got up from the bed and walked over to my dresser taking a seat on the small chair in front of it. I observed my self in the mirror,  whiped my tears My face, showed  a smile but  my eyes showed the sadness inside of me, the love i felt for him but  no  my destiney wouldn't lead me  to him but to kabir instead and become  kabir's  forever.

"Pia  Wow, baby you look awsome." My sweet and rocking sister Misha "Turly bohat achi lag rahi hoo." Panchi placed her kajol on me as i faked a  smiled. "But she  has to, look to way better than our jiju kabir  and she does   or anyways I telling you dude who even looks at the dulha every ones eyes are always on the beautiful bride  which is our pia" Misha . Panchi fixed my bindi. "In my opnion you look like an angel sweety." She said placing her hand on my cheek. "You seem a bit too down  today. You don't look as happy as most brides our " Misha just shut up replyed Panchi,  ofcourse she is a little sad today is  he bidaai  haan Panchi di Why wouldnt i be, my life would change andi will be married  every girl feels like this on her wedding.

Misha oh wow the baraat is here panchi lets go  pia  will come in a bit

I   looked back at the mirror and turned Abhay tum

He covered my mouth and pushed me to wall(they have a eye locking session).


Abhay: tum yeh shaadi nahin kar  sak thi ,you can't  marry  him  

Tum sirf aur sirf meri hai  aur  I wont let it happen

Pia( pushing his hand away): no tum aisa kuch  nahin  kar na  why did come here

Misha  aur panchi di  can come back any minute  tum pagal ho  jao yahaan se

Abhay : no I will not   why are you torturing  yourself

Pia:  what I'm doing I'm for my family papa mama like kabir

I've  known kabir  since I was  3 and he was 6  for the past  17 yrs he  loves me and I trust him.

Abhay(grabing pia's arms ):What do you mean loves u  and trust him, I love you  I never let  any thing harm you  for the last time  if you don't stop the wedding I will and leaves.

Few mintues later Pia  looking completely gorgeous  in her wedding dress  walked down the Stairs with her sisters around her. Panchi to her  right , and  Misha on the left. Today was her wedding day the day that every girl waits and dreams for, but instead of being thrilled she was terrified. The reason being  that Abhay showed up and threathed  her not  marry a guy she didn't love someone but doing it only for the family  Pia's mind: Come on Pia get a hold  of yourself be strong, today  your life will change for ever your getting married ,you have to do this for your family. Just thing about papa,mama     panchi di and misha  and kabir he's your best friend he a gem of guy  you cant back out now papa well be  so embarrassed.

pia's heart: Main aisa kaise kar sakthi hoon.   I don't know why but I cant get my self to forget  abhay, even though I know  papa mama hate him  I have this gut feeling that keeps telling  me he is the one for me  the right guy for me not Kabir. I just want to scream and run away  from this situation(closing her eyes) ya Rabba please let abhay not create a scene  and let this new chapter in life be the beginning of the most beautiful journy of my life please help me please. Sitting  at mandap .

Kabir: pia you look beautiful  I promise  I will always keep u happy I'm the luckiest guy in the world. (They stand  for the  phere) but before the could start abhay grabs pia and puts sindoor in her maang  when abhay does so she close her eyes and takes a deep breath  when she opens them she has tears in her eyes's then abhay   put the mangalsutra  on pia, kabir   runs but Abhay    pushes kabir and tells him don't you dare come near my wife. That it for now don't forget to comment.  

That's it for now please give me ur feed back if u liked it or not   and don't forget to press the like button   who ever wants to be on the pm list let me know  
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