Memorable Moments

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hi all
How r u all?
Show was end  just yesterday and we all r sad.
We r happy to see revayash together but for just couple of moments.
we r happy to see yash gets all justice.......
we r  happy to see yash get back his own kingdom and his mother...
we r happy to see yash announce the engagement of sharad and jyotika.

now pls share ur memorable moments here.

Posted: 12 years ago

 my fav moments are lots of........
1.Introduce of reva
2.from the very first day bonding between sharad and reva too good.
lovely brother and sister.
3.badri make or paint murti of  Ma Durga after touch her daughter's face. ti's so divine.
4.every one find resembles between reva and murti of ma durga which is made by badri.
5.reva and her childish behavior ...her innocence......friendly nature, care for every one.
6.lakhi's worried. it's beautifully portrayed 
7.friendship between reva and bolu.
8.Introduce of aryaman (perfect  villain )
9.Dai ma and her evilness.loved it. perfectly portrayed.
10.Introduce of Yashvarhdan , perfect timing......yashvardhan's royal attitude  yet  compassionate
11.Yash and arya's interaction on arya's room.

more wi
ll added soon

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Posted: 12 years ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chutki Lovely post
M just mssng AKNV now
will reply soon
Posted: 12 years ago

Excellent Tooic yaar! There are some many such moments ! Let me list and  will get back to you soon !  Missing AKNV more now !

Posted: 12 years ago
That time when Reva got hurt and Arya was being kabab mein haddi Angry trying to help her when Yash was doing his job perfectly well.....I think she hurt herself riding a horse, but anyway Reva getting hurt isn't my favorite moment's when both Yash and Arya give her their hands after yash brought her back home and she chooses to hold Yash's hand over Arya's.....that one was quite memorable for me. I liked it. There are more......oh yeah, how can I forget! All those sneaky looks Revash took at eachother when she used to sleep on the bed and he was on the sofa...they were always very cute. Smile
Posted: 12 years ago

Wonderful topic Rakhi....let me think....will update later Smile

Posted: 12 years ago
Hi Prithvi , Fantastic topic,feel low missing AKNV, what  a good tonic to boost us up, will get back.

Take care

Posted: 12 years ago

1. Just after RevAsh marriage when they were left alone in the palace. Smile

She was all scared and he was nothing but protective and caring. She kept on venting her anger at him and he was slowly falling for her. Especially the scene she takes a knife with her while serving him dinner....that scene was brilliantly conceptualised and shot.  I also love the one when Reva dressed  Yash's bleeding arm. That was the scene when Yash realised his love.
2. The song 'In lamahon ki daaman me...' on RevAsh. It was the start of Reva's love and trust for Yash.
3. The stormy night in the jungle farmhouse when their eyes spoke volumes. Then Arya came to spoil the fun.Dead
ShockedNot much on my list....Confused
Actually I can't remember a single lighthearted RevAsh scene where the love was expressed from both sides. We were begging to the CVs for proper development of the love story, but they kept on showing Reva's hate track, Arya's hate and kidnapping track and in the end Ranima's hate track.  
Just wish CVs had taken some clues from Geet!

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