Maat Pitaah Ke Charno Mein Swarg

hey guys 4th june written update

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Posted: 13 years ago

Guys hope I have done my job well never have I missed
any update but will miss updating from today....😭

Last Epi

:-Shubh asks Suhani about why did she tell Taiji that
she is Krish's mother but Suhani refuses so he tells
Suhani he will again ask her the same question & tells
her that he will get Krish's BC from Janaki devi orphanage
tommorow morning...but Suhani says she will go get it...

:-Suhani goes but CT says no one called them to come &
collect the duplicate BC as original one has already been

:-Shubh goes to Janaki devi orphanage...Suhani is shocked
to see him & asks why did he come....

:-Shubh says he has got to know the truth but he's sad
that she did not tell him the truth & did not trust...

:-Suhani apologises & tells the entire story how she got
to know Saloni was being blackmailed how this 5 year old
story of Ansh & Saloni meeting in a new years bash spent
a Saloni did not tell her that Ansh is the she got to know about it decided to bring
Krish to give him his rights... {refer may episodes}

:Shubh promises to support her always...

Swarg 4th June, Friday-Last Episode :(

Part 1
Scene 1

Krish is playing with his skates...

Suhani is insisting Krish to drink his milk but he
refuses & says he does n;t like to drink milk...

Suhani tells Shubh that day by day Krish is becoming
very naughty & why doesn't he tell him anything...

Shubh is reading newspaper & says that Krish is just
a kid & when even i was small i never used to drink what do i scold him for???

Suhani says Krish I don't no you have to drink even if
you don't like look your Gayatri chachi is also drinks
milk even though she's a grown up...please Krish drink
it up...

Gayatri comes out of the kitchen & asks Suhani to give
Ansh dinner as her head is aching & she want to sleep...

Suhani asks her to rest as she will take care of Ansh...

Scene 2

Gayatri unknown of the skatings lying on the ground slips
on it & is about to fall just then Ansh enters & runs to
catch hold...

Suhani also runs but finally Shubh catches Gayatri & asks
if she is okay...Ansh & Suhani comes & hold her...makes
her sit Ansh asks chinniji to bring water for Gayatri...

Ansh becomes very angry & scolds Gayatri couldn't she be
more cautious if something happened...

Gayatri says she was careful but she didn't know that
skates were lying on the floor...

Ansh starts scolding Krish that does he have sense or he
has left it in the orphanage...

Krish says he did not do it on purpose...Ansh holds Krish's
arms & rattles it...

Krish says he did not do wantedly...

Ansh says ever do you do anything on purpose have
made our lives hell...

Part 2
Scene 3

Shubh asks Ansh to leave Krish as he's just a kid...

Ansh shouts that Gayatri was going to fall & they are
asking him to leave Krish as he's just a kid, if Gayatri
would fallen what would have happened...why are we are
fighting for a kid who shouldn't be in this house in the
first place what rights does this kid has on this house...
how is he related to have to send him back to
orphanage...why did she bring him in K.N when he should
be in an orphanage...

Suhani asks Ansh not to say anything to Krish as she's
unable to hear...& says Krish will not go back...

Taiji says that Suhani is right she wont be able to
send Krish back because its very difficult to send
her own blood...why doesn't she say what she said to
her with pride that Krish is not an orphan but her
own son...why Suhani tell us...

Shubh comes forward & tells Taiji to stop questioning
Suhani as he knows everything about Suhani that he
needs to know...

Scene 4

Ansh says that he believes Shubh dada but then Suhani
has to give answers to his questions who is this Krish
really if he's not her kid who's kid is Krish...because
of this kid Suhani is giving devar-bhabhi relation less

Suhani says she has always has seen him like a small
kid & a brother...

Ansh says even he used to think this way but untill
now from the day she brought Krish in K.N...

Suhani cries & pleads Ansh not to say anything
more as he's crossing his limits...

Ansh says why doesn't she say anything...

Shubh shouts that Suhani has not crossed any limits
but you have...

Ansh says that Suhani bhabhi has forced him to cross
his limits...

Suhani again asks him she cannot bare these blames...

