Trisha's hindi movie Khatta Meetha Trailer!!

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Posted: 14 years ago

Hello long awaited Khatta meetha promo is outt!!! looks pretty funny to me.. i heard trisha is dubbing for herself but this doesnt sound her voice to me.. anyways people Enjoy!!!

Love, Pulwasha


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Posted: 14 years ago
I saw Trisha's pics in one of our local magazine.
OMG....... she is so superb, sexy and you could hardly recognise her.  I kept thinking am I seeing the same woman.  She looked so different.  She is going to give some of the actresses run for the money.
You go girl.
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Posted: 14 years ago
Trisha's cute and all but that movie looks like an epic fail.
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Posted: 14 years ago
oh this movie isthe remake of a Malayalam film... the original one was a classic....thanks for sharing
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Posted: 13 years ago

Yeah, tisn't  trisha's voice in d movie.

I didn't njoy d movie though. Didn't like it much😕