23rd July Written Update:Mai asks Ichha to Leave

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Posted: 12 years ago

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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for update Jyoti, this just pisses me off!  Tapu and her deeds, god I hope she pays one day!  Dammit CVS!
Posted: 12 years ago
jyoti thanks for the update...
Mai has at last been influenced by horror tapasya n shown her true colors...now that vansh is dead they dont need ichcha anymore there... so conveniently kicked her out ....how selfish can they be....
Ichcha may be wrong but they dont even want to understand why she is making this wrong accusations...
for ichcha her husband is dead and before dying to her question 'yeh sab kaise...?'..he has pointed towards veer...who is sitting there with a gun in his hand ....so in that grief stricken state she has believed that veer is responsible for vansh's death.....why cant veer atleast tell her once exactly what happened maybe she will believe him...in this serial no body ever wants to give anybody a chance to prove their innocence.....they all talk irrelevent stuff hence none of the problems ever get resolved...

I loved the way Veer still protects ichcha ...he cud not tolerate that inspector speaking wrong things about ichcha....love u veer for thatHeart....he understands why ichcha has accused him but he is definitely hurt that she cud think so of him.....poor guy...feel bad for him the most in this entire mess... hope he gets out of this mess soon n that tapasya is caught this time atleast....

Posted: 12 years ago
this is horrible. How much more torture r they planning to show more?
Posted: 12 years ago
Disgussting show
thx for update
good i skipped the episode
Posted: 12 years ago
this is what i call hites of negativity...........hites.
this show has no end to negativity
Posted: 12 years ago
Just great! Tapu=1 million; Ichcha=zero Angry
Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you jyoti...i have switched the channel while watching as found tears in my eyes seeing ichha break down on jogis shoulder!!!..it is really too sad............what is the need for them to show all this!!!

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