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Posted: 13 years ago


Hii Iam Priyanka aka Prii. I am in college majoring in a Medical Field. I love my friends and family. I love sleeping, making creations in my free time, writing, watching, listening to music and much more!

I am inspired by Mallika & Faiza my two best friends!
I have other shops before named as Dimension Designs!

New Name/Creation Name:

2 requests per person
tell me text, color, tag on sig or not
you MUST use it for at least 3-4 Days!
once u req, u must use it!

What i make:
non or animated siggies
non animated avatars/icons
banners/birthday sigs (PM if urgent)

Thanks soo muchh!

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Posted: 13 years ago

*** Index of Creations ***

Page 1: New Mix
Page 3: PC, MJHT, Beyonce & Rani
Page 4: Shop OPEN & Rules
Page 6: Mayu, SaJan, Sonam & PC
Page 8: MJHT Mania
Page 11: MJHT
Page 14: Suggestions OPEN
Page 15: Req: Aisha_1992
Page 16: Req: brown3y3b3auti
Page 17: Req: Piya2025
Page 18: Robert Pattinson
Page 21: Request/Sugg List Updated
Page 22: Resources
Page 23: Req/Sugg List Updated
Page 25: All Requests!
Page 26: SaJan
Page 33: Mayuresah (sugg by Piya)
Page 36: Req: LimaSDude
Page 39: Req: Lima, Sweet-Sara & Maru
Page 42: Req: Lima & Manusha
Page 45: Req: Amal & Ria
Page 46: Req: Anam
Page 48: MJHT & Deepika
Page 50: Animated Icons
Page 54: SaJan Video Avis
Page 56: Req: Chandz
Page 58: Req: Maru, Samantha & Aish
Page 59: MJHT Friends, Mayank, Imran Khan, Akki-Kat
Page 66: Animated SaJan Video
Page 67: Req: Sanah
Page 71: RV-Dia = Prince & Princess
Page 74: Deepika, Rob & SaJan
Page 76: Req: Lima, Maru & Sabeen
Page 80: Req: Harshu fan & punjabi_qt26 | Bipasha Basu & MayUrians
Page 84: Req: Nishi | One Tree Hill and Mohit Sehgal (shop closed sign)
Page 86: MJHT
Page 88: Gunjun
Page 90: Mix MJHT video avis, Bollywood Siggies
Page 95: MJHT & Dia Mirza
Page 96: Req: 26javey26
Page 98: Mix Update
Page 100: Gunjun & Sonam Kapoor
Page 102: Shahid Kapoor & OPEN
Page 104: Req: Aisha_1992
Page 105: Req: MonI_Maul
Page 106: FRiiENDs UPDaTe <3
Page 107: Req: Raina
Page 110: Req: Piya2025 && Imp Note
Page 111: Req: Mallika_14
Page 112: Req: Wida
Page 114: Req: xxbabicakez
Page 115: Req: Twinkle23
Page 116: SaJan 2 sigz
Page 119: Priyanka, Sonam && Twilight
Page 122: MJHT
Page 125: Texts and Animated text
Page 126: Junaid & Vidya
Page 129: MJHT
Page 132: Rati Pandey
Page 134: Sonam, Imran, & Sadhana/Alekh
Page 137: SaJan & Mohit
Page 140: Requests, Lady Gaga & MJHT
Page 144: Resources
Page 146: Abhi-Aish
Page 147: MayUr
Page 148: More MayUr
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Posted: 13 years ago
wooooooooooooooooooooow pari congro on ur 7th shop . ur truly rocking sigys maker .keep rocking
Posted: 13 years ago

*** Creations ***

Free to Use/Comment.


I am using the new psp7 i downloaded today 5/2/09!


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Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by love srk

wooooooooooooooooooooow pari congro on ur 7th shop . ur truly rocking sigys maker .keep rocking
hey thanks soo muchh yaar..
wow the first one to comment...
thanks soo muchh jaaann.....
Posted: 13 years ago
Prii zillions of congoss on such a superb another hit and may you have many more and also the update really so outstanding and elegant lovely rocking and smashing no words yaar love you sweets keep it up and keep rocking
Posted: 13 years ago
keep it up!
Posted: 13 years ago

Congratz on ur 7th shop Prii!!

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