okie i dont wanna bash but shilpa is prettier..!

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Posted: 12 years ago
hey guyz i dont know what yous think buh shilpa is definately prettier than jennifer coz like today when both were there sharing the screen i could feel how shilpa's eyes were actually doing the magic....she looked extremely gorgeous when that golden glow was flashin upon her face from the lantern or whatever that was....! buh she actually looked more beautiful in the rain....no offence to any jennifer fans she is real pretty too.....buh its just i couldnt help myself from comparin...and besides one does notice that when two gals are standin..!

loved the kash hug today...gosh my heart actually skipped a beat! i was like aaa cant wait to have em passionate moments between ARSH...! i am glad that they have showed shilpa as a strong girl who doesnt go around sheddin tears everywhere..! Big smile

its kinda shocking that some of yous want me to be all chilled out when half of you create a big ruckus in this forum anyway! like you guyz dont compare the people you have in your life....seriously guyz i wasnt bashing....and the amount of rude comments i am readin here! godddd did i not say jenni is real pretty too....and yes man there are no questions about that at all...she is really pretty! buh again i was sharin an opinion and yes as some of yous said it only lead to a big argument about whose better in acting or who is the best actress in this whole industry....its unreal that people kinda lay everything on your door when they themselves have done something equally stupid in their life too...! i dont wanna argue about it and yes topics arent taken as TOPICS here they are taken as big BATTLE GROUNDS....where you say whatever you want and then just click back..!Edited by suzzane14 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
dear u completely wrote my feelings..
i too think the same,,shilpa is prettier than any other girl i have seen on tv..but thats just my pov...shilpa is copmletely an angel
Posted: 12 years ago
Shilpa is just tooo stunning! But I'm not at all going to bash JW! I just loved that cheerful look on Shilpa's face and then slowly shyness It was soo beautiful, I love Shona soo much!Heart
Posted: 12 years ago
This topic will get closed co z its comparing two actors.........but just to differ I am not a SA admirer and I find her a little over the top plus overweight too...........................Oops ! sorry to burst the angelic bubble.
Posted: 12 years ago
I dnt wanna compare Shilpa Di wid nyone else... As I am her fan she is the PRETTIEST actress of Indian TV industry for me...:)
Posted: 12 years ago
i totally agree wid u
 even i compare shilpa and jenny becos both have played riddhima
and shilpa is the best
and i feel shilpa is the most beautiful actress in indian television industry
Edited by naaju - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Not according to me
and stop comparing

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