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Posted: 15 years ago
Deven to launch Gattu Tales

Gattu, played by Deven Bhojani of Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Star Plus) is already one of the most popular faces on television. He is a character who is loved by people of all ages. And now, kids will find him entertaining them on more than such his TV show. Gattu is soon to be launched in his own comic book.

Deven tells us, "The book is titled 'Gattu Tales' and is divided into 5 volumes. Gattu tales will deal with stories picked from Gattu's life; they will all be animal based stories. The stories will have certain parts which talk about Gattu's friends too. His interaction with Baa can also be seen in small proportions."
He explains further saying, "These five books will describe Gattu's journey and will feature one animal in each book. For example, one book will be about Gattu and a monkey, another one is about Gattu and a squirrel, then Gattu and his parrot Tuii and similarly there are two more."

Gattu Tales is published by Orient Blackswan Pvt. Ltd. and written by Esther David. It is created by Bookbox Indian Pvt. Ltd. Initially, it will be available in English, then in Hindi and Gujarati and later it will be available throughout the country in all languages.

Deven tells us that the reason the channel decided to take on this venture was because of the popularity of the character. He adds, "This book is launched with the association of the publisher and Star Plus. The book will have a cartoon of Gattu and there are many pictures too. Along with the book, a CD of the same is also available, so the kids can read it as well as see it in an animated form too."

Deven told us that although he doesn't contribute to this comic directly, he is very connected to it. "I am very close to this as it is about my character Gattu. It feels great when you realise that your character is so popular that something of this sort is being done for it. I didn't know about this earlier. Even when JD came and told me, I couldn't believe him. Then, when I realised it was happening, I was very excited about it," he quips.

Deven says that this comic will serve as entertainment as well as have educational value for the kids. "These stories will be very unique and child friendly. It will be a little comical and along with that, kids can learn too. Every story will give a small message at the end to the kids. The language used will also help improve the vocabulary of the kids to an extent."

Bhojani signs off saying, "I am sure the book will be a major hit as kids love Gattu and connect with him directly, they can enjoy as well as gain knowledge at the same time."
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