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Posted: 12 years ago

Check out the directors website! I think you will get an idea why there are so many film stars.
Posted: 12 years ago

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Posted: 12 years ago
im not at al happy. Why does bollywood and its stars only repesent India. Where are all the other great indians???? I so unhappy you cant stick big time stars and think it will become a super hit. Its not a movie its suppose to be a national song. Where is the aam junta? BOllywood disspoints again.

and what was with deepika??Unhappy she didnt fit into the voice or the song. Everything looked so fake
Edited by ana1 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
More like sur mile bollywood kai.
Haha, but on a serious note, I genuinly liked the video.
The juhi, and Gurdas mann part was really nice, i truly liked it.
The aamir part was adorable!
I love shahid, but i wish they showed him doing something else :S
and the deepika segment was....
Posted: 12 years ago
^^^ true thats Juhi- Gurdas maan part is the best....

Aamir's part was the Worst

last part of the vid was best where they showed our forces but it was short Edited by minnie.reet - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

yes gurdas mann's voice was just brilliant!

the part where they showed the forces should have been longer.
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by -Edelweiss-

What in the name of god was that? 16 minutes of bollywood, filmy-ness, drama and more bollywood. Disappointing and disgraceful is a lesser word to describe that debacle of a video. Not only have they tainted such wonderful lyrics by the video, but also completely ruined the song itself. <br><br>The video consisted merely of bollywood stars and it was overtly glossy. Why were Shahid, Ranbir, Priyanka, Shilpa and Deepika in there? What were they representing? todays youth??? The youth of India does not just look up at these oh so wonderful bollywood stars. Why wasn't Rahul Gandhi in there? Where was Sachin? Every youth inspires to be like him, where were the legends such as Lata? Where are the real youths of India who have put India in to one of the fastest growing economic nations?? Where are the Hockey players, the last of what I have heard our national sport is Hockey.<br><br>I have many old childhood memories of my first trip to India with the old one. There was so much in that 8 minute vid, you feel the words, you feel the patriotism, you want to sing along, you want everyone to know that you belong to a nation which is diverse. The differences in culture, language and tradition yet there is a sense of unity. The sur to sur..'music holds us together'. <br><br>Then there is this 16 minute vid, in which all you see is Shaimak prancing around ruining Shobana's performance. KJo...I have nothing more to say apart from why?? Shahrukh being a Raj/ Rahul, Shahid being a rockstar, Ranbir immitating SRK's pose, Aamir doing Khandala.. the bachchans doing what they do best..don't we get enough of that in movies already, that they had to add that in here.<br><br>I liked that they included the musical maestros in here, but for what, they added nothing to the video. I liked Salman's part, but why couldn't he wear a shirt? This wasn't his endorsed banyan commercial or was it?<br><br>The states were poorly represented.. I wanted to cry out at the fact. And seriously 14-15 mins of bollywood glam and gloss and just a mere minute was given to the true heroes of India and the athletes. Well done to the creators of this video. What else can we expect from a country whose national game players need to walk out to get their due. <br><br>I think most of the posters here have pointed out some valid points here, personally I think you all could have done a far better job than these creators.<br><br>Sorry for the rant, I just had to take it out here. <br>God bless these creators!! May be next time just include the whole film faternity..afterall they are a bollywood family and they represent India.<br>

I completely agree.
Posted: 12 years ago
lets just say the only thing I liked about the video was the 0.02 second in which they showed the Taj Hotel(Without AB)....that was the ONLY thing that stirred up some kind of feeling in me AND that Shreya,,Deepika Aish  and Shahid are  in this(YES I'm biased)....other than I just watched it as some random VH1 Music video...
I havent seen the old one and right now YT is acting really gay with I'll catch it again tomorrow
Edited by Tani91 - 12 years ago

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