27th August - Written Update

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Posted: 11 years ago
27th August

Vishnu goes south and looks around. He found Indra's elephant Airavat who was cursed. He cut off Airavat head and gave him Moksh with his chakra. The Elephant then turns like normal and goes to the heavens. Vishnu takes the head with him. Everyone appears to where Parvati is (Shivgan, Devta, Rishis, Narad Muni, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Vishnu, Shiv, Brahma etc.).

Airavat's head appears and attaches to Ganesh's body. Shiv then blesses Ganesh and Ganesh becomes alive. The Tridev bless him and Parvati comes back to her normal form. Parvati hugs Ganesh and cries. Vishnu blesses him with a crown. Shiv blesses him with a hook (Ankush).

They all go inside, Parvati makes a throne appear and Parvati sits Ganesh on the throne. Parvati says to Ganesh that he will be the first to have his Pooja done. Parvati introduces Ganesh to Shiv and he asks for Shiv's forgiveness. Shiv says it was Parvati's mistake as she forgot to tell you who your father was and who can enter and who can't. Shiv blesses him too. Shiv introduces him to Brahma and Vishnu and Ganesh greets them and they bless him. Vishnu says Ganesh will have his Pooja done first in all other Poojas or it won't be fruitful.

Parvati does Ganesh's aarti while he sits on the throne, while everyone sings.

Satya comes and tells us about what Shiv did as well as Surya dev killing Shiv Bhakts Mali and Sumali (by doing Tapasya). Shiv finds out about this from Nandi. Shiv goes to Surya dev's place and is really angry. He throws his Trishul and beheads Surya dev.

Precap: Shivgan ask the Kritikas for Kartikey.

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Posted: 11 years ago
again wonderful update Satvik!!! Thanx again!!!

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