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Posted: 2010-09-12T15:19:45Z
Puli - Not Wild
IndiaGlitz  [Friday, September 10, 2010]

One of the most awaited movies of the year starring Power Star Pawan Kalyan and directed by SJ Suryah, 'Komarum Puli', is welcomed by huge crowds everywhere! Pawan Kalyan comes to screens after two long years and it seems like the wait could have been longer, instead of acting in an awfully made movie.

The Movie and the Analysis

'Puli' is a story about an 'honest', 'sincere' and 'committed' police man (it happens in all Indian movies) and he is out there to protect the people of Andhra Pradesh(because he hails from there).

The movie starts in a village (time period: ages back) where a lady (Saranya) comes crying to the police station as her husband, a cop himself, has been missing. Despite repeated complaints, the corrupted cops, Charan Raj and Nasser, don't listen to her. He is killed by a goon named Salim (Manoj Bajpai). The villain is after Saranya now but she escapes thanks to the intervention of Nasser, who leaves her alone. Amidst the jungle lies a lone temple of Ayyappa (going by the idol of a boy on a Tiger) and Saranya crawls her way there. Here is the 2010 movie's 1970 mantra- Saranya threatens (not even request) the God as to who will save this world. She asks the God to incarnate and come to this world (audiences are over these devotional things on screen, may be the director is not). She asks him how (in fact gives him options like coming from the sky or coming from the ground, etc) and suddenly she vomits and that's a sign of conceiving that the Lord is 'coming' through her! And you know who the baby is! Watch out for how he is born (probably inspired by Apocalypto)!

Now its present day 2010 (or 2008), the hero is introduced in a rather unusual way! He flies from an already flying helicopter (thanks to visual effects) in Thailand and jumps on a terrorist who's on a building and he is part of a gang to kill the visiting Prime Minister of India (played by veteran actor Girish Karnad). So here is shown the super human heroics of inspector Puli and the Power Star emerges invincible (obviously).

Using a classic artist like Girish Karnad for a minute and a half is nothing worth talking about. In his reception to acknowledge Special Officer Komarum Puli (hero's name) the Prime Minister agrees to a proposal put forth by the hero. Puli IPS requests the Prime Minister to give him permission to set up a special team (Puli Team, that's the name!) to make corrupted police officers work and save the honour of the Police Department! This request is not shot a request; it is a lecture, thanks to the gloomy dialogues!

This is getting long now, quickly wrapping this section up, Manoj Bajpai is a big international don and he is a king maker. So from here, how this 'Puli Team' gets Manoj Bajpai forms the rest of the story!

Devoid of a Gripping Screenplay

Observing the story line of 'Puli', you'll realise it is quite engaging and cop movies have always had the broadest scope to involve high voltage action. But the screenplay of this movie is a big turn off! There is action but its low voltage! The hero's introduction itself will make you laugh if not engross!

As soon as the 'Puli Team' is followed, the hero and his team travel to all the police stations in Hyderabad in his convoy, where the hero travels in massive SUVs. Wonder how many litres of fuel would have been spent? Because for quite sometime once the formation of the Team is shown, Puli's convoy travels with AR Rahman's background score!

Editing has been a complete debacle. Had it been finer and the movie would have been crisper, there could have been some respite for the audience.

When Saranya pleads at the station Charan Raj and Nasser are young cops and so was Manoj Bajpai. But after Puli grows to be a cop, Charan Raj is still the same but Manoj Bajpai's hair is grey and so is his moustache!

People trying to reach Puli through dedicated phone booths, have to use the traditional dial phones (that have gone dead after the British left India) when latest push button phones are in vogue in the remotest of villages in today's India.

Actors and Performances

Pawan Kalyan as a cop for the first time in his career has done a good job. Leave alone his dialogue delivery during the shoots but he has improvised it in the post-production stages to dub and modulate effectively. Pawan Kalyan's body language seems to be heavily influenced by director SJ Suryah. Compare the best of Indian cop movies, you'll know why they have succeeded.

