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Baby (Rinku Worah)
Baby is Tiger's sister. She is thoroughly fascinated with Bollywood and her current love is 'Kaun Abraham'. She hates his real life girlfriend 'Natasha Basu'.  The entire family, particularly Shanti, is very worried about getting Baby a reality check and to find her a real time love – an actual don, a criminal of the highest pedigree who can finally make the family proud.

Bhaiji (Vijay Kashyap)
Bhaiji is Daddyji's eldest son and is currently looking after Daddyji's established empire along with his son 'Tiger'. A miser by nature, he goes to the extent of calculating the cost of every bullet being fired during gang operations. Daddyji absolutely dislikes this trait of his and keeps scolding him. Otherwise, he is a loving husband and father and Daddyji's ever obedient son.

Bompy (Fardeen Sheikh)
Bompy is Chandy and Chandra Prakash's son. He is a jovial kid and is brilliant in studies. Chandy is very keen that he follows the footsteps of the family and grows up to be an able gangster. His academic excellence is a cause of great concern for the family. For corrective action, the family has hired 'Kallu Mama' who is the master of 'criminology' and is hired by the family to impart the 'right' skills to young Bompy.

Chandra Prakash (Chandra Prakash)
Chandra Prakash plays the role of Chandy's husband. A one-time physics professor, he now has a full time job of going to jail whenever Daddyji's illegal consignments get caught. As a result, he spends most of his time in jail and Chandy gets a regular compensation in return for this.

Chandy (Sushmita Mukherjee)
Chandy is Daddyji's married daughter, who still lives in Daddyji's bungalow. The reason for this is because her husband 'Chandra Prakash' is always in jail. He is the only person who gets caught by the police every time and Daddyji's consignment is apprehended. Chandy is very close to Shanti and almost worships her. She has completed her 10th grade making her the most literate in the entire family. She never fails to flaunt her terribly wrong English language skills at every given moment.

Chapter & Mental (Sanam Kumar & A. R. Rama)
These two characters are the henchman of the gang. 'Chapter' is smart but cowardly whereas 'Mental' is brave but dumb.

Daddyji (Sudhir Pandey)
Once a dreaded gangster and don, Daddyji is currently living a retired life and spends his time watching his favorite T.V. soap, titled 'Saas Bahu Ki Lambi Kahani'. He is highly respected by his family members and the mafia community. The family business still runs on 'his' name, which is currently being handled by his eldest son, affectionately called 'Bhaiji' by everyone. Daddyji suffers from constant memory loss and can forget anything or sometimes even everything, anywhere and everywhere. In order to remind him of everything that he might forget, he has appointed a helper who is accessible 24 x 7. He is aptly called 'Reminder'.

Kallu Mamma (Deepak Sinha)
Kallu Mamma was once a faithful gangster of Daddyji's gang. He now gives tuitions to young aspiring gangsters. Daddyji's gang has many eminent members who have been trained in criminology under the strict scrutiny of the famous Kallu mama, including the don in the making – Tiger. He is later employed to take Bompy- Chandy's sons' tuitions and train him to become a competent criminal.
Lovely (Shruti Vyas)
Lovely is the daughter of a bank manager and is Tiger's current girl friend. She absolutely adores adventure and is enamored with Tiger's dangerous and daring life-style. She is all set to fight a firm battle with her parents in order to be with her beloved boyfriend whom she eventually wants to marry and becomes the bahu of Daddyji's household.

Mandodari (Vishakha Subedar)
Mandodari has been the maid in Daddyji's household for quiet some time and currently heads the army of the support staff. Mandodari loves her husband and she is so possessive about him that she keeps beating him black and blue so that he doesn't run away with another woman! Inspite of this, he always manages to flee from her clutches. Unfortunately for him, she always manages to bring him back with the help of Bhaiji's goons.

Reminder (Pankaj Titoria)
The 'man in black' and as the name suggests, is Daddyji's shadow and is supposed to remind Daddyji about everything that he constantly forgets. Smartly dressed in black, he is always caught in a cross fire of what Daddyji manages to remember and what he does not. Daddyji keeps slapping him for every little mistake that he commits or even otherwise!

Shanti (Himani Shivpuri)
Bhaiji's wife, Shanti, is not very literate but is extremely devoted to her family and her husband. She runs the household on her whims and fancies and enjoys everyone's respect especially that of Chandy - Bhaiji's sister. On the lookout for a good match for her son 'Tiger', she always fantasizes about troubling her daughter-in-law like the others in her community do.

Tiger (Abeer Chaudhary)
Tiger, Bhaiji and Shanti's son is the obvious successor of Daddyji's 'gigantic empire'. He is an aspiring gang lord whose overall appearance is fairly don-like         but is actually is quite a duffer. He is always the front man braving bullets in police chases, kidnappings and shootouts, etc which definitely doesn't stop him from romancing his girl friend 'Lovely'.

 credit goes to SAB tv website
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