Ansh says he's not even asked any question that she's
unable to bare & sometimes he thinks what ever Dadiji
said was right Krish is not someone else but Suhani's
real blood...
Part 3
Scene 5

SNT hears from back & shouts at dare he
put such dirty blame on Suhani who's K.N Bahu...

Ansh tells SNT that he's asking Suhani bhabhi he wants
make him here the truth what she said yesterday even
he would have not imagined what she is hiding...why
doesn't she give us any answers???

Shubh shouts Ansh's name & slaps Ansh & tells that he
wants to hear the truth...
its not Suhani who's hiding her own but he
is the reason his future Thripathi family's name &
goodwill she is hiding...because of you & Gayatri's
unborn child, she had to take on these dirty blames...
has crossed limits but Ansh you had crossed the limits...
Krish is not Suhani's kid but its Ansh's own blood...

Ansh & Taiji are hell shocked as well as SNT, Gayatri
Chinniji, Manorama & Chanderji...

SNT asks Shubh what is he saying???

Shubh says Taiji who has a doubt on Suhani she also
tried to save her you want to know
who is the mother of the child its Taiji's own Bahu

Taiji is hell shocked...SNT asks Shubh what is he
saying Ansh-Saloni how??

Scene 6

Shubh says this story began 5 years ago when Ansh
went to missourie before going to the USA he met
Saloni & both got drunk & in that moment spent a
night...Saloni got to know after he engangement
with Rahul that she's pregnant-because of compli
cations she had to give birth to Krish-but after
the birth Saloni her father kept sending money to
Krish's orphan home-Saloni got married to Rahul
when she came to K.N she recognised Ansh-but Ansh
did not so Suhani got to know about this & she
decided to bring Krish home...

Gayatri is shocked-Ansh is ashamed gets on his knee
-Taiji is also highly embarrased...

Shubh asks Gayatri an apology that he did not want
to hurt her but had to say it to clear Suhani's name...

Gayatri says to Shubhani if they can think about their
family members before their happiness & sacrifice so much
she can also accept Ansh's past when Ansh had accepted
her with her past{marriage with Naresh}...asks Ansh not to be ashamed...she will always treat Krish like her son but she can't be
a good mother to Krish like Suhani & asks Suhani to accept
give Krish their name...

Ansh asks Suhani apology...she says its not nessecary...
& he will always remain very dear devar..

Taiji says she will not apologise but will fold her
hands infront of Suhani ask her to accept
what ever wrong she has done is not repentable...

Suhani says Dadiji you don't need to apologise...

Ansh also asks Shubhani to legally adopt Krish...

Taiji blesses Shubhani & congratulates SNT that he's
very lucky to have such a good son like Shubh &
bahu like Suhani...

Scene ends...

Scene 7

Next morning SNT asks Krish to touch Shubh's feet &
teaches him  that Maat pitaah ke charno mein Swarg
hota hai...

Shubh feels happy & sings to Krish the same song...MPKCMS
Suhani also sings & finally everyone sing & epi ends happy note...
All live happilly ever after...
=======================The End=====================
Guys I am really sad to bid good bye....but really happy
that I successfully completed almost 8 months of WU...
was there till the end.....
for me Swarg will remain special because i gave all day
& night to Swarg just to make sure i always
post my updates....
Guys Sayonara 😛
Loved all the actors of Swarg so just to remember
some of the special names...

Little Shubh-Sidhharth
Yatin Keyekar-Satya Narayan Thripathi aka SNT
Jyoti Gauba-Yashoda Thripathi
Pooja Madan-Kamla Thripathi
Pracheen Chauhan-Shubh Thripathi
Dheeraj dhoopar-Ansh Thripathi
Nikhil chadda-Arjun Thripathi
Archana Taide-Suhani Thripathi
Megha Gupta-Suhani Thripathi
Vinny Arora-Gayatri Thripathi
Shamim mannan-Lotita Shrivastav/thripathi

Rest of the side cast:

Shilpa shinde Aastha-Suhani's elder sister
Shilpa shinde's ex boyfriend {sorry i don't remember}
Amardeep Jha-Mehrun Chachi
Rajendra Chawla-Chanderji
Reshma modi-Manorama Chachi
Sorry no name-Manohar mamaji
Kavitha Vaid-Taiji/Dadiji


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