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Posted: 14 years ago
Hey guys! So, apparently its the end of Palampur Express yesterday! 😭 I didn't even get to catch the last weeks episode! 😭 But anyways, i hope you all enjoyed the show and the forum!!! 🤗

Now that its over, I should tell you that Bulbul and I had a great time hosting you guys, and running this forum! We enjoyed meeting every one of you!! You all made our PE experience FUN!! 🥳

But, now that the show is over, this forum has to archived guys! 😭

So, do say your final good byes to the forum!! But not eachother! 😉 Keep in touch through pms and maybe we all will meet up in at another show!!  (That Hiten Tejwani is in!) 😆

So on behalf of Bulbul and myself, and Nipun who provided us with ALL the fabulous videos until now:

BYE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!


PE Developement Team
Bul3 (Bulbul), xtaurus429x (Roshni), and Nipun


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Posted: 14 years ago
Yeah!!!!!!!! It was an enjoyable, friendly and very well - coordinated forum.............. ⭐️ ...............I really liked to participate in the forum.............a good job done by the moderators!!!!!!! 👍🏼
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Posted: 14 years ago
me too i love coming to this forum,and i love hiten's aka dev's acting very much
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Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks you moderators for a job well done.
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Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks a lot guys for the video n written updates...
Well will we have a new forum for the show where Hiten is going to act for  disney channel????
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Posted: 14 years ago
oh..its really sad to see our forum being closed..:(...but afterall the show ended so we cant really do anything..thnx Roshni for mentioning my name but I would like to tell everyone that we all know that Roshni was the one who did most of the tasks..i just posted written updates which too become very inconsistent in the last days bcoz of my hectic schedules at university..I apolozise to everyone for no written updates in the last weeks of P.E....also I would like to thank Roshni for all the support and understanding she showed towards me..you were a great Mod Rosh!!..not just for me but for all members of P.E. forum and I think all would agree with me..
And thanks to all active and silent members of P.E. forum to bear with us through all times!!thanks a lot guyz!!
I hope we will soon come together again soon on some new show!!
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Posted: 14 years ago
^ No, your just being to kinda Bulbul...you def helped and did loads for us! Guys thanks Bulbul too..she just is too kind! 🤗

But Seriously she is right..all the members did a fab job! thank you all once again! you did do us proud!! We never had any troubles with any of you! It seemed like the perfect forum! So, thanks guys!!!
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Posted: 14 years ago
ya thankssssssssssssss alot i literally enjoyed here .........i tried to do as much as possible ..........but sony loves to end all good shows .,thats their history .............

mods well done ....!!!!!!!!!!!

bye all .......