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Last Epi

:-Ansh gets angry with Krish for he spilled chocolate milk
on his file...

:-Shubh consoles Krish & gives him chocolates & Taiji over
hears Krish asking Shubh that can he share his chocolates
with his orphanage friends...

:-Taiji makes an issue & asks SNT to question Suhani to
explain why did she lie...

:-SNT pleads that he will ask Suhani about it but after
she comes & asks Taiji to calm down...

:-Shubhani go to try get Krish addmission in a school...

:-Taiji waits for Suhani to come...

:-Suhani comes home but taiji starts asking her very shameful
question even blames her for cheating that she is hiding her
own mistake...

:-Gayatri tries to defends Suhani but she faints...

:-Everyone gets tensed...


Swarg 1st june Tuesday

Part 1
Scene 1
{K.N hall}

Doctor comes & SNT asks doctor what is wrong with Gayatri??

Doctor asks why are they standing so worried for??? there
is a good news for you all...

SNT asks what are you saying doctor???

Doctor says that yes bhaisaab you are becoming Grand father
now don't stand so shocked take care of Gayatri celebrate for
the good news...

Taiji says this news is great asks doctor to have sweets asks
Chiniji to bring sweets...

Doctor says no not now may be someother time I am getting late...

Tillu says I will drop you...doctor goes & Shubh & Ansh enter
K.N asks worreidly why had the doctor come???

SNT makes a face as though there is a bad news Ansh & Shubh
insists what is it why is everyone quite but SNT stops Chinniji
not to say anything???

SNT says that matter is serious as I did not
expect anything like this...Ansh asks what???

SNT very casually says I am going to become a grand father
& Ansh the father & Shubh an uncle...

Ansh & Shubh are unable to believe... exclaims What???

SNT says yes....

Ansh is in absolute shock...SNT hugs Ansh...

Shubh is also happy for him...he also congratulates Ansh...

Ansh runs to his room & Suhani says so you got the news...
go Gayatri is waiting for you...

Scene 2
{Antry's room}

Ansh goes & Gayatri hides under her blanket...

Ansh removes the blanket & kisses Gayatri's hands...

Part 2
Scene 3
{SNT'a room}

SNT shares this news with Yashoda...

Shubhani ask SNT that did he call them??? what is it Baba...

SNT very angrily says yes come in both of you...i want to
talk about something important...i know i shouldn't talk
about this in a happy times but i have to...Suhani is it
true that you have got Krish from an orphanage???

Shubh says "baba its true that Suhani has got Krish from an
orphanage but we did not lie but we had hide the truth because
all you don't look Krish differently this is true that Krish is
Suhani's friends child...Suhani wanted to tell the truth but
he had stopped her...

Suhani thinks in her mind that "so much trust on me & i am the
one whos hiding truth from you...but i fear if you got to know
the truth how will you react...but i never wanted to hide any
thing from you Shubhji"

Scene 4
{Antry's room}

Suhani goes to Gayatri gives her tips how to take safety measures
when one woman is expecting...

Gayatri says she is tired of listening all this as who ever
is coming & giving me tips...what to do what not to do...i
am fed up what will i do to past my time...

Suhani says you can do a lot you can decorate your room read
books about pregnancy & put up pictures of baby...so that good
thins around a mother always helps the mother & unborn child
good health...

Gayatri asks how does she know about this...

Suhani excitedly says i used to read books about babaies when
i got newly married i thought it will help me when i'll become
a mother...realises & gets saddened...

Gayatri asks Suhani not to loose hope & so what if she cannot
give birth but she is already caring like a mother & is a rule
that my child cannot be yours...& even Krish is here to call
you mother & suggests her to adopt Krish legally...as Krish
loves Shubh & her a lot...& fill the empty space in her life...

Suhani thinks more than her Gayatri & Ansh has to accept krish...

Taiji overhears Gayatri...prepares to make a rift between
Gayatri & Suhani...
Scene 5 {Kitchen-K.N hall}

Suhani is in kitchen & Krish is playing asks him to drink
Krvsh says but this is papaya juice he doesn't like it but
Suhani insists him as it is healthy for him...but he runs
doesn't drink...

Taiji plays a trick scolds Manorama not to eat all the time
do some work & give Gayatri the juice Suhani has made...

Manorama gives it & Suhani brings Krish to drink & Krish
shouts he doesn't want to drink... Taiji keeps listening...
but Suhani wonders where is the juice...Suhani hears Taiji
scolding Manorama that Papaya juice is like poison for a
pregnant lady...

Manorama says what is my mistake you only said that Suhani
had made it for Gayatri...

Scene 6
{K.N hall}

Suhani asks what is it???

Taiji taunts why is she beating around bushes why don't
you show your true colours...you wanted to kill Gayatri's
child...don't you know papaya fruit is poison...

Suhani says she made it for Krish...tells Gayatri to believe

Taiji says she is lying again she herself cannot become
a mother so she is trying to kill Gayatri's child...you
incapable woman {baanj} Suhani feels really bad...cries...

Gayatri stops Taiji to blame Suhani bhabhi & says if she's
saying she made that juice for krish i believe her...Gayatri
asks Suhani to take her to her room...they both go...leaving
Taiji irritated...

Part 4
Scene 7{last-Shubhani room}

Krish draws a sketch of a family...Suhani asks Krish that
what is he doing...

Krish says that he's drawing his father mother & his sketch...
asks Suhani can he ask a question...

Suhani says yes of course...Krish asks are you my mother???

Suhani asks why is he asking this question??? Krish says his
friend in the orphanage was adopted &when he came to meet him
he said that they are his parents...so you have brought me here
so you are my mother right???

Suhani says in her mind what answer should she give...

Krish goes saying he forgot about something he'll be right

Suhani thinks that she can accept Krish give him mothers love
& care but more than her Gayatri & Ansh can give him a rightful
place & his surname...but question remains that how should she
tell them as Gayatri is expecting & she wont be able to bare the
Precap: Suhani & Krish are playing but accidentally pushes
Gayatri while playing hide & seek...



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