SJ Suryah besides handling the screenplay and direction, has also the dialogues to his credit. The dialogues of the movie are a sham! They sound way too cinematic and a couple of them are repetitive! Movies usually have informative dialogues but these seem to be preaching! Sorry, the audience can't handle these!

The debutant heroine, Nikeesha, is just a mandate in this movie. She has been used just for the heck of it, just for the songs and worse, only for a comedy track along with Ali. In no way, is she important to the script. But she looks pretty in a few angles and has to choose her scripts to get noticed.

Saranya has a lot to play in the first half. Experience speaks and the actress has been playing mother's roles off late to cake walk with this character as Puli's mother.

Charan Raj had nothing much to do except to crib about everything Puli does and Nasser was a mere tail to Pawan Kalyan. He was only following wherever the hero walked. The seasoned actor was underused.

The dreaded villain Manoj Bajpai reminds you of the many villains of today's cinema world. You've seen this clichd performance from Ashish Vidyarthi and Prakash Raj a million times before and Manoj Bajpai has taken, not one leaf but one whole branch from them!


Technically the movie is of high standards. Be it art or visual effects, the photography or music, all are high but not used effectively. Binodh Pradhan's photography is near to perfection and has done a brilliant job. AR Rahman's songs were not really amusing in the theatre but his rerecording was inviting, especially the gun shots. The background score was notable in a few intense chasing and action scenes.

IndiaGlitz Verdict

'Puli' is a three hour odd movie that tries to tire the minds of the audience in many ways. If you are a die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan, watch 'Puli' without expectations and if you are not, go to the zoo to see one! (LOLLOLLOLLOL)

Released on: 10th Sep, 2010

Dnt knww y i kneww this is not gonna click.. and esp after Jalsa which had super hit written all over it.. Power star should have been concious..
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Posted: 2010-09-14T15:36:15Z
Thanks for the review! :)
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Posted: 2010-09-14T15:36:17Z
For some reason the first part of the movie sounds like Vijays Villu movieLOL Long time ago director SJ Surya and Vijay was supposed to do a movie called Puli but Vijay backed out, I guess he used the same script on Pawan...Pawan shouldn't have went for this one, his latest Jalsa was so fun but this one...donnoConfused
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Posted: 2010-09-15T00:39:16Z
pulwasa LOL very funny review.

I actually liked couple of songs, and even had little expectations on the film. powerstar's look was good and it was after a long gap....
But after seeing the filmWacko and  very bad picturization of songs.
I didnt like the heroine much, anyways she didnt have to do much!!!

The starting scene was too horrible, when charan raj hits saranya...
Dont know if it was the funny scenes PULI did that it  didnt bring seriousness to the character???

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Posted: 2010-09-15T01:39:21Z
lolzzz how much expectations did fans n not so fans had on this film ....

Anyways .. Thnkss for the preview ...Smile

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Posted: 2010-09-15T04:44:54Z
i watched the's an utter crap
first was unbearable, i didn't know why i was sitting in the theater even....2nd is a bit better (0.001% better) than the 1st half

the biggest drawback for the movie is the protagonists....i hardly understood any dialogue by the hero, heroine was also waste, but atleast her seducing acts looks like 'seducing' but the hero's part is less then below avg ....sry if any fans are hurt....i'm neither a fan nor a hater of PK (PS)

the only adv is, all the supporting actors were awesome....

n the biggest disaster is the beginning...tooooo hard to believe, toooo much of OTT esp the birth of Mr. Puli...not even ROFL worthy, the rest was atleast ROFL worthy
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Posted: 2010-09-15T09:00:03Z
Thanks for the review....

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Posted: 2010-09-16T09:08:21Z
The crappiest movie in recent past.
Hero opens his mouth only to give a long lecture everytime. God only knows why he has been given such heavy, un-understandable dialogues.
Heroine, oh my! I wonder why glam damsels are needed around when the story was intended to be a serious one. She just comes and goes for meaningless comic scenes and supposed to be romantic scenes with the hero. Uhh!
Story, screenplay, direction - just don't want to comment.
Music, good but I feel this movie is not worth A R Rehman's hardwork.
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