update 21th july 2010

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Posted: 12 years ago
had no electricity in my place  yesterday,so i will give u guys a brief update of what happened.
1.siya cries her heart out in gunja's room with santosh and jhoomer allowing her to do that alone so that she takes her grief out of her system.
2.santosh and jhoomer meet chanda on the way  and refuse to talk to her.chanda tries to explain her predicament but santosh snubs saying that she did not talk where required and now that she had cheated every woman in the heilli including gunja she had no right to talk.she says sia had her relationships at stake for all this but she cheated sia too who had stood by her at all her lows.they walk away with chanda crying and sheela chachi consoling her.
3.raghv comes inside his room and sees sia sad and tells her that now that the court has decided she should let bygones be that and not  put  out their relationship at stake for others.sia tells raghav that she is suffocated in the room and leaves.she meets gajender on the way and listens to his taunts  abt women being fit only in the kitchen  and he recounts a story abt the elephant and the ant.he continues that the ant kept shouting only  to be muzzled by the elephant.sia gives him back that ant bites are capable of killing the elephant and the devima they pray to everyday also takes the avater of chandi to kill all the evil people omn the earth.he screams and she tells him to tone it down so that he will have voice left when he needs help.gaji sees her   with hatred as sia leaves telling himself sia should tamed like gunja.sia is sitting in a chair outside the heilli where chanda comes to explain but sia walks away leaving chanda in tears .avater comes out and sees chanda in the state and takes chanda inside .
4.all the sangwans are sitting for dinner with sia missing.lot of sweets and feasting food are made in the heilli as parts of the celebration.ammaji orders all the bahus to sit along with the sons to eat as it is a happy occasion..she sees sia missing and asks jhoomer abt her who says that sia is not hungry and will not eat.ammaji says sia is never happy with the heilli's happiness but asks her to bring sia any ways.sia comes and ammaji asks her to sit next to her.sia sits disgusted and raghav is unhappy abt her attitude,ammaji says she will understand her actions once she had childern.she serves sia herself.
5.in the morning raghav enters his room to see sia not out of her misery.he tells sia that he had tried to understand her sadness but now that the court has declared gaji to beinnocent she should leave this.sia remains rigid in her stance that she will stand by the truth.raghav gets very angry and tells her that she has lost his trust and that she is probably the biggest liar in the heilli as she has lost the battle in her quest for truth which is actually false.he asks her what enmity is she taking out on his family members and that the sangwan name which used to be taken with respect has become cheap because of her.he asks  why she is hurting his family and because of her he is not able to meet his family eye to eye.she tells him she is not hurting his family because it is her family too.but raghav is not ready to listen to her.sia tells him that all of them find it difficult to take in her version because it is the truth and that she will stand by the truth even if she doesn't get his support.chanda is outside listening to all this with tears and a sinking heart.raghav storms out of the room and chanda calls him and tells him that she is the culprit,not sia who has always stood by the truth.she tells raghav that she does not want any fissure to occur in their relationship because of her lies in the court.chhanda tells him that because of ammaji's words she lied in the court and cheated sia to protect her child,she says she had cheated sia and also gunja who was waiting for justice.raghav is shocked.
PRECAP-chanda relates to raghav fully on how  she lied in the court and how she is suffocated by the lie

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Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the update shreyaClapClapClap........
loved the way sia answered back to gaji, very fitting reply.............
well what can i say about raghav, the entire rasia sequence is eligible for today's smile series thanks to the hilarious dialogues by the one and only, Mr.Raghav.............
why on the earth would he believe chanda now when he has never believed sia everytime she has tried to say something against ammaji or is he determined not to believe sia at all..........
and what revenge is he talking about, arrey dumbo, i would love to have an enemy like sia who risks her own life to save her enemy's life and all this for what, so that she can take revenge from her later on...........huhhhhhh Mr.Smarty, you should feel privieleged to have such an enemy..............
Posted: 12 years ago
Well Sweety, he is just interested in one thing where the enemy is concerned - Sleeping with the Enemy! ROFL
Jokes apart, I agree with what you wrote - he is so dumb that he doesn't realise that he has a gem of a wife who would risk her life for any of the family members.
I can alredy see the Smile series III on its way, curtsy Mr. Smarty Pants' smartly dumb dialogues. I couldn't even be angry with him knowing fully well that he doesn't have the acument to process so much information. But I felt bad for Sia.
He will believe Chanda because she was the eye witness to the case.
Thanks Shreya for the update.
Posted: 12 years ago
nice update. thank you for giving us the details.

sad that raghav does not understand his sia. sia's acting is very good. let us see how things develop further and whom he believes eventually.

will raghav ever be able to fight against his mother's tyranny?

Posted: 12 years ago
That's the biggest question Nanda.
Will he ever stand up against the tyranny?
And we can add one more
Will he ever understand Sia and how lonely she is in her battle?
Posted: 12 years ago
poet, if chanda is the eye witness, then why was raghav not believing her before, is it coz the statement was in sia's support.............looks like the CV's have programmed raghav's brain such that he believes everybody who goes against sia, see the moment chanda went against her, raghav will believe chanda............
poor adi, feel bad for him as he has to portray such an unbelievable character, Cv's have some mercy on him...........
nanda - will raghav be able to fight against ammaji's tyranny is the ultimate question of laado, the answer to which we all are struggling to find out..........
Posted: 12 years ago
See the answer would be in his supporting Sia.
The main tussle is between Ammaji and Sia, with Raghav as the connection between the two.
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for d update.............!!!

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