boring tamil serials

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Posted: 14 years ago
all tamil serials are very much boring today.

it is enough that if one girl is permanently weeping at one corner and another girl is planning to spoil the life of the first girl is the permanent story.

if one has devil's eyes she can join immediately in tv serials that is the only condition now..

suntv's ithayam serial nalini and her daughter ,thirumathi selvam serial vadivukkarasi daughter in law, thangam serial ilavanchi, and for a small change instead of girls the athi is having the devil's eyes in kolangal.

they can change the attitude and give some new life to the stories.Edited by ashokha - 14 years ago


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Posted: 14 years ago
some advertisement may come in thinathanthi in near future that "girls are wanted to act in tv serials. it is enough that they must blink like devils. It is better if they blink more than the Guinness book of world records.
the parents of Neelima Rani might be knowing that their daughter will be going to blink in the tv serials in the future. Neeli is the name of Goddess kali. When she is in anger she will blink like this.   

we can forgive this younger generation. Even our "Mayuri" sudha chandran , wearing some aluminium jewels purchased in exhibitions, putting more blacks in eyes, wearing jamki work sarees is also blinking like this, is the most unbearable thing now.

after seeing all these serials my mother, mother-in-law,wife,sisters are also blinking like this. that is also become more unbearable now.
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Posted: 14 years ago
I know the feeling Ashoka - some of my friends -
Malay friends who do not know Tamil but watch
some of the serials for the saris, accessories etc,
are scared to plan a holiday to  India - they ask me
if Tamil Nadu has people walking around with guns !!!
Thollai takes the cake with the carton !!! That guy is a
real sicko - needs big time psychiatric counseling !!!