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Episode starts off with Armaan storming in into the children ward and walking over to Shilpa, who was telling the children some sort of story. Armaan says that she should stop telling them such nonsense, to which Shilpa replies that whatever she's saying isn't a lie and isn't nonsense either. Armaan says that there's no truth in love stories, which makes Shilpa, rolls her eyes. Armaan says that all these love stories only happen in books, not in real life, to which Shilpa comments back on brining ridhima and Sid's relationships into it. Then she gives a statistic to the amount of people who fall in love after marriage, which leaves armaan annoyed. Armaan walks off, Shilpa turns to the small boy in front of her, and says not to be anything like armaan, because Armaan's 'Kadus' and 'Sadoo'. Armaan comes back and has a go at Shilpa, while Shilpa does the same back. Sid is watching all these from the door and walks in, saying their names, but both Armaan and Shilpa put their hands in front of Sid, which results him into shouting at them.

Sid scolds them both and gives them a yellow card, to which armaan scoffs and says that no one's gonna take this seriously and walks away. Sid then turns to Shilpa and says that she has to do extra duty, Shilpa tries to divert the idea. But Sid tells Shilpa that she's broken rules, so has to do 3 hours extra duty in the path lab. Once Sid leaves, the small boy in front of Shilpa asks her what happened next in the love story, which leaves Shilpa with an annoyed laugh.

Ridhima is in the locker room, she opened her locker and stares at the photograph of her, armaan, Muskaan, Anjali, and atul, leaving her very sad about it. She says to herself, that those days were always so good. Behind, Sid walks in, in order to impress ridhima; he starts off saying how he kept everyone in control. Sid tries to talk to ridhima, but she's busy looking at the photographs, Sid says to be careful at what he says, otherwise instead of the sofa, he'll be on the floor. Sid asks if there's someone's birthday, as he sees something in ridhima's hand. Ridhima turns around and starts to scold Sid, saying that he talks too much, and forgets everything, and talks as if from a magazine. Ridhima then rolls her eyes and shuts the locker and walks away. Sid says what's his done now, and does he even know when ridhima's birthday is?

Ridhima walks over to the elevator walks in and armaan is at the end of it but people in between them. Armaan stares at ridhima, armaan in his mind says that tomorrow's your birthday, and he won't be there, and you'll be with someone else. Sid then comes into the elevator, and asks why armaan's here, to which ridhima turns her head in surprise towards armaan. Armaan then turns to see ridhima, who smiles at her and he gives a short smile back. Sid is shocked to see ridhima there as well, Sid then walks towards armaan and asks why his here? To which armaan replies to go do his own work, Sid says that he knows everything that's going on here, and asks him to go back to his duty right now, which leaves both the men glaring at each other with anger.

Shilpa then walks in wearing a long white skirt and a halter neck top, the nurse smile at her, and asks her why she's so dressed up? Shilpa walks towards them and says that who knows when she'll find the right guy, and says that she should always be ready. She also says that she knows she'll find him, today after the duty, she'll know it's him. That pained voice, those emotions in there, she says that it looks like she in love with that lover. Then the nurse says, but he likes someone else Na?  And then Shilpa replies to it that it's the only problem. But then Shilpa says that she'll always try and win his love and always will, she then whispers to the nurse that she bet she'll meet him in the fire escape. Within all this interaction, armaan is standing outside the room.

Armaan remembers his time with ridhima when they both were in the fire escape, armaan then listens to Shilpa's words, who says that the fire escape is where the lovers meet, so close and pyaar ka janoon. Shilpa's smiling and all in a daze, and then turns around, and her smile disappears the moment she see's armaan's face, she quickly turns around and tries to get to work. Sid then comes and tells armaan that his duty isn't here, to which armaan just gets annoyed, and walks away.

Sid then follows armaan and tells him to stop, and then gives him a red card, for not following his rules. Armaan takes the red card and whispers thanks, and walks off. Sid stops him and asks to give his card back. Then he tells armaan that his giving his duty outside the hospital, armaan says thanks and good that his away from Shilpa, which Shilpa's hears from inside and walks into the corridor a few paces away from the boys. But then Sid says that Shilpa will be assisting armaan during the outside trip, Shilpa hears this and marches towards the guys and says that she can't do it, she has to meet someone. Sid smirks cheekily and says to postpone the meeting. Shilpa tries to say something but Sid walks away; both Armaan and Shilpa turn to each other and stare at each other in anger.

Scene shifts to armaan and Shilpa in the car, armaan's driving. Shilpa puts her dupata over her head, and suddenly armaan takes a turn, which leaves Shilpa glaring at him, and she turn off the radio which was playing in the background. Armaan then asks what's wrong. To which Shilpa says that she want to sit in the backseat, and armaan says does he look like a driver. And Shilpa says yes, but she doesn't trust him. Armaan says that it's his car so his rules, Shilpa then starts cursing, and says it's for Sid, for putting her with armaan, when she wanted to meet the lover. But armaan says that whatever Sid did was right, the prank with him went a little too far.

Both armaan and Shilpa start fighting in the car. Armaan says that girls are a problem, which are hard to understand and therefore should stay away from girls. Shilpa then says that your problem is that you don't know love, so therefore you don't like girls.

Scene then shifts to sanjeevani locker room, where Sid is circling the cricket matches and the dates. Ridhima walks in angry, and says that you know the cricket date but don't know the important dates. And Sid looks up confused asking which one, to which ridhima replied tendulker's birthday? And Sid replied 24th April, and then ridhima looks at him shocked and annoyed and says he doesn't understand anything. To which Sid gets confused and pulls ridhima and makes her sit on the bench in front of him. Sid then tells ridhima about the things that he did well during the duties and ridhima says that he shouldn't control them as they are their friends. Ridhima then says that all his friends and she knows that his a sweet guy, and then says that he needs to do something that will help all the interns and doctors, and then he won't have any problem with telling them what to do.

Scene then moves to Armaan and Shilpa, and Shilpa's giving armaan stranger looks and evil glances. She then says that his strange person, and says that he doesn't know how to treat a girl. Armaan annoyed asks how? Shilpa replies with love, and asks if his ever had a girlfriend. Armaan gives her a side look, Shilpa then says he doesn't need to answer that because she's already got the answer, then Shilpa goes on says that his the Non patoa kind of a guy, who didn't bother trying to get a girl. And says that his X factor is missing, and then armaan asks sarcastically to give him tips. And Shilpa actually does, saying that the first gift should be a kangan, to which armaan goes in a daze remembering the moment when he first gave ridhima the pushtani kangan. Shilpa then says that your love will always be with her forever. Shilpa then says 'isqh mein ...... isqh mein maaru' to which armaan remembers the isqh leta song. Then Shilpa talks about the karvachaurt varth, armaan then remembers the time where armaan kept the varth for ridhima. Shilpa then says that this is what love is.

Armaan's eyes have gone moist, and pain visible in his eyes. Armaan then remembers all his moments with ridhima, all the love and pain his gone through with ridhima. Armaan comes out of his daze and shouts shut up. Leaving the episode to an end


Bheegi si bhaagi si song sequence with Armaan and ridhima and armaan and Shilpa


Sorry if there's any mistakes.


Thank you


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awesome update thank u

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great update
thank u soo much
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Great written updates :)
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Awesome swanz
Well done :)
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Thankyou for the update.
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thanx a lott 4 the awesome updt